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  1. Sorry to respond so late! My N400 evidence was: copies of marriage certificate, most recent lease, joint bank account info, spouse's US birth certificate, both our passports, my green card, a picture of our shared credit card, the tax transcripts from the IRS website, and some scans of mail addressed to both of us at our joint address. Much less stuff than I submitted in the previous stages. I brought pictures, flight tickets and insurance info to the interview, but that's cause it was a joint interview that also covered our marriage. This form is also easier to fill out, and you can upload additional files online after the initial submission (though they say they might not look at them). I had my oath ceremony yesterday at Faneuil Hall. It took almost three hours from start to finish, and we mostly sat around waiting for things to happen, but it was quite nice and festive. The Boston field office moves fast, if you submit your N400 now, you'll probably be a citizen by next summer.
  2. I had my interview in Boston today. I didn't know in advance if it would be a combo interview, but I prepped for that, brought my husband and a fat stack of evidence, and was ready when the officer asked if my spouse was present. He approved both applications and told me he had to get someone else to sign off on them first, and then I'd be scheduled for an oath ceremony. I'm glad I submitted my N400 application while the I751 was still pending. The whole process ended up taking four years for me, start to finish. I'd rather not think about how much $ it cost...
  3. I had my N400 (filed May 2019) + I751 (filed May 2018) interview this morning in Boston. We arrived 30 mins early and ended up spending a little over two hours there -- things were moving quite slow. First I was called to a counter where they took my picture and fingerprints, and then they asked me to wait for an officer to call me into one of the interview rooms. I could hear lots of N400 interviews going on around me, probably all for people who already had their 10 yr green cards. The officer who took my picture confirmed that it would be a combo interview; I wasn't sure before then, and the Tier 2 rep I had talked to said she had no way of finding out. Finally an officer called my name, asked if my husband was with me, and then went back to his office for fifteen minutes -- I think he was prepping for the I751 interview. Then he interviewed us separately -- first me, then my husband, asking us both the same questions. He asked about our bedroom - what size is the bed, what color are the sheets, is it wood floor or carpet, do we have a TV, how many windows are there. He asked about our shower door/bathroom curtain and about where/how we take out the trash. He also asked if we had nicknames for each other, if either of us has any tattoos or allergies. He asked what we did for our last wedding anniversary. My husband couldn't remember some of the details for all of these questions, but that wasn't a problem. I submitted a bunch of additional evidence: airplane and train tickets, insurance documents, copies of our lease, pictures, etc. Then he asked my husband to leave the room, and proceeded with the civics test (easy and straightforward), and then asked me all of the questions from the application. At the end, he told me that he would recommend both applications for approval, but someone else has to sign off on that first, and then I'll get an invitation to an oath ceremony in the mail. So now I'll wait for the very last part of this adventure. This message board has really really helped me navigate all the paperwork and deal with the stress. The few times I've talked to uscis reps, they've given me really misleading information. I've always been able to find much better answers on visajourney. Good luck to everyone!
  4. My N-400 interview is tomorrow morning, I’m crossing my fingers that it’s a combo interview since my I-751 is still pending. My husband is coming and I’m bringing a folder full of marriage evidence. I called USCIS and talked to a Tier 2 rep recently, but they couldn’t tell me if mine will be a combo interview. Wish I knew for sure that tomorrow will be the last hurdle!
  5. Congrats on the notice! Doesn't it feel great to finally get to this last stage? I was also worried that my interview would fall on one of the six days I'll be out of the country, but it was scheduled for two days before I have to leave. I guess I'll just take my oath after I come back. I looked at the timelines for N400 applications at my field office and saw that their interviews are exactly 5 weeks (34/35 days) after the notice gets sent out. And that ended up being true for my interview date as well.
  6. Woke up to an online update that my interview has been scheduled. I hope they upload the letter soon so I can see the date. My I-751 is still pending; I will call and message them and hope someone can confirm that it will be a combo interview. (Boston field office, filed in early May under the 3 year rule)
  7. I know, I'm not expecting to get citizenship without an interview :). The status change was for my ROC/I-751 application. So I'm trying to figure out if this means I'll definitely get a ROC interview scheduled over the summer.
  8. I filed for N400 last week, and today my I-751 status online changed to "Case Was Transferred To Schedule An Interview" and then "Case Was Received At My Local Office". Has anyone had that happen to them? I can't figure out if this means I'll 100% have an interview, maybe the first status was just a standard system response when the case was moved because I filed the N400. We'll be traveling all summer and I don't want to have to fly back for the interview.
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