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  1. So, the guy at SSA office said that DHS has somehow made my middle name to be a part of my first name, & therefore, he can't verify my name with the system & issue me a SSN. How am I supposed to fix this problem? Am I supposed to visit USCIS Application Center or USCIS Local Office or CBP office or whatever else? Is there a way to fix this issue over the phone or e-mail or something without having to physically visit since all of the above offices are several hours away from here, & obviously, I don't have a driving-license & my fiancee has a job to attend to, so we want to avoid visiting multiple places to no avail. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi, so my American fiancee is going to receive a sum of money from her parents as a wedding-gift. She took some time off for school this year, so her income for this year could be a little below the AoS income-requirement, & we might need to use assets, she already has her own savings which should cover 3x the income-shortfall but still, we'd like to show as much money in her account as possible just to be on the safe side, so when would be the best time for her parents to gift her the money? The legal marriage will take place next month in June & going by the stats on Visajourney, it looks like it would take 8-9 months for the AoS interview, so by that time, the money will not have been in her account for 12 months as recommended by many people on these forums, which is why I'm asking this question because we don't want USCIS to think that it's a loan or something, which it isn't. So, what can we do from our side, for USCIS to recognize that money as truly belonging to her & applicable towards any income-shortfall?
  3. My fiancee had sent me only 2 years' tax return (2018 & 2017) since she had been doing a full-time professional course in 2016. The Indian-staff only asked for "financial documents", & I provided everything that I had, & they didn't ask for anything else. Nonetheless, if one has 3 years' tax returns, then it might be useful to carry them, that's what Rapidvisa had told us to do, so we were slightly concerned but the guidelines seem to suggest that only the RECENT YEAR's tax return should be good enough. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/family-immigration/nonimmigrant-visa-for-a-fiance-k-1.html#9
  4. I was carrying I-134, tax returns, W2's, paystubs, letter signed by bank-manager showing bank-balance, letter of employment from the employer but only I-134, W2's & tax-returns were taken by the Indian-staff & everything else was given back to me, so presumably, that's what the Indian-staff were instructed to do by the CO's. Concrete wedding-plans might go in your favor but then, every CO might have their own way of interpreting things. Good luck to you guys!
  5. Spending time alone at a hill-resort while being unmarried is likely highly uncommon within any conservative culture (& this would probably apply to India as well but maybe not to the same degree as Pakistan), so one would have to have a good explanation for that, otherwise it's bound to look fishy to the CO; & maybe that couple's story didn't offer a good explanation regarding such a seeming anomaly, & that's why their visa was rejected. As for me, no, I didn't even need to show pictures, so there were no questions about pictures. I was never even asked as to whether my fiancee & I are married, not even once; on the other hand, it seems like @K1journey_16 was repeatedly asked about whether she was married with her fiance. I'm going to guess that this was probably due to the information that we ended up projecting towards our respective COs, since @K1journey_16 looked like how one might expect a conservative person to look like whereas in my case, I had told the CO that my fiancee & I are both atheists who don't follow cultural/religious norms (during the ring-ceremony question, early on in my interview), & maybe that influenced CO's perceptions about each one, resulting in a somewhat different approach that both of our respective CO's had decided to take. So, it's good to keep in mind that whatever information we are providing to the CO, whether in writing/documentation or the way we dress or the way we speak or the content of our speech, & so on, might be used by the CO to construct their own perception of who we are, & questions might be asked along those lines to see if we can offer them a consistent & coherent "picture" of our relationship through our answers, body-language, etc.; & of course, anything that seemingly doesn't "fit", might cause the CO to be on their guard.
  6. Regarding USCIS Immigrant Fee, this is a part of the reply given by ustraveldocs-support to my queries. This is the direct link provided by them - http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-iv-visaapplyinfo.asp#uscisivfee and https://www.uscis.gov/file-online/uscis-immigrant-fee#Who Pays the Fee
  7. So, as it turns out, the information on ustraveldocs.com was wrong, & I was able to pick up the passport/visa today itself. 😃
  8. Checked in the morning today, & it said "Your passport is being processed" or something but by around 7 p.m. it said that the passport was ready for pickup, though it looks like it can only be picked up within 1 hour every week. So annoying! 😒 - http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-loc-passportcollection.asp Right, that's what I've heard too. Here, it says that the USCIS Immigrant Fee is towards producing the Green Card, which of course, we won't be eligible for until AoS is completed, so it doesn't look like it applies to K1 - https://www.uscis.gov/forms/uscis-immigrant-fee
  9. They didn't ask for or take NVC letter from me or others standing with me. You didn't bring DS-160 confirmation-page, right? So, maybe that's why they asked for NVC letter from you instead? Otherwise, I don't know why I or others around me weren't asked for it.
  10. Fair enough. Can she claim EVERYTHING that is in our joint bank-account, if my money has been there for more than a year?
  11. Thanks for the reply. I'm asking how immigrant's (my) assets could be claimed by the USC on I-864 in case my US fiancee can't meet income-requirements on her own.
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