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  1. Thank you! Yeah I thought that was strange as well. Thanks for the link!
  2. I didn't read it anywhere, actually an attorney informed me of that.
  3. Hi everyone, is it true or has anyone experienced this. I've heard they stopped doing RFE. So if you are missing items or they need more documents they are canceling it and you'd have to start again and pay that fee.... but I'm not sure. Anyone know about that or experienced that?
  4. babybabeto14

    Is a change of address required ?

    Awesome. Can I ask you 1 more question, some of the things on this form does not apply to me such as the preparer because I'm doing it myself, is it ok to keep it blank, or do I need to fill in each of those boxes with N/A ?
  5. babybabeto14

    Is a change of address required ?

    Interesting, he can do it online, but me, the sponsor, has to actually fill out a form and mail in. Thank you both for the info!
  6. Hello all, I'm not clear about this, my husband currently holds his 2 year greencard. He needs to file to remove conditions in December. We are in the process of moving to a new place. Is he required to change his address? If so how and what is the process!? Thanks in advance!!!
  7. Hello, does anyone know what the protocol is if you are a greencard holder and are out of the country longer than 6 months (about 9 months). Does the greencard holder need to do any specific paper work before reentering the states? Thanks in advance!!!!
  8. Hello, I'm trying to help my cousin who is currently here in the states with a student visa. Unfortunately it will expire soon. My question is, is it possible to renew a student visa while here? Or no? I'm not exactly sure how they work. He spoke to a lawyer, the lawyer told him if he leaves once it's expired obviously he can't come back. Also told him that once it expires he probably should stay and finish. That made me confused because isn't that illegal?? Thanks in advance.