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  1. Yea it has an addresses.. I think I will do so.. it just freak me out when it said use the enclosed envelope to mail The documents.. and there were no enclosed envelope in the mail..
  2. Hi, I had my n400 interview last week.. the officer asked me to mail him more documents before making a decision on my case.. he mailed me a list of the documents he needs, and he asked me to use the enclosed envelope inside the letter to mail him back the documents.. BUT when I opened my letter I didn’t find any enclosed envelope.. I don’t know if I should go ahead and mail him these documents in regular envelope? Are they gonna accept it?
  3. Hey guys. I received today a letter from uscis asking for more evidence for my i751 case.. they asked me to send these documents back in the enclosed envelope that came with the letter.. BUT When I opened the letter there was no enclosed envelope inside!! i don’t know what to do?
  4. I want to ask the people who applied for citizenship thru marriage.. Has anyone of you had both interviews for the n400 and ROC.. but no decision was made cuz the officer asked for more documents for the ROC.. I wish anyone who’s been thru the same thing can tell me his experience and how things gone after that interview! note: the office told me I don’t need no more interview, just asked me to mail extra documents.. that’s all..
  5. Yea.. I passed the n400 interview..but the officer didn’t make a decision.. and he asked for more proof for the ROC case..my question is is this something bad? Or it’s just a normal process?
  6. Because every one should has two interviews if u came over here as a us citizen fiancé.. why do you think it’s a red flag?!
  7. Hi guys.. I just had my N400 interview.. and I had my second interview to remove condition on green card.. I passed the n400 but the officer didn’t make any decision cuz he wanted more evidence for the removal condition case! Has any one been thru the same problem? What does it mean the need more proof!!!
  8. Don’t worry about it.. my 18 months extension expired 3 months ago.. I still have not have my interview yet ..
  9. Thanks for answering my question ..I still have 2 years green card.. soon I will have an interview for n400 .. so I didn’t know if it gonna be a combo interview
  10. Hi guys .. ppl who are applying for N400 base on k1 visa .. do they get combo interview ?
  11. Hi guys they scheduled me an interview for my n400 .. in the letter didn’t say anything about combo interview.. base on your experiences guys do you think I will have a combo interview? Thanks
  12. Thanks for reacting to my post.. I dont have a 10 years green card.. im applying base on 3 years marriage..plus my extension for the 2 years green card is already expired since 4 days..
  13. Hi guys i applied for n400 on October the 8 th.. I still didn’t hear anything about my interview.. even my extension for the green card gonna expire this month.. my question is if they schedule an interview will it appear first on my online account or I will get a mail first? Cuz I’m checking my status every day and it still the same..
  14. Hey guys .. im kinda confuse, I filled my n400 on October.. so far no update on my case.. the problem is I have a two years green card which is expired anyway.. now my extension for my green card will expire in the first week of April.. I didn’t get a new extension and I didn’t get an interview for my N400.. I don’t know dies any one of you is dealing with the same situation? Thanks a lot
  15. Hi.. has any one of you guys filled the n400 application on last October with the field office in Greer South Carolina and get their interview appointment ? I’m still waiting and no update has happened on my case.. I’m getting really nervous..
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