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  1. I’m not trying to get my husband “sent back”, since apparently people think that’s funny. It’s actually been something that keeps me up at night, worrying about irrational and unlikely outcomes of this. I feel guilt over it, like I uprooted his whole life for things to just not work out between us. I feel like I’ve already explained this here, but whatever. This is a person I care deeply about, we just got married very young and realized we weren’t a good match romantically. I help him complete the necessary paperwork, even when it’s his application, because I am an experienced legal assistant that worked at an immigration law firm and was paid to work on cases like ours all the time.
  2. Excuse me, what?? What are you talking about? You can file the I-751 with a divorce waiver... plenty of people do it. Why would my husband get sent back?
  3. It’s been 555 days since our NOA. Our final divorce hearing is in a month and as SOON as I have the decree in hand I am having my husband mail in a request to switch from joint filing to his own. More realistically I will be putting it together myself and mailing it for him, but yeah... Hopefully that will jumpstart SOME sort of action on our case.
  4. I’m really worried about the extension letter too... my husband’s runs out in June, and he has a trip in August to visit his family back home. Hoping he can get an appointment to get a stamp before then..
  5. My husband’s extension letter expires in June, I’ve been telling him to try and schedule and apparently IMMEDIATELY when the offices start opening to get his extension stamp. I’m sure there will be a big rush once things start to open up.. Thank you so much for thinking about me! I am the US citizen, yes. All the other steps in the process (K-1, AOS, etc) went so easily. It’s a bummer we’ve run into this roadblock now.
  6. Still waiting in Nebraska. Seeing some April and May 2019 filers gettin approved, which is a little frustrating..
  7. It’s really hard to say, unfortunately. There were multiple members who got their biometrics done the same week as me and ended up getting approved within the next two months, while others (like me) have been waiting well over 200 days.
  8. I’m not even sure if you could call it “quickly” based on how many times they’ve broken up and gotten back together. Sounds like the relationship has been “over” for a while =\
  9. Your refusal to move on and do what you need to in order to help yourself is going to end up hurting you way more than it will her at this point.
  10. Uh you said you want her gone and want to divorce her in your first post. Why exactly is it a problem for you that she’s on dating apps? For the people she matches with it may be an issue from what you’ve said about her, but it’s not your problem.
  11. Well unless the plan is sending an email to the service center and convincing them that it’s not an issue, I’m not sure how this helps OP with their question.
  12. What does any of this have to do with whether USCIS offices close or not? How is it relevant?
  13. Did you need a specific reason for expediting, or just that it had been a while since your case had been filed?
  14. Alrighty then. Well thanks for sharing. I’ll be more specific from now on that I’m asking about other Nebraska filers in the Nebraska wait times thread.
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