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  1. Could you make an ongoing list of U.S. Embassy's in each country that are closed or reopened to the public? HUUUUUUGE thank you to everyone on here that provides accurate facts and information for people at all stages and from all countries!
  2. Take a quick flight to Las Vegas, they are always marrying people there...haha Plus you all can stay a day or two for fun.
  3. I agree with that also... Thank you. As of right now, everything is still open in Singapore. Her medical exam and vaccinations are tomorrow morning March 23 and she spoke to the Embassy there Friday and they said no word of closing there, yet...haha We will see. That's all we can do it wait and see... Good luck to you and your spouse/fiance!
  4. I definitely agree with you 100%. The NVC process has been a HUGE pain in the butt for us. My wife's documents went through with no problems, but my documents as the U.S. Citizen have been crazy! They denied my I864 twice. 1st time the call center couldn't even tell me why. They told me it looked good to resubmit it. I did and they denied again. This time they eventually told me it was because of it being an old document, even though I got it through the instructions link from the USCIS. So I sent the new version (EXACTLY the same other than 1 additional piece of a page that didn't apply to us anyway). And then they approved it but asked for the same tax info they already had and approved months before. At that point we filed for an expedite with help from my congressman because we have been messing with NVC since June of 2019. We were approved last week and things are moving super fast now!
  5. FINALLY after 20 months and 6 days the U.S. Embassy in Singapore decided the NVC had a stick up their bums and approved us for an expedite!🥳🥳🥳 It's moving super fast now and the Embassy has already contacted us a few times in just over 24 hours. In that time our case changed to "in transit" and then to "Ready" and she has already gotten an email on instructions for scheduling her medical and interview (hopefully today in Singapore she'll get her medical scheduled for sometime very soon) so the ball is finally rolling again... Thank the Lord this NIGHTMARE!!!!! of a process is coming to an end and we will be together soon! Good luck and best of wishes to everyone dealing with this nonsense also...✌✌👍👍
  6. They declined my original I-864 and it took 2 weeks to reach them because it was one if the times CEAC site was down and everyone was calling I guess and I couldn't get through to them. I was calling 50+ times a day for 2 weeks before I ever even got put on hold to speak to someone. After a nearly 2 hour hold I did and they told me they didn't know why it was denied and to resubmit it and it should be fine. Well, it wasn't, they declined again and this time my congressman found out because it was an old document (even though I got it following the USCIS link) and it was 1 page shorter than the new one. They told him I should just put a blank sheet of paper at the end and resubmit AGAIN. That sounded insane to me so I called and after many calls and an hour + wait again and a talk with another insanely rude a-hole NVC employee found that there is a newer version than I had that was 10pg instead of 9pg so I filled out the newer 10pg I-864 and submitted it for a 3rd time. Everything else of mine and hers is already approved except for this. The first and second tries were 7 weeks wait each. Mon. will be 8 weeks on this try. The really stupid part is the only differences are the last 2 or 3 pages between the old and newer I-864 is the lawyer and legal translators releases that we are not using so they are left blank anyway. No reason this ####### is so ridiculous and absolutely no reason for their employees to be as helpless and rude as they are. Hopefully this week or next we will be done with this nonsense and move on to the medical and interview and be done...
  7. Until someone steps in and makes Nebraska office accountable for their AWFUL service it definitely will only get worse. Absolutely zero reason the other 3 offices and taking half or less of the time to do the same thing and Nebraska office not be punished. I've honestly had "worse luck" so to speak with the NVC group for the last 6 months. They have been ridiculous and insanely usless and rude when I've spoken to them. So incredibly frustrating!
  8. The NVC isn't any better to deal with. We were approved with USCIS June 2019 and STILL being screwed over by NVC over 6 months later. I've never been so sick of dealing with anything in my life! I've always been a very proud American (but still realize like ANY country it has it's problems), but I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO disgusted in how screwed this process is. Mostly how usless, rude and sh;!!y they are to you when you call them. Jan 10th will be 18 months into this nonsense and we still aren't even scheduled for medical or interview. ABSOLUTE BS!!!
