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  1. Quick update. Oath ceremony notice was mailed today. Wish y’all the best!
  2. Hi guys. I’d my citizenship interview on 7/21/22 and I passed and was approved on the spot. The offer gave me form-N445 which includes time and location for my oath ceremony which is 9/21/22. My concern is when I check online, it still shows I’m in line for oath ceremony and we will send you a notice for receipt with date, time and location of your oath ceremony. Should I be worried or are they still going to update it? I barely have less than 2weeks for my oath ceremony. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone. It’s been 60 days my citizenship interview was canceled and I’ve not heard from USCIS. I don’t know if it’s normal or I have to do something about it. I’m just sitting here confused and patiently waiting 😔
  4. That’s exactly what they told me a say before my N400 interview. Pls have you been rescheduled? Mine is going 3weeks now since they canceled it and I haven’t heard anything from them. Pls let me know if you’ve gotten any updates. Thanks
  5. Hi. Did you get any updates for new interview apt?
  6. I wish I could, but that’s a 2hrs drive from my city. SMH
  7. She actually told my wife not to worry that she put a request for them to expedite it. Might not take up to a month or more so she said. Just keeping faith alive.
  8. Hi guys. Pls has anyone experienced this before? I’d my N400 biometric 1/18/22 the same day my I175 ROC was approved. Then on 2/1/22 I got a letter that my N400 interview has been scheduled for 3/3/22. I’ve been studying and getting ready for the D day until the last minutes, my wife got a call yesterday from uscis Albany that my interview originally scheduled for today has been canceled. The reason being that they don’t have not received the file which is needed to conduct your interview. The office will reschedule my interview as soon as it arrives. I checked online but still it shows interview scheduled for today 3/3/2022. I’m just confused.
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