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  1. Chiming in. Also consider the fact that last year Delhi shared some or equal load of ALL visas. So comparing visa numbers for Mumbai from last year and this year (at least after April) would not make sense as they are getting most of the load. The longer interview wait times have dramatically increased recently (did you say this happened after April?) gee, I wonder why that could be. Overall, increased wait times for Mumbai make sense even if you disregard data about which category is receiving priority currently. Is this right? HELL NO. As for for the legislation you’ve found, it does seem to imply that the interview must happen within 30 days for immediate relatives after they have received all paperwork. But how do we hold NVC/Consulate to this policy?? After all, what they say is always right and they will come out with something else from their a** that will negate this legislation.
  2. Is this screenshot a message you have received or a case status link that I’m not seeing in my account? I would appreciate if you could clarify.
  3. After uploading documents...the left column “Action” has that icon to view documents only for some documents and not all. Action column is blank for some documents after submitting. What does that mean?
  4. After uploading all documents...got an email from NVC with subject “Notice regarding your Immigrant Visa Case” and it’s BLANK. Anyone had this before?Thanks
  5. Thank you for all responses. Current income is good and same as 2018. Focus us of my question was about the form I should use: 864 vs 864-a for my scenario.
  6. Hello. My scenario is I have made more than 125% income for year 2018 but not for previous 2 years 2017 and 2016. I think I should use a joint/co-sponsor. Since my co sponsors are my household members (parents) will they both be filling out a i-864a in addition to my main I-864? Or would it that I would fill out I-864, my father fills out I-864 as well and then my mom fills out I-864a since they file jointly? Thank you.
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    Thank you.
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    Is it true you need 2 separate PCC’s - one from passport office and one from the local police station?
  9. That’s the one I called...after long automated message it hung up. Is it supposed to do that?
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