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  1. Anh map

    Vietnam Drivers License for Americans

    FWIW: Just be aware that your generosity may morph into higher expectations. Not an uncommon thing in VN.
  2. It may put a bit more scrutiny on you and the new person. May raise a few additional interview questions. But life happens. Just be sure to answer truthfully in the future and tell any new person about the K1 petition as it would likely come up in the interview.
  3. Wedding party is just that. If you have a church ceremony that's ok too. You will be legally married when you sign the book at the city/town hall. Everything can be before or after. Single status is an affidavit at the Consulate. But you need to schedule an appointment and those go quick. Get that sorted in the US though you will need a VN translation. Takes a day or so in Saigon (near Diamond Plaza) or at the VN embassy in DC (or your country). Medical is nothing great. I'm sure agents get docs to fill them out and sign for a bit of cash.
  4. No, and don't sweat it. It's nothing to worry about. You'll need a medical check and that is part of it.
  5. Yes, I did review the instructions for all but missed the part about the pics. Just wanting to use the VJ assets to get myself set up for smooth sailing. Thanks for the reply!
  6. Anh map

    I dont want to reveal my age

    Have they seen your resume/CV? Does that have your educational attendance dates? There are many ways to determine a person's age. Also, there is likely a background check with probationary employment period where they can dismiss you. It's likely to come out. Why delay the inevitable?
  7. I'm petitioning for my wife and her 2 sons aged 15 and 12. I just want to be sure I'm not missing something. I've read the guides and USCIS pages. So just humor me. I haven't been haunting the VJ halls for a while and I am a bit rusty. Should i include copies of divorce and marriage certificate in each boy's set / pack as well? Or just each one's birth certificate? G-325's are no longer required, correct? I'll include: I-130's for each I-130A for my spouse My divorce decree copy Spouse's divorce decree copy Our marriage certificate My proof of citizenship Birth certificates for each boy Passport pics for everyone Bonafide marriage evidence Other frontload info that pertains to Vietnam petitions Thanks for any clarifications.
  8. Sibling wait time is longer. Not an immediately available visa. There is no immigration bond. See this for priority dates. Going to be 13 years or more. https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/law-and-policy/bulletin/2017/visa-bulletin-for-june-2017.html
  9. Anh map

    Ex-wife's Address and Family Tree - Vietnam K1

    Back when I did a K1 one of the blue slip requests was info about my ex-wife. I couldn't get a statement from my ex directly so I submitted a signed affidavit with her info as best as I could provide it. Better to have something you don't need than scramble to get it after the interview.
  10. Anh map

    Vietnam Drivers License for Americans

    The process to convert your license is pretty straight forward. Just like the directions that you found. The VN license will expire at the same time as your visa. In reality you should be ok just showing your US license. 200k usually does the trick with the yellow clad officers. No more than 500k. Now if you get into an accident your insurance may or may not cover you. So look into that. Traffic stops are just a money shakedown in most places. Occasionally you will get an officer that is actually enforcing the rules. https://www.vietnamonline.com/transport/how-to-obtain-a-vietnamese-driving-license.html
  11. Very wrong. Married is married anywhere in the world. You can have a party, but not a wedding. VN is one of the tougher places for family visas. Spend some time reading in the Vietnam regional forum to learn the ins and outs. Don't get tripped up.
  12. Nope, don't get married because that will add time to your process. You will throw away the initial filing fee and get to start again with the I-130 spouse petition. Go and have the engagement ceremony. Take lots of photos. But be sure it is the engagement ceremony, with photos of her family and your family ( or stand-ins) doing the traditional ritual. DO NOT DO THE MARRIAGE PAPERWORK AND SIGN THE BOOK AT THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT OFFICE (that's the only thing that makes a legal marriage in VN). You can have a nice party too with family and friends. The folks at the Consulate know what it ought to look like so don't try to "sneak" something by. Don't talk about each other as husband and wife.
  13. How is the sister going to have one less dependent? What will change? Someone needs to meet the 125% requirement. If your sister cannot then you will need another person who will be able to show enough income.
  14. What type of relationship evidence was submitted? How much time have you spent together?
  15. Just wait for the RFE and submit the needed information. No need to try and guess what's lacking. Adding extra stress and worry doesn't help the situation. This process takes time.