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  1. I don't know how much has changed since Aug '20, but we had zero issues bringing my filipina wife from Singapore through S. Korea (on Korean Air) and going through immigration in Atlanta. Just from what we ran into, Delta and Korean Air had a lot less canceled and changed flights compared to most of the other airlines we were looking at. Landing on the east coast was high on my list because I wanted to be at the airport where she entered the U.S. She also said her flight was great. Decent food, good service and only one person per row so she flipped up the armrest and could lay down. Not sure if this is any help to you, but good luck!
  2. Could you make an ongoing list of U.S. Embassy's in each country that are closed or reopened to the public? HUUUUUUGE thank you to everyone on here that provides accurate facts and information for people at all stages and from all countries!
  3. Take a quick flight to Las Vegas, they are always marrying people there...haha Plus you all can stay a day or two for fun.
  4. I agree with that also... Thank you. As of right now, everything is still open in Singapore. Her medical exam and vaccinations are tomorrow morning March 23 and she spoke to the Embassy there Friday and they said no word of closing there, yet...haha We will see. That's all we can do it wait and see... Good luck to you and your spouse/fiance!
  5. I definitely agree with you 100%. The NVC process has been a HUGE pain in the butt for us. My wife's documents went through with no problems, but my documents as the U.S. Citizen have been crazy! They denied my I864 twice. 1st time the call center couldn't even tell me why. They told me it looked good to resubmit it. I did and they denied again. This time they eventually told me it was because of it being an old document, even though I got it through the instructions link from the USCIS. So I sent the new version (EXACTLY the same other than 1 additional piece of a page that didn't apply to us anyway). And then they approved it but asked for the same tax info they already had and approved months before. At that point we filed for an expedite with help from my congressman because we have been messing with NVC since June of 2019. We were approved last week and things are moving super fast now!
  6. FINALLY after 20 months and 6 days the U.S. Embassy in Singapore decided the NVC had a stick up their bums and approved us for an expedite!🥳🥳🥳 It's moving super fast now and the Embassy has already contacted us a few times in just over 24 hours. In that time our case changed to "in transit" and then to "Ready" and she has already gotten an email on instructions for scheduling her medical and interview (hopefully today in Singapore she'll get her medical scheduled for sometime very soon) so the ball is finally rolling again... Thank the Lord this NIGHTMARE!!!!! of a process is coming to an end and we will be together soon! Good luck and best of wishes to everyone dealing with this nonsense also...✌✌👍👍
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