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  1. The interview depends on the Visa bulletin and Priority Date, not on any interim approval dates.
  2. Hello Guys! We had our interview today and got approved. I would like to thank everyone here for the help and I wish all of you F2A2016 Filers best of luck with your own interviews.
  3. I contacted the DMV of Nevada in Las Vegas and they told me I can use the German License for the frist 30 days. After 30 days I would be considered a State resident, and I would need a Nevada License. I will check If I can get one without tests!
  4. Very good information here! VJ Members keep the good work up!
  5. If you have not lived (and preferable visited Bangladesh) since your last PC was issued, you will not need a new one.
  7. I have seen other cases and they said they would keep the case for 6-12 months at the embassy before returning, giving them enough time. Is that not a usual approach? By that time 2018 numbers hit in...
  8. Maybe it is also the work history and education level of the intending immigrant. Does he have an impressive CV and good education? Maybe this plays into the assessment. For example, someone who can`t read or write will receive extra scrutiny.
  9. Can you post a photo please?
  10. Did you list 2018 income in your AOS form or 2017 as your most recent income year?
  11. We posted the 2018 tax return 2 days ago and will present the copy of that at our interview. They do not PROCESS your mail return but they do ACCEPT AND RECEIVE IT. You can use your 2018 paper return copy AS OF NOW.
  12. The doctor who did our medical told me that they are instructed by rulebook that the medical has to be within 30 days of the interview, this is why you need to have a IL before the medical, or you risk to do it over again if the date is more than 30 days away finally.
  13. With all my respect for your situation, but you have met in 5 years 1 time and got married and the last time you saw your wife was about 4 years ago. This is unfortunately not enough under the law to issue a visa. The officer had no other chance. Now your last hope is that USCIS re-affirms your petition, but knowing your face to face in person time, this will be a difficult one. I am in relationship with my wife over 8.5 years and we spent over 2000 days and nights together in all these years. Still, the officer could deny us.
  14. Congrats Mate! It was a long journey! You deserve it!