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  1. Yeah it should be, it's just so hard to know because they provide absolutely no information. If it takes any longer I would file a Mandamus lawsuit. That is the most effective way to make them decide on your case when it's stuck too long without any reason. You could call Jim Hacking or call into his live show on YouTube. He would answer questions for free. He is an expert at suing USCIS. You could ask him about suing, he said recently that he still sues i130 delays but not i129F.
  2. That's a long time. The next official step would be to submit a request for service since it's outside normal processing times. You can submit it here: https://egov.uscis.gov/e-request/displayONPTForm.do?entryPoint=init&sroPageType=onpt If that doesn't help you might think about filing a lawsuit. Check out Jim Hacking on YouTube, he specializes in suing cases that are delayed too long. He also answers live questions several times a week. He gives great advice for free, and is easy to get a hold of. This video is a couple years old but it's still relevant.
  3. We just went through the NVC stage (finished last month). We only uploaded 1 passport-sized photograph of my wife + her passport bio page. That was all they needed. She brought a few to her interview but they didn't ask for them. If your documents say submitted, then yes, it's ready for review. I wondered the same thing lol. Once it says submitted, it starts counting how long you've been waiting. The NVC processing time estimates seem pretty accurate. It was accurate to the day in our case! Sounds like you are fine from what you've said.
  4. Yes we got the case number and invoice number in the first email. After you get those, you can login to the CEAC website and pay the fees.
  5. Congrats! It took 4-5 days after we got the i130 approved for the NVC to receive it.
  6. Interesting, that must be relatively recent. It wasn't on our account the last time we logged in (around a week ago).
  7. After the NVC DQ's the application it is forwarded to the local consulate. The consulate will schedule it and then you'll get an email from the NVC with the interview date.
  8. It would be best to get IRS transcripts. If you submit W2s you need to include the 1040/EZ forms as well. You can order IRS transcripts for free online: https://www.irs.gov/individuals/get-transcript They want the most recent 3 years of IRS transcripts (or the W2+1040 for each year).
  9. Yes we did this 2 days before the application was approved. We didn't upload any "required" documents, just uploaded a corrected i864 in additional documents.
  10. My wife just got approved at her interview this morning! Embassy was very busy and the wait was long, but the actual interview was quick and simple.
  11. Ours was at NVC for almost exactly 3 months. Our PD was Mar 31st 2021. After the NVC approved it the US embassy in Cambodia scheduled the interview about a week later.
  12. Thanks! We were expecting a far longer wait for the interview date. Couldn't find much information on the Cambodian Embassy but evidently it must not be that backlogged.
  13. My wife just got her interview date! DQ by NVC on Jan 19th. Interview is scheduled for Feb. 7th. Just got the email this morning.
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