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    Met online in 2014, I moved to Phnom Penh in December, 2014. I worked as an IT teacher and lived with my wife, Sopheap, who's an accountant, for 6 years. We went to Denmark to get married in 2018. Recently just moved back to the USA in January of 2021 to begin the arduous IR1 Visa journey!

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  1. This group was created for people who filed in March, 2021. There are different groups for different months to help us keep track of progress and see how long it's taking for our approvals.
  2. "Don't do any late uploads at NVC though." I was just informed of this yesterday by another member! She was saying if you upload a document it can reset the waiting time to whenever the most recent doc was uploaded. Is this what you're talking about too?
  3. Yeah I was gonna say, not long ago California was over 400 days, and recently went down to just over 200. It changes a lot.
  4. Hm yeah it's so tough to guess. The times change a lot too. Not long ago California was over a year, and recently it's gone down to 220 days.
  5. Haha yeah they really are inconsistent. I have been told that our case was at Nebraska, California and Potomac. One said "they are actively working on it", another said "it's been received", another said "sorry I can't see any information other than where it's located" (which turned out to be the wrong location anyway). Ours was at California which has been the slowest for a long time. Our active review status first showed up on April 2. Changed again on August 28th and the approval notice was uploaded already. Didn't get the official approval email until this morning.
  6. Yeah, no one can say for sure but there have been a lot of approvals here recently in this group. Your NOA 1 was about 5 days before ours and we just got approved, and another member here filed just a couple weeks after us, and they got approved a few days before we did, so hopefully soon!
  7. That's more information than they ever told me, lol. They would always tell me "we can't see any details". I've heard a couple other people say that they were told that it was pending a background check, though.
  8. Ah, gotcha. Well looking at the recent approvals in our thread, I'd guess you'll probably get it pretty soon! Hopefully!
  9. They don't allow us to request a move, unfortunately. Ours just got approved two days ago and it was at California. I think the process might be speeding up somewhat. We also filed in March.
  10. Did you login to see if the approval notice was uploaded yet? Ours said actively reviewed since the 28th, didn't switch to approved until today but the approval notice was already uploaded when the actively reviewed status appeared on the 28th.
  11. I agree that it should be fine, especially because you never finished the original process. This lawyer has a great YouTube channel and addresses your question about a second spouse in this video here: Sponsoring a Second Spouse
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