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  1. I found the way to go through Fedex, reprinted everything and signed the documents needed, and it got there in only two days. And guess what, our original package got to her yesterday (after 4 weeks), just a couple of days before she leaves to the city where she will do her interview.
  2. Not on the I-134, wouldn't that have the same information as it was at the time? All the other's I can just have her print out, including updated supporting documents.
  3. That's what I'm reading as well. This is such an unfortunate part of the process, to be possibly held up with unpredictable mail services. It's been a long and costly process already. Doesn't the embassy/consulate have the original signed document as well which we sent in with the original application?
  4. Hi, We are getting close or my fiance's interview in Guayaquil, Ecuador on February 6th, 2019. I originally created two of every documents in our original application (all finances, affidavits, official forms, etc, passport docs, etc..) in order to send to her before her interview to have to take with her. After updating some things (proof of support, recent passport stamps, flights), two weeks ago on January 7th, I sent all documents (100 pages worth) to her via USPS Priority International mail. The problem is that it just left the USA on Friday, January 18th to Quito, Ecuador, and when my fiance called the postal service in her country today, they said it would take another 20 business days to get to her. This would be too late for her interview. She just had her medical exam today, timed right to be shortly before her interview. We already paid for everything after many can agree is a very long and frustrating process. My question is, do we need all the original signed documents for the interview, or can I send her via email all the scanned documents for her to print? Thanks P.S. We didn't have many mailing options. No Fedex delivery to her hometown or interview location, and I don't have DHL service anywhere near where I live. So I choose USPS Priority International (6-10 business days).
  5. Can I send it from USPS to a DHL location to be picked up by my fiance without any additional fees? I don't have a DHL service near me. Can I send it to the same DHL location that the Embassy/Consulate sends back the interview documents? Thanks for the help, will update our progress!
  6. Hi, I'm about to send all the needed copies and signed originals to my fiance for her interview in Ecuador. I live in the US. I was going to send via USPS to her hometown, but don't want to put her home address as she mentioned it can be easily lost. Is there a agency that I can address it to? Can I just send it from USPS to the local DHL place in her city and have her pick it up there? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the inputs, I'll stay on the safe side and update those things. I wish we could go back to pencil and paper, simpler times.
  8. Hi everyone, We are finally at the point with having a scheduled K1 visa interview for my fiance for February 6th (Ecuador)! I searched online for this question, but can't seem to find it. With the list of documents needed to bring to her interview, do we need to update the financial ones with recent (pay stubs, etc..) and employer verification from the original we sent for the application in April/May of 2018? I originally created two of everything (original with signatures) at the time of the visa app, so I can send them to my fiance to have as well. I'm just not sure if we need to update some things. What about affidavit letters and such, do those need updating? Thanks!
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