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  1. No prior instructions that the two interviews might be conducted on the same day. You have to prepare for both. I did mine without my spouse. It could be dependent on the story of the applicant or the center.
  2. One thing i noticed after filling the I-751 jointly was the fact that every correspondence after filling to remove condition came addressed to only me as opposed to both of us since we both signed the letter typed up to support the I-751 application. Did i file to remove condition single handedly? or the center is different! Luck smiled on me for sure and put all the guess work to rest. Thank you for the congratulations.
  3. Yes! she only needed proof i was still with my spouse. She requested the original birth certificates of my kids. She complained bitterly that i had no Texas Driver's license since i moved from FL in May 2019. Relocated to the US Feb 2019. I defended that with COVID-19 delays about switching ID and the fact that my travel job did not allow. My FL license valid for 7yrs. Another issue was my rental lease. I submitted N-400 December 2021 with lease ending June 2022. She requested the lease renewal document which was signed June 2022 (I did not go with a copy and the pdf was sent to my wife's email by the real estate agent). She was pissed! She requested for any 2 recent documents to confirm that i still live with my spouse at the same address. I was confused and i asked her to allow me switch on my phone and log into my utility accounts to retrieve the pdfs of recent Utility bills. She agreed and i logged on to pull the utility bills. She rejected Internet bill outrightly. She also rejected Electricity and Gas because it showed only my name on both. Finally, i was lucky with the water bill(Had the current address with both of our names on the water bill and bill was generated as paid 2 days before the interview. After verifying the first document, she requested another to make it two. I scrambled and hopelessly flipped through the documents in my folder and saw our Texas DMV Proof Vehicle registration printed in color. She was glad that i found the second document(we renewed the vehicle registration 10 days before the interview, document had our current address and we co-own the car ) Bingo! she verified my wife's name on it and I survived the removal of condition interview-I-751. She became calm from there and the N-400 interview and tests were axed. I was with her for about 1hr.
  4. I dug up info about how they adjudicate combo applications and i assumed a combo based on my findings. However, the interviewer was shocked when i walked in without my spouse. She told me that without passing the removal of condition interview(I-751) i would not be able to do the N-400 Citizenship interview. I saw both files on her table with red pen marks on every page and several sticky notes. My I-751 interview was pending interview since October 2021. I submitted N-400 December 2021. The interview letter only specified N-400 citizenship. I was not instructed. After the I-751 interview, she congratulated me and we moved to the citizenship interview(2 parts). Total time of about 1 hr.
  5. Yes! October 29 at 7:45am at 810 Gears Rd. Had my combo interview October 11 at the same place. Notice mailed but pulled it up on my online USCIS account.
  6. Cr1 entry to the US 02/27/2019! N-400 Interview Scheduled for 10/11/2022. Filed early December 2021 and completed fingerprinting 01/15/2022. Cr1 ready to be interviewed for I-751(Removal of Condition) since October 20, 2021(324 days). GC extended for 24 months since Feb 2020(when the 2yr Cr1 GC expired) I read online that they usually request the two petitions and adjudicate together. This might be the reason why they aborted the 1-751 (Removal of Condition Interview). Got the interview updates on our 5th wedding anniversary 3 days ago-09/06/2022.
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