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  1. Too many ppl are doing it because they can do it.. it’s not their faults.. by law they can file for that siblings sponsorship..the hole immigration system needs reform..
  2. I said stupid about the waiting time.. does not make no sense at all.. waiting 15 years for a visa it’s stupid.. It will be better if they cancel they hole siblings sponsorship .. not allowing citizens to file to bring siblings but only after more than a decade.. do you see my point of view here?!!
  3. I understand what you are saying.. but I don’t think all the siblings of the us citizens Born outside of the country want to move here..One of siblings wants to live here the others not.. do you see what I’m talking about?! however as a us citizen no one can ban you from bringing your family to live with ya or at least to visit ya..
  4. No.. I’m just trying to think about an easier way to bring my brother.. but I think the best way for him to come over here is thrue marriage..thanks guys for your time tonight I appreciate every word been written in this subject..
  5. That’s crazy .. I believe it will be really easier if I bring my mom here then my mom can bring my brother as a green card holder..
  6. I didn’t realize that going. To USA is so hard and complicated.. i
  7. Wow I’m sorry but who gonna wait ten years. It’s an absolute stupidity
  8. Gotcha.. so it’s impossible to bring my brother here even knowing I’m a us citizen..that’s really a bad news
  9. Is it hard? Any idea on the process? Requirement?Can I bring him as a tourist?
  10. Wow that’s really bad.. there is no other way to bring my brother to live here? Thanks
  11. Hi guys I want to bring my brother to the states.. is it an easy process? How long does it last the hole process? Thanks
  12. It took 3 months for me to have my oath scheduled.. I know 4 months is a long time.. you should contact your congressman.. he will help ya by asking about your case and find out why it’s taking so long..
  13. Congrats.. I’m happy for her Thanks .. sure I registered and i can’t wait to vote
  14. Finally I got my citizenship.. I would like to thank everyone here .. for the last five years visa journey has been a very good platform of advising and helping to understand and make the right decisions about my applications .. it’s been a long and frustrating journey.. full of high hopes sometimes and disappointment sometimes.. Thanks again for every word been wrote to help me.. hope everyone will reach his or her goal.. just be patience .. good luck and thank you!!
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