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  1. Dear "pushbrk"-thank you for your feedback. I understand that I will have to wait for the 2-year custody window to pass first, but we are not in a hurry, just gaining information ahead of time. Would you be able to tell me more about IR-3/IR-2 visa and DCF filing? It appears that might be the type of visa I will need for the child, but I am not sure. "If the US citizen has already adopted the child and has resided with them in a foreign country for at least 2 years, then the child is eligible for an IR-2 visa and does not need to go through the IR-3 visa application process."
  2. Congratulations!!! I am in the same situation as you - US citizen living in Slovakia since 2022, got married and also managed to adopt a child. All of us would like to move to USA one day. Question 1: Can I just move without having a job offer from US-based company? If yes: Question 2: Can I use my Slovakian income (I work here) on I-864? If yes, for how many years back and how much I must proof? If not, I assume I will have to find a sponsor. Thank you in advance. Anna
  3. Hi Boiler and thank you for your response. The child is yet to be adopted (very soon) - can I apply for the child's citizenship immediately, or do I have to wait for 2 years before doing so? In regards to the expat taxes - will I need a joint sponsor even if my foreign income suffices, or, the joint sponsor will be needed regardless because foreign income is not acceptable for the filing process? What is "short notice job relocation"?
  4. Hello everyone. Not sure where to start - it seems such a complicated scenario and I appreciate everyone's response in advance. I am a US citizen, currently living in Europe (since 2022). While living here, I married the love of my life. We also managed to start the adoption process of a gypsy child. All 3 of us would like to live in the US soon, mostly, because our adopted child is of gypsy origin and we are terrified of the racism/segregation that is strongly present in our country against these children. We want to give our child a brighter future. Where to even start? Can I apply for a husband/adopted child if I filed expat taxes for last year? Can I even file without a US domicile (all I have left in the US is a bank account)? Or, will I have to move back to the US by myself, and establish a domicile first? Can I even use my expat taxes at all for filing? Where and how to start this process? Thanks, Anna.
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