  9. Thank you. But, our NOA 2 was June of 2019. We are STILL waiting on NVC to approve (or deny so we can fix them) my Affidavit of Support and tax documents. They approved all of her documents months ago now. Sept or Oct I think. Dec 10th will be 17 months and we haven't even started with the medical and interview yet. This whole process has been absolute hell...
  10. Our NOA1 date is July 10 2018 and we are still stuck at NVC. Many many months ago my congressman requested a expedite and they agreed at the next step (that would be where we have been at NVC now since June something of this year and still waiting on them. My congressman has made several attempts to get them to move it along and even with them putting in writing that they would expedite he basically just gets a F you, we can do whatever we want as their answer. He is dumbfounded how bad this process is and how rude the USCIS and NVC employees are. Best of wishes that your congressman has better luck with them than mine has...🤞🙏
  11. They literally declined my documents because of a random blank sheet of paper... The I-864 I printed from the NVC link was labeled 1-9 of 9 the newer one that happened after I submitted has 10 pages. NVC worker told me "updates happen. I should have put a blank sheet of paper at the end." But the undate happened between us submitting and them taking their sweet a$$ time reviewing so there really was no mistake on our part according to them. They seriously set us back over a month over a random blank sheet of paper and no mistakes. The person I spoke to there even complimented that I sent the maximum amount info requested and not just the minimum. Even though they said just add a blank sheet at the end, i don't trust them now. I went ahead and printed the new 10 page one and filled it out. I'll look one last time before I submit them whenever they ever get around to denying again so I can submitted again. She's working long hours in Singapore with only 1 day a week off and no vacation time so visiting isn't an option unfortunately. It will only delay us more if we transfer from Singapore to the Philippines so we are just tuffing it out waiting on medical and interview.
  12. I've never been so sick of dealing with anything in my whole life as I am dealing with this process. We are 16 months and 1 day in and no chance of her being here by Thanksgiving and very little chance of having her here by Christmas. I've already run the gamut of emotions and just at numb feeling now... I've been pissed beyond words, I've been sad, I've been pissed, I've felt helpless, I've been pissed. Now I don't really even know what to say at this point. I'm just so ready for it to be over. I haven't taken a day off work since June of 2018 because I've been saving them for her arrival. Now I have to burn it all the end of the year for nothing and then likely burn at least half of next years vacation Jan of 2020 when she does finally get to come here. NVC seriously denied my documents 1st time the 1st time because my Affidavit of Support was a old version because they took so long to approve it they had a new version with an extra page. They denied it because I didn't randomly know this and put a BLANK sheet of paper at the end, nor did they give a specific reason why they denied it. I double checked and resent it because I tried calling for 9 days 38-45 times a day with no luck and got impatient. Got through a few days later and found out why it was denied but I can't fix it until they deny it again. They told me they would deny it. My congressman called and they also told him they would deny it so I could fix it. 3 weeks today after telling us both that they would and STILL not denied! Has me pissed all over again... My wife is taking it even worse than me. It really is taking years off our lives! This post serves no purpose other than for me to vent...haha Well, for a little purpose in this post...haha What do you all do to deal with the stress of this #######?
  13. We are July 10th 2018 Nebraska filers. No RFE's (so far...) and Embassy in Singapore, which is a very fast Embassy. Nebraska times are getting longer and longer times. It's absolutely ridiculous! Projected time when we started this was 5-7 months... Contact your local political figures and blast USCIS Nebraska office every chance you get...
  14. Without the I-129, I'm betting a MINIMUM of 15-18 months before you're cleared to enter the U.S. My wife and I are at 14.5 months and at least a month out still. And she is at a really fast Embassy in Singapore. NOA1 date of July 10th '18. I'd highly recommend you file for the I-129 or raise hell with USCIS literally EVERY DAY... Best of luck to you and your spouse!
  15. Very cool! My wife is still in Singapore until after medical and interview and then home to PH for a month or so before coming here. She wants to go to Taiwan next time we both go back that way. Neither of us have been there. I think it only took 2-3 days for payment to post so we could upload. Neither of us were ready though unfortunately. We are finally done and waiting now. We got a case # very fast also. I guess the only things that have happened fast in this whole BS process...haha
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