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  1. It’s absolutely possible! It’s obviously been what feels like a long time ago and I’ve completed so may petitions for clients in those years, it all sorta bleeds together.
  2. Huh. That’s so bizarre. I have a very vivid recollection of getting a text about my I-129f being approved one night at work and getting really emotional about it. I would have sworn by it! Memories are weird sometimes. Oh well, it’s really not that important either way.
  3. Oh, interesting. I just figured it would work like it did with the I-129f and update on both receipt and approval. I’ll see if my husband signed up for an account or not.
  4. Congrats!!! I'm really kicking myself now for completely forgetting to include the e-notification forms. I guess we may just have to see what shows up in the mail? Though that’s sorta fun, like waiting for university acceptance letters all over again!
  5. What is your service center and when did you file? A number of Nebraska cases who filed in September 2018 and had early July biometrics appointments have been approved, and I’ve seen a few Octobers as well.
  6. To be fair, they just said they would rather you didn’t comment
  7. The spousal visa was a suggestion (on my part at least) in the worst case scenario of the K-1 not working out. Sorry if that advice doesn’t fit your desires. In reality it may not even be an issue. Just be upfront and don’t lie about it. Im just one of those people who think it’s wise to hope for the best but still prepare for the worst. Good luck.
  8. Why exactly do you need to get married in England? You’re profile says you are from CA. That’s a state away from Vegas, just get married there quickly if the expense is such and issue. Spousal Visa is cheaper, btw. Since finances are apparently a concern of yours.
  9. You could probably broach the issue and let HER make the decision on what is more important to her, just a thought. If her art is her pride and joy as you described, it very well just might be something she won’t want to give up. And demanding her to do so is, not great. There are ways around this, even if it is an issue, is all I’m saying. A spousal visa is one of them. There are avenues you can take that won’t force your partner to have to give up her passion over a silly bit sweet gesture she originally did for YOU.
  10. My husband (just boyfriend at the time) from the UK visited me for two months back in 2014. His flight was booked less than a week before his visit date. We had not met in person before that. He had no job to show he needed to return to, only about $500 in cash. He had a bit more in savings and he brought a print out of his bank account for that. The only “tie” he was able to bring along was a print out showing he was enrolled in classes starting 3 months from when his visit was. Now, all of this ended up being irrelevant because all the CBP officer asked was what was the length and purpose of his visit. “Two months, visiting my girlfriend”. Passport stamped. Was this out of the ordinary? According to this thread, apparently. We still did try to prepare with having him fly with the savings account print out and his class transcripts, but again those are very weak ties. You sound like you were in a much better position than we were at that point. There is no magic answer or document you can show that will guarantee entry, but you should still think of what you can show in case you are asked more questions than my husband was at the time.
  11. Sounds like they are going to take a more comprehensive look at every individual case to determine the relatively likelihood of an immigrant becoming a public charge. While it may not be specifically mentioned, being covered on a spouse’s health insurance can help, and at the very least it sure won’t hurt. that being said it does not go into effect for a bit yet, even if then.
  12. I can send him something showing my salary is close to twice what my husband makes. So yeah, I guess in my case he DOES have more to lose than I if we split up. But I doubt that's what Mr. Small Town PA meant. 😉
  13. Sounds like his fear was just that his wife was going to return to her home country. Nothing about cleaning him out with a divorce settlement or trying to take away their children. He didn't even mention them HAVING children. You are pulling all of this out of thin air. Which is exactly the kind of thing that get OP in hot water.
  14. Back when we filed, we did the 'ole stapled plastic baggy with details on the back of each photo method. Had about 8 pictures and there were no issues. If I had to do it over again I would just print them on regular paper with captions. In fact, that is what we did for ROC. You do you, but I will say the plastic baggy thing is a little clunky and since it's not really necessary, sort of a bother.
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