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  1. @Rocio0010 I want to especially say thank you to you for helping provide an outline of the bonafide evidence. I used the same timeline that you shared on this forum and submitted similar evidence!
  2. @TimonaThank you for your suggestion, I did use the USCIS official website. For now the lawfully is pretty accurate for me because I got my approval notice in the document tab ^___^
  3. Thank you so much @Misscloud @Rocio0010 @Family and @ghostinthemachine for your comments and advise. Got our I-130 approved today!!! I-130 approved while I-485 is pending I-130 (E-filing; submitted online) PD: 05/17/2022 Approved: 06/28/2022 42 days in total I-485 (mail) PD: 06/06/2022 Still pending, no biometric appointment yet. FO: San Antonio, TX
  4. I-130 approved while I-485 is pending I-130 (E-filing; submitted online) PD: 05/17/2022 Approved: 06/28/2022 42 days in total I-485 (mail) PD: 06/06/2022 Still pending, no biometric appointment yet. FO: San Antonio, TX
  5. Congrats!!!! I really look forward to receiving ya good vibe and interview haha. Wishing u all the best!! What's ur pd date ? ❤️
  6. Hello Was wondering how USCIS pick up their mail. I initially filed my AOS application on June 1st using UPS, therby sending to the S Dearborn IL 60603. I just realize that UPS shipped thru USPS, so I wonder if my direct filling address should have been the address dedicated to USPS. The zipcode as shown in the pictures indicates that it first got delivered at IL 60603 but then got sent to IL 60699. My receipt indicates that I did write the S Dearborn address correctly given my shipping service is UPS. Thus ai have no idea why it got sent to IL 60699. Have you encountered the same situation? Also it it correctly that someone from uscis will pick up the mailed application given that it was sent to a Chicago lockBox ? Is this normal ?
  7. Hello, I would be greatly appreciative if any person can help me answer these questions related to tax. 1) My husband is an active-duty servicemember so he should be qualified for 100%. However, we married filied jointly so our total income is 37k from 2021 tax. However my husband’s W2 part 1 as shown below is only 15k. This is because he also spent time deploying to Kuwait last year 2021. 2) Is the 2021 tax transcript the evidence demonstrating my husband’s ability to sponsor me financially with the 100% HS guideline ? Or is the letter of verification, paystubs and bank statements help determine whether he meets the 100% HHS guidelines? I can confirm that his current annual income (e.g., job letter verification, monthly paystub) this year meets the 100% requirements. Many thanks!!
  8. Thank you so much @Misscloud @Rocio0010 @Family and @ghostinthemachine for your comments ❤️ Just three super brief questions before filing 1) So my husband is in the army and current earns until November 2022. After that, he will be discharged and will not earn any income. If we send our AOS packet now, do we need a joint sponsor for I-864 ? My husband earns above 18k as required by the poverty guideline, but he will be discharged in 4.5 months so not sure whether we need a joint sponsor ? 2) My husband got an USCIS account number for his filing of N-400 earlier this year. Can we reuse this uscis account number for my I-130 and other AOS (e.g., I-485) documents ? 3) I can file now without I-693 ? Then, I can supplement my application later with the I-693 sealed packet, when USCIS issues RFE or I-693 Deficiency notice ? Will the lack of I-693 with my initial application delay my filing process ?
