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  1. Thank you very much. What do you mean by “CO”?
  2. I think you are confused. We are filing for an spouse visa.
  3. He will file them as soon as possible. The problem is we won’t get the transcript until April. What can we do in this case?
  4. Hello everyone! We are gathering the papers for the AOS package. Unfortunately my husband still hasn’t filled last year’s taxes because he hasn’t had time yet. We are using the I864-EZ form. Now we are wondering what to do, should we just send the 2015, 2016 and 2017 tax transcripts? We also can send the W2’s for all years including 2018. I am worried this is going to delay the process because we will have to wait until April to get the transcripts for 2018. Any advice? Thank you.!
  5. about delaying the process, the last email we received says this: "U.S. law requires immigrant visa applicants to apply for a visa within one year of availability. Section 203(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) requires the U.S. Department of State to terminate the visa application of anyone who fails to apply for an immigrant visa within one year after notification that a visa number is available. Therefore, if you do not respond to notices from the National Visa Center within one year you risk termination of your petition under this law and could lose the benefits of that petition, such as your priority date. To avoid termination of your visa application, make sure you contact NVC at least once a year." what does it mean with the "visa number" available? is it the NVC case number? Thank you everyone for your answers!!
  6. If it does not go well, that means I could go to the US for the whole 2018 thanks to the visa of course. And I would have to leave before the year finishes. But if this happens, I could get the re-entry permit another user suggested.
  7. I am not sure yet. It all depends on school and one exam I have to do in December 😩 So, holding off could be risky if things don't work out with school or continuing with the process could be too if school goes well. It's complicated.
  8. Thank you both! Do you know if there is a required time to stay after the first entrance before leaving the country?
  9. Hi! So, we are on the NVC stage now. Gathering the papers we need to send. But, something happened with me (the beneficiary) related to school and I won't be able to travel next year and stay. I could travel after my visa is issued and before it expires but only stay for like 2 days and then I have to come back. What do I do in this case? I am afraid they will take away my green card for not staying and living in the US. Thank you!