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  1. 34k is definitely over yes but since you’re not feeling confident, you could attach bank statements for last few months as backup since it’s an option that is made available to us and can be used. At least it will be there within your AOS at the time.
  2. Joint sponsor already mentioned above. Second option ive heard is money in your bank account/savings or if you own a house or real estate etc. something that would prove you can liquidate if needed to support your spouse. Easiest option is money. Whatever difference you think there is between required 125% poverty line and your actual income, times it by 5. You should have that much money in bank. Research that option if you think you can use it.
  3. I was looking at W7, hope you got signature of your spouse for whom you filed this along with their id etc. keep us updated.
  4. Damn. I’m so confused. Seems like everyone has something different to say. However, I don’t expect either filing status to raise any red flags.
  5. Alright so my accountant and immigration lawyer ended up advising me to file single for the year 2018 because if filing married, my spouse has to have a SSN or ITIN. Also according to my accountant Married filing separately was the worst option. Also to notice getting an ITIN takes 11+ weeks and applying for it at this time would mean not able to file taxes by April deadline. Immigration lawyer advised, NVC and consulate are most interested in how much u made previous year in Affadavit of Support, they don’t look at your filing status. Also it makes sense as most of us were single last year for some part of the year. It it would be a red flag if you keep filing single once your spouse is here and it’s time to extend their green card to permanent green card. I was hella tripping about this but filing single seemed the best way as of right now.
  6. All September 2018 filers...hoping to get approvals soon for everybody. By the way, how did you guys (American Petitioners) file/will file tax returns? As single or married? What was your experience doing so, was it straightforward or complicated?
  7. amapru

    Filing tax return

    I see. Looks like it will have to be “Married Filing Separately” since she does not have SSN or ITIN. Would you say that is an equally good option in terms that it will go smoothly at NVC stage and consulate if I file it this way? Just want to make sure this is what most people do here with i130s? thanks again for all the insight
  8. Hello guys. Need some insight on how petitioners here in US filed their tax returns. I understand obviously I need to file as married for year 2018. We got married in August 2018 and i130 is still waiting for approval at USCIS. I am planning on submitting 2018 tax return/income with my affidavit of support later this year. Is it possible to file as married since the beneficiary is still a nonresident?
  9. Yep. Ironically according to official uscis website Potomac is the slowest if I’m not wrong. Maybe their workload (especially for i130) is low, who knows. OR other centers are working slower, I have my doubts lol. as for who/what decides which center cases are sent to, what I’ve heard is mostly based on petitioner’s location, but I’m sure they have other secondary criterias in place.
  10. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/monthly_filers.php?form=2&visa=3&scenter=3&option=1&sortby=2 set the filters right if they got reset
  11. Did you confirm with your partner if they did it (in case you were sharing account info to check status) because not only do you need correct username to reset password, but also verify your email address and answer the security question to do so. I would mention your username is guessable from your VJ username (not recommended in my opinion)
  12. First of all congrats!! if I may ask, which website/app is this. I’m tracking at 2 different sites neither of them has this layout so just wondering. Thanks
  13. From what I understand you will submit (for NVC upload or physical packet) and take with you to the interview: 2018 (one you will file in upcoming January) + 2017 + 2016. This is because they require 3 recent years tax returns. The latest one is given most importance but you need to prove your above poverty level income for all 3 recent years, if anything is lacking you will need a joint sponsor. Hope this helps
  14. amapru

    US citizen petitioner present at interview

    I wish you all the luck, you will get a positice outcome and result. We all will. Positive energy and strength to be patient to all of us.
  15. amapru

    US citizen petitioner present at interview

    Any example questions anybody would like to share from the interview? I understand they would differ for each case but just to get an idea? Thanks