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  1. I got AP because of the attached. A joint sponsor. That was uploaded at NVC but there was a system glitch so VO could only access my wife’s AOS+Tax
  2. Cr1 Interview was January 23rd 2019 Lagos Embassy Nigeria Details later
  3. We got our case complete Cc November 2 2018 and got the interview email December 17 2018 (45 days) interview is 36 days after getting the interview email.
  4. New York service center??? For what afte case complete, you can only be waiting on NVC or the USA embassy in the country the interview will be taking place. I have noticed you always referring to New York service center !!! Elaborate on the Newyork service center thing.
  5. You can’t continue to leave this unending journey to chance!!! If you keep quiet 🤫, nothing will change. So sorry for that! 4 months is much and there is no crime in trying to use a congressman or senator. At uscis or NVC. The most important point is that tons of people with CC after you have had their visas approved or interviews scheduled. So you are behind for no reason. if you have no proof of people with CC after getting interviews, yeah the congressman thing won’t fly. NVC has got no reason not to give you interview since 4 months. Congresional effort will point them to their grave automated mistakes and I can assure you that your case will be in Lagos before you know it and your interview e mail will drop. It’s just for someone with “constitutional right “ to contact them as a reminder. Sending you a pm on the steps to take and how to contact either your senator or congressman. i feel for you!!
  6. Check this link below. Helping you dig up some tips. No matter what is happening to you, it has happened to somebody in the past https://www.avvo.com/legal-answers/if-i-ask--a-congressman-help-for-my-immigration-ca-1029105.html
  7. So sorry about your husband’s case. Maybe you need to drag your congressman into the picture now.
  8. Wao Congratulations to us Harnu. My prayers to those expecting their own good news. With the stories about August or September still waiting for interview in Lagos, I was expecting late February or March 2019. My CC of November 4 2018 made me lose hope. It took just 43 days for me to get interview. For those waiting for over 4 months after CC, your case might have been skipped. There might be mistake in the automated scheduling. Petitioner should be ready to escalate to his or her congressman now!!!
  9. I just got the email am so happy!! January 23rd 2019 Lagos Nigeria 🇳🇬 Congratulations 🍾
  10. Finally 💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿 My interview is January 23rd 2019. I planned to call NVC tomorrow and the email came in wao!!!
  11. Waoo!!! February is what I smell 🤦🏿‍♂️ as per interview 😩
  12. My Nigerian people please log into your CEAC account online oh🙅🏿‍♂️ I just saw something. My spirit just told me to check my online account today and I just saw case at LAGOS!!! Does that mean interview soon? PD Jan 12 2018 CC Nov 4 2018 🙏 Nigeria 🇳🇬 pray for us😊 No email yet. I guess if I call, I could get something🤗. Will call tomorrow after work. I had a busy clinic today. I attended to 40 patients. I am tired. Naija people communicate Abeg.
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