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    04/13/2012 Moved to the US with TN Status to work as an RN
    08/24/2012 Engaged to US Citizen
    08/10/2013 Married US Citizen
    05/19/2014 Mailed AOS Package
    11/04/2014 AOS Approved on the Spot at the Interview

    09/13/2016 ROC Package Sent to CSC
    09/16/2016 Package Received
    09/20/2016 Check Cashed
    02/05/2018 Approval

    7/31/2020 - Submitted N400 online under 5 year rule
    8/1/2020 - Estimated Processing Time 14mo (Oct 2021)

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  1. I was wondering this too - my biometrics reuse is in my account as of today. So I’m curious if that means movement or at least that my application is with the local office. I’m in Seattle which has a looooong processing time right now.
  2. My USCIS account is being weird. I Logged in to check as I do occasionally. In recent weeks it’s had an estimated completion date of May 2021 since mid-Jan. Previously it was saying Oct/Nov 2021, which fits with my application date of July 31, 2020. Today I logged in and it was back to Oct 2021, which I’m expecting as more a realistic timing. I checked the notices section, as I do, and I have my biometrics reuse notice now (as of today). I went back to the main page and my estimated date is back to May 2021. Same login. wity the biometrics notice does that mean my file has made it to the Seattle Office finally? regarding the screwy dates I’ve been skeptical about most timing with USCIS so 🤷🏼‍♀️ Whatever.
  3. I just logged into my USCIS account to check my status and came here after not logging into VJ for a couple of months... my filing date is July 31, and since Christmas (I last checked right around Christmas Day) my date changed From oct 2021 to May 2021. I came here to find out if it was a weird glitch but I guess not. I have no other notices etc.
  4. Thanks. You are right. If I knew how to complain about this I would. Will in the future. I’m taking the personal blame That I can’t vote since I procrastinated sending in my documentation - I’ve been eligible since 2017 🤦🏼‍♀️.
  5. I have nothing to complain about... July 31, 2020 filed online. My completion date timing (Seattle) was originally Oct 2021 now it’s Nov 2021. Makes me a wee bit grumpy. But I know I shouldn’t complain.
  6. Nice. My office has me at Oct 2021. I filed July 31.
  7. You aren’t the only one, though you have me beat for how long you’ve waited. What made you take the leap? The increase in fees?
  8. 5 years. Degree of documentation needed is a lot less. I was in the same boat - procrastinated, too. Yes
  9. I used chrome and the documents are still there so I think you should be fine. But I’d be interested to hear what the phone call told you.
  10. Yup, that’s what it said. I’m a bit skeptical considering the estimates a few weeks ago was up to 36 months. We will see what actually happens when it does I suppose.
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