  9. Could you guys please help me to check the list of bonafide evidence we plan to submit ? We got married for almost almost a year (in July 2021) but we just started to put things together since January 2022. So most of the documents were dated within the past 3-4 months, including insurance, POA, wills. I plan to file my AOS packet soon and wonder if the “recently-dated” docs will not attest to our bonafide marriage ? My husband and I just have personal things on-going from last year. So our wills, Power of attorney, lease, and insurance mostly dated back to Feb and March 2022. I was really stressed and wonder if I should wait for more, given that such evidence may not cover the whole relationship ? Should we have a personal statement to explain why documents were dated 4-5 months late after our marriage ? Would you recommend filing documents by entirely mail (AOS + I-130) or half online (I-130) and half (AOS) via mail ? Is the mail method better because it does not separate documents like I-130 from other AOS packets ? Thanks a lot ❤️ I-130 PETITION FOR ALIEN RELATIVE SPOUSE OF US CITIZEN INSURANCE, POWER OF ATTORNEY AND WILLS DEERs (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System) enrollment with both of YYYYY and XXXXX names. TRICARE enrollment showing YYYYY and XXXXX both covered under the same insurance plan for servicemember and family at the joint residence YYYYY’s Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) designating XXXXX as the spouse and primary beneficiary. Foreign Visitor Sponsorship Memorandum listing request for a temporary access pass to Fort Hood installation for XXXXX as a foreign family member (Spouse) of SPC YYYYY YYYYY ’s military power of attorney listing XXXXX, spouse, as the individual (the agent) to handle financial or legal matters in their stead. Military Last Will & Testaments of YYYYY listing XXXXX, spouse as the primary beneficiary of estate and personal representative. Signed titles and Texas Rights of Survivorship and Joint Ownership Agreement between YYYYY and XXXXX for BMW & SONATA. DD-93 Emergency contact listing XXXXX as YYYYY’s spouse emergency contact at the joint residence (updated on 03/29/2022) YYYYY’s Texas advance directive designating XXXXX as the person who plans and makes YYYYY's own end-of-life wishes known in the event that YYYYY is unable to communicate. XXXXX’s student missing contact listing YYYYY as primary person of contact in case of emergency XXXXX’s authorization statement designating YYYYY as the Personal Representative Appointment in matters of health insurance with UnitedHealthcare StudentResources XXXXX’s last testament and will showing that YYYYY, spouse, YYYYY, is entitled to 100% of XXXXX's Residual Estate and that he is the personal representative of her estate. RELATIONSHIP TIMELINE Cover letter written by YYYYY, petitioner Relationship timeline with pictures written by XXXXX, spouse beneficiary Pregnancy testing appointment showing both of our names as attendees JOINT RESIDENCE BBBBB Apartment Housing Lease listing both XXXXX and YYYYY as tenants in BBBBB Apartment. The term of rental agreement will begin at 2:00 p.m. on August 5, 2022. AAAAA Apartment Housing Lease listing both XXXXX and YYYYY as tenants in AAAAA Apartment. The term of the rental agreement will begin on November 16, 2021. MMMMM Insurance Company renters policy listing both XXXXX and YYYYY as insured in AAAAA Apartment. Spectrum account showing XXXXX as the authorized user in AAAAA Apartment. Amazon Household account and email invitations listing XXXXX and YYYYY as users to share digital content for free and enjoy Prime member benefits COMBINED FINANCE IRS tax return 2021 married filing jointly Loan statements from Paypal showing XXXXX as responsible for paying loan in our joint residence at AAAAA Apartment YYYYY’s Thrift Saving Plan (TSP) designation letter listing XXXXX as beneficiary of the account. TSP is a defined-contribution retirement plan for federal employees and uniformed service members and ffers similar tax benefits to 401(k) plans. AT&T Phone bills showing XXXXX and YYYYY’s shared phone line Monthly bank statements of XXXXX and YYYYY’s joint checking account with PNC since 12/2021 Navy Federal bank’s Payable on Death (POD) designating XXXXX as beneficiary on YYYYY checking account on 03/18/2022. This was later canceled because XXXXX has become the joint owner of YYYYY’s checking account. Monthly bank statements of XXXXX and YYYYY’s joint checking account with Navy Federal since 04/2022 and statements indicating that XXXXX is the joint owner on YYYYY’s Navy Federal checking account. XXXXX’s National Military Family Association's scholarship indicating YYYYY as active-duty spouse and scholarship check can be sent to the joint residence. JOINT ACTIVITIES Commitment to relocate to Tuscaloosa, Alabama Email from Ms. JJJJJ, YYYYY’s Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Counselor discussing YYYYY's intention to relocate to AL (page 1-2). Email from YYYYY inquiring Veteran Affairs (VA) Office about college application and