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  1. Hello, This is a sensitive topic, and one I’m glad to see on VJ. I do NOT believe that the OP is trying to cancel his whole entire life for retaliatory reasons. She is trying to find out her rights and get advice from other people going through the immigration system. Also, he has only been in the US for 2 months, so his entire life is really in his home country. Maybe his entire life PLAN is going to be canceled. If so, it is not because of her, it’s because he is trying to use her for US immigration benefits. However, if he did not earn immigration legally, he is who possibly ruined (canceled) his own plans. OP is a woman who has been cheated on and violated because someone possibly used her to break US federal immigration law, and it would be devastating, especially after all the time apart, to know that he was not waiting for her, he was waiting to enter the US. It’s not only devastating for that reason, but also because he was pretending to love her enough to get married while having a secret second life. Marriage is typically a lifetime decision, not an “until I enter the US” decision. In my opinion, US immigration is a more difficult and lengthy process for legitimate people because of illegitimate people who think that they are entitled to come to the US any way possible, even through marriage fraud and scams.
  2. I don’t know who you are, or why you were asking me these bizarre questions. If you want to know the steps on how to remove yourself as a financial sponsor, I suggest you contact an attorney like I did. No, he did not tell me to create a situation, nor do I believe that a lawyer who gave me free advice is lying to me to get money. I received your private message and do not want to talk with you because of your hostile nature. Please leave me alone.I received your private message and do not want to talk with you because of your hostile nature. Please leave me alone.
  3. I have read all of the responses that people have written, and I think you all for each and everyone. I know that financial sponsorship is a legally binding a contract with the federal government, and I disagree with every single one of you who said that I cannot remove myself as his financial sponsor. while I appreciate all of your opinions, I have contacted an attorney. And he has given me the correct steps to follow to protect myself financially. It is very heartbreaking to have to do this with someone who I fought so hard to come be with me in America, but without him here with me, I don’t know what his intentions are and have to protect myself.
  4. Hi, The reason why I am posting this here, is because I wasn’t sure exactly what category this goes under, snd it has to do with financial information as well as possible tax issues. I don’t want to give too many details. This is an extremely heartbreaking question to ask on VJ after all of the help I was freely given to help us make our spouse visa process quick and easy, so I could finally be with the man I love.. However, due to some recent risky, unfaithful, and uncaring decisions that my husband has been making, I feel like it would be smartest and safest for me to remove myself as his financial sponsor. He and I have been separated for almost 2 months, and I am not sure what exactly is going to happen in our future. I do know that his feelings about marriage have changed, and he is no longer the man I married and thought I knew. I read a few articles online, and they talked about there being SPECIFIC STEPS to follow in order to remove myself correctly as my husband’s financial sponsor. if anyone reading this knows anything about this topic, or has experienced it themselves, would you kindly respond to me either publicly or privately? Thank you very much.
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