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  1. Wow!! That’s a big good news! Where’s your field location if you don’t mind. Mine has been ready to be scheduled interview since Oct. location= Ny
  2. Pls what did you submit along side with your N400. My case is ready to be scheduled for an interview and my window opens on Dec 01, 2021 for N400. Location NY. Thanks
  3. Hey Guys. I got an update yesterday that my I-751 petition is ready for interview schedule. What’s next?
  4. Hi Guys. Any update yet?? I already went for my biometric 5/13/2021.
  5. Hey guys, For everyone whose I-751 package was sent to the Missouri Service Center (National Benefits Center). Do y’all know how long is the processing time?
  6. I actually called the bank today again and they told me the check was cashed on the 20th. I was kinda surprised because I spoke with one of the supervisors yesterday and it was still pending. Like you said, it’s taking some days for them to see a cashed check.
  7. Hi guys. I literally called my bank yesterday and they told me my check hasn’t been cashed. This morning I opened my informed delivery and behold, I saw a letter from USCIS. Could this be my NOA1 or what? I’m very scared/ excited as well 😆. NB. My package was received on 12/5/20, Phoenix, AZ.
  8. Please did anyone package signed by S.WEST too in Phoenix, AZ? I’m seeing a lot signed by F. BROWN. Kinda worried
  9. mine was delivered and signed by S. WEST on 12/5/2020 in Phoenix, Az. Check not cashed yet. I’m getting worried coz I forgot to include Form G-1145 E-Notification. Please Fam, any update?
  10. mine was delivered and signed by S. WEST on 12/5/2020 in Phoenix, AZ. Check not cashed yet and I’m getting worried day by day. Have you heard anything from them?
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