GI-Bills for enrollment The University of Alabama (UA) at Tuscaloosa (page 3-5). XXXXX’s email to Ms. CCCCC, the UA admission counselor discussing YYYYY’s college application and transcript eligibility (page 6-7). YYYYY’s email to Ms. HHHHH, high-school counselor requesting her transcript submission to apply UA, where XXXXX, spouse studies (page 😎 YYYYY’s Application For Education Benefits at VA.gov indicating The University of Alabama as the school from which GI-Bills will be used, and submission receipt (page 9-19). Commitment to visit each other monthly and travels Plane tickets Airbnb booking Commitment to make our relationship known to close individuals YYYYY’s instagram showing many pictures YYYYY took with XXXXX throughout the relationship (page 1-2) YYYYY’s personal Facebook showing many pictures YYYYY took with XXXXX throughout the relationship (page 3-7) XXXXX introduced YYYYY as her husband on Zoom meeting with research professors (page 😎 XXXXX’s instagram showing many pictures XXXXX took with YYYYY throughout the relationship (page 9-11) Sworn affidavit of support from mothers and friend Notarized affidavit of support written by TTTTTT, YYYYY’s mother Affidavit of support written by CCCCC, friend to both YYYYY and XXXXX.
  10. Just a rant haha. I am revising most of my forms for sending AOS and petition package. My army husband is the petitioner. And yes I am international student, like many of you here. I am also doing a PhD and is about to be in my 3rd year soon. For some reason, the past one year was exhausting for me given that I have to juggle the responsibilities of family life and full-time PhD students (research, publication, grant). I thought I almost reached the point of going crazy. I suffered from depression and decided to reach out for help. Since then, I have frequently met with my therapists to track my progress in hope of moving forwards I guess. Some days, I just cried a lot and some other days, I just slept a lot. There were days I felt so guilty of making my depression known to husband and mom. I questioned whether I should “make my sufferings known” because I am not alone in this immigration journey. It’s very clear that other international students and foreign military spouses are going through the same AOS process and their will soon be filled with uncertainties. I wonder if I can voice my concern, having known that I am not even at my worst. My experience is nothing unique at all, so why should mom and hubby even care about ?— that’s what I had thought. Also, I have aggravated my situation by getting myself into a sort of unnecessary internal conflict. On one side, I admired other PhD graduates who have successfully self-petitioned themselves through either NIW or EB1/2. I thought isn’t that fantastic because you earn your gc through your talents and academic contributions to the States. One the other side, I must admit the spousal route to green card or family based marriage green card is almost (not to say ) the fastest way to obtain the green card, on the basis that our relationship is bonafide. These two ideas are not mutually exclusive; however, I just have so many personal experiences encountering people who either got married to USC/LPR for immigration benefits or who engaged/supported sham marriage. Sadly, from my own personal experiences this group of people consist of of predominantly women. Although my husband, family, and I know my intent to file for gc is rooted in good-faith marriage intent , which is differently from those women. I do have evidence attesting to my bonafide marriage. Still, I kept getting worried about how others may view our marriage as green-card transaction that is void of love and goodwill. Indeed, I sometimes heard my acquaintances making jokes about “getting married for a green card.” It makes me feel uncomfortable and mentally disturbing as I thought of love highly than just means of harvesting immigration or material benefits. I hate when my family acquaintances looked down on women who got married to USC/LPR and thought that they “were dependent” on us spouse for only immigration benefits. They have never tried to think outside of the box or tried to probe into those women’s stories to fully understand there are more to discuss about a marriage rather than just green card. Overall, I decided to talk to my husband about all the rants content I wrote here. Thankfully, I have a super supportive and understanding husband who always stay beside me. Also thanks to the fact that my professors are understanding of my situation and allow me to do most of the research and academic stuffs remotely. Still, the intense back n forth travel between my husband’s state and my state was horrible, although I was so happy to meet my husband. Long story short, I guess I have been patient enough to wait until summer and file AOS. It’s just a crazy semester and I could not find a better time (other than summer) to file AOS. Btw, if any of you are in Ft Hood, Texas let’s meet up and have a chat if you guys feel comfortable!! I am stuck at home nowadays haha.
  11. Hello, my husband (who is an active duty member of the military) and I are living apart. I have my PhD course in AL and he still has 6 more months until military discharge. In preparation for the AOS and I-130 filing, I wrote a personal statement (attached below) explaining why we are living apart and how we made commitments to maintain our long-distance marriage. I also explain our plan of living together after military discharge. Could you guy please look through and share your thoughts on it ? Many thanks !! Personal statement_draft 1.pdf
  12. rfe cover letter_2022.pdf Hi all, First, I apologize for my late response. I have been so busy sorting and figuring out what kinds of documents to help resolve my husband issue. Second, my husband was scheduled for his oath ceremony, which will be in 27th Jan, at his installment facility. We don’t have to drive elsewhere, which is great!!!. I posted here a cover letter in which I detailed all kinds of documents I submitted for RFE. I was worried, but then we just tried to stay calm and the. followed the RFE instruction and provided all evidence. Parts of the evidence included my husband and the prosecutorial agency’s email exchanges. In these emails, the agency representative made clear that there was not such a certified authenticated kind of document in their attorney office (like the one USCIS mentioned). The reason is that my husband’s case is an inter-agency matter; thus, the rejection letter suffices the “certified” requirement as this is the only official document. The rest of the documents submitted for RFE were listed in the cover letter. Hope it helps with reference.
  13. @ra0010 @Mike E Here is the rejection letter and RFE. Sorry for not posting earlier
  14. My husband is an active-duty member of the Army and got his N-400 interview recently at Fort Hood. Last year, he was arrested for DWI, but then then the county attorney respectfully declined to prosecute his case due to insufficient evidence. They signed a rejection letter. The IO took his breathalyzer result (which is .00/210ml) 1) When he filed his N-400, he did not disclose his arrest record, thinking that if the court attorney dropped the case, there should not be any “arrest.” However, we then discussed with our lawyer and figured out that he needed to do this in the interview, so he disclosed the information to the IO and gave her all reports and police complaints relevant to his case. 2) In this case, can he use the rejection to prosecute letter as an evidence to support the RFE (N-14) sent by USCIS ? Does this show that he has demonstrated good moral character, given that he disclosed this information during the N-400 interview and also is serving in the Army ?
  15. Hello everyone, I am not sure if this topic/thread has been opened earlier, but if it is please feel free to merge or move the current thread to the pre-existing one. As suggested by the title, the goal of this thread is very clear. That is, I would love to hear from members of our Visajourney community about their success stories for how to handle/deal with the living-apart situation. When opening this thread, my aim is to create a respectful space for members who had or have had experiences of living apart from their partner (e.g., maybe due to job opportunities or personal reasons) during the time they file/intend to file documents related to AOS or during the interview. Although the living-apart (instead of living together) situation for a married couple is not something uncommon, it can be considered a red flag for embassy officers/reviewers (not sure how to label these people lol), suggesting a potential fraudulent marriage. Here are my two questions that may help prompt people to answer/respond. You are not forced/asked to follow the prompt. You are welcome to respond whatever you feel comfortable sharing and considering helpful for fellows of the Visajourney community. Just my curious question: Would there be cases in which you guys used to live apart from each other while filing AOS and related documents. However, on the interview day you guys brought additional documents showing that you two began to move in together ? I would love to hear you insights into this potential cases and experiences with it!
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