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  1. Good point, thanks. As I mentioned, communication isn't really an issue. These days the google translate makes it almost too easy. However, the CO might not have the same view....and therein lies the possible problem.
  2. From reading VJ, Cost Rica does not seem to be a "high fraud" consulate. So I hope it's less of an issue there. We'll definitely be pro-active during the interview. It's not difficult to explain to anybody who's used google translator +WhatsApp. They are almost totally integrated now. Hope the CO has seen this before...
  3. My wife is fortunate enough to have her CR-1 interview coming up, and I plan to join her at the interview. We are both having a case of the nerves, because we want everything to go well, of course. One possible "red flag" in our case is our lack of common language. Both her English and my Spanish are VERY limited. I can mostly get through dinner with a waiter, but we use a translator a LOT together. It's really not an issue for us...and it I've been a bad Spanish student partly as a result. I've read some comments, from pushbrk specifically, that say a language barrier is not much of an issue these days. I'm hoping that this is the case. I'm also hoping he will chime in? We have quite a bit of face time since we got married last trip, 6 times since our wedding last year, including trips to Cancun and Columbia together. We talk everyday on WhatsApp. I've met her whole family, including her closest sister multiple times. She talks with my mother often via email. I'm hoping our other evidence will outweigh this possible issue. Any anecdotal evidence?
  4. Looks like they opened the floodgates today for interview letters, I'm soooooo happy! CC : 02/14/2019 Interview email : 03/13/2019 Interview: 04/1/2019
  5. It's not just Manila either. We are waiting for an interview appointment for SJ, Costa Rica, with a CC of 2/14/19. They historically give out appointments within a couple of weeks of CC. It's quite frustrating.
  6. I plan to call this evening too. CC on 2/14 and nothing yet. Usually, Costa Rica schedules quickly. Looking at the spreadsheet linked on the first page, there is only 1 person who was scheduled after a 2/8 CC. It's a shame most people give up on filling out their profiles by this point. There's a really small data set to try to interpret.
  7. Congratulations! And thanks for the update. When you say letter, I assume you mean e-mail? I mentioned the timeline https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/profile.php?id=308683 because it's really helpful for other people to gauge the length of their progress. We are still waiting for our appointment email, as are Cari & Andy UB who are just a few days behind us with their CC. Hopefully we'll both be notified next week. Do you plan to attend the interview with your spouse?
  8. Yea, very few us from CR on here. There are a couple of others here expecting interviews around around the same time frame. Wasn't tracking you since your time line is blank. Would you mind to contribute by filling it out?
  9. My CC is on 2/14 According to the spreadsheet, the last VJ member scheduled was on 2/8. Has anybody else been scheduled after 2/8 on here?
  10. On the State Department website, for each US Embassy including SEO, there is a set of pre-interview instructions. All the documents that you need to bring are listed in the instructions. Link to the SEO specific checklist Of course, the CO can arbitrarily ask for other documents, seemingly at will. There is a recent thread where a Canadian was asked for college transcripts and a resume and then put into AP. None of this is mentioned in MON instructions. AP in Montreal for college transcripts and resume
  11. Hope this helps folks trying to gauge their prospective timeline. Currently waiting for an interview date. Our process so far: I-130 NOA1 : 2018-04-16 I-130 Approved (no RFE) :2018-11-01 NVC Received : 2018-11-21 Received AOS Bill/IV :2019-01-11 Pay AOS/IV Bill : 2019-01-11 Send AOS/IV Packages : 2019-01-16 Resubmit rejected doc: 2019-02-01 Case Completed at NVC: 2019-02-14 Gott ist tot...
  12. As a follow-up, I was documentarily qualified today. Thanks everyone for the help. Hope this all comes to a close soon....
  13. I re-submitted last Friday, as you've described with receipts and apostille on separate pages. Looks like I should be A-ok, based on your input. Hoping for the best! Thanks again for the advice.
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