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  1. Finally, my visa was approved today! Thank you Jesus!
  2. Finally, my visa was approved today! Thank you Jesus!
  3. Good morning y'all. Pls my wife just uploaded our civil documents but got confused about the photographs NVC was asking for. Does that mean we should upload our pictures together or our passport photographs. Secondly, when is it likely i go for my medical test and shots? Should i go by myself or nvc is gonna schedule appointment for it. Thanks
  4. Thanks for your reply. Called yesterday but the insisted we should email them at asknvc.@state.gov. explained the reasons for change of interview location. Pls do we proceed with the application or wait until the assign us a new case #. Does it take long for them to respond?
  5. My wife filed i130 petition while i was still in korea with my physical address in korea. Then i just moved back to my home country Nigeria and got an email toady from NVC with a case # that starts with SEO. It means my interview location is going to be in seoul, Korea. pls how do we change it to desired embassy Lagos Nigeria? While filling the i130, we specifically chose Lagos as our desired embassy for my interview. Please what do we do to fix this???? Thanks
  6. NOA2~ 22-09-2018 Sent to NVC on 2-10-2018 NVC received 12-10-2018 Case and invoice id # 9-11-2018 It took exactly a month from when NVC received it to when they assigned case#
  7. Thanks. Wife called NVC and they confirmed the recieved it after like 10 days uscis sent it. For the case and invoice id #, we both got an email from nvc today.
  8. Got NVC email with case and invoice ID # today🙂🙂🙂
  9. Pls do both beneficiary and petitioner receive email (case #) from NVC?
  10. Congrats! Did you provide your email address to NVC? Someone told me they already have it in the approved i130.
  11. Hello, NVC received our package Oct 12. The lady said that we should wait 7~8 weeks for our case # to be ready. Waiting game again😐
  12. Hi.. pls when did NVC received your package? Mine was sent to NVC on Oct 2.
  13. Yes. If your spouse is in overseas, i130A doesn't need to be signed. We did not sign our i130A as instructed and we got approved.
  14. I actually got an update today that they sent my docs to NVC on Oct.2. I've to give them a week or 2 before calling i guess.
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