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  1. Not quite, it's more like youre reading that into his post because you already know his opinion. I don't question he knows what hes talking about. But opening a convo with the equivalent of "My god, learn to read, people!" might make the communication part a little hard and might make it more likely that someone doesn't see an important piece of info. I mean, being able to communicate is part of moderating skills too. Or should be. (He also said it has nothing to do with rfes, then you said its the new rfe/noid policy being discussed, so uhm...) I think Roel knows what I meant. It's fine though, I appreciate his second post. So the gist here is they really don't care about anything but the "hard" certificate until it comes to the interview, but adding some evidence doesn't seem to hurt either. Ok. 🙂 Thanks for that added info. I'm actually hoping it doesn't matter for the honest cases. Yea, that's what I thought. Thank you guys for addressing my concerns so far, I think it helped me make a decision. Probably not doing the explanation thing. Have a good one!
  2. Hi all 🙂 Thank you RJandHamid and GreatDane so far for all the helpful feedback and shared experiences! 😃 The experiences were what I was really hoping for. May I ask you guys where you had your interviews? Hi Ben&Zian! Well yea, I read the paper. It's about rejecting placeholder Applications. Among other things. "Not limited to them". That's in the paper too. Might wanna read it. Thanks a lot though. Maybe read GreatDanes post: Things can happen. That's why I'm asking for shared experience. Which you didn't provide. So your post isn't helpful to me. Thank you for taking the time to type it though. Hi! So the other posts depicting such a situation (that are actually contributing to this thread) are just fantasies? Have a good one!
  3. Hi Visajourneyers, so we are about to file the AOS application for me. I'm from Germany and got married to my wife in New Mexico on August 17 on a K1 Visa. After the recent USCIS policy change the officers aren't really required to send RFEs anymore if the initial evidence is insufficient and can deny it right away, so we got a little paranoid. My question is: does anybody have experience with a "split" ceremony, meaning a civil, official one with only a few people while on K1 (to make our lives easier in terms of planning), then having a bigger celebration ceremony with all the relatives later? Is this common for other K1-Visa people? Do you think it will seem odd to the officer (like were only getting married for formal reasons)? What did you guys do? I'm asking because we are thinking about including a written explanation as to why we're doing it this way. Do you think it's necessary, particularly to make sure that the "initial" evidence is "sufficient"? I know this may sound like overthinking, but then this explanation could look weird either, like we really have a reason to explain ourselves like that. It took us a year to get the K1 visa and we were apart for 8 months for financial reasons, so at this point its really stressing us out. Any shared experience would be much appreciated. Apart from that: Congratulations to everyone who has been through this! And love to anyone who's doing it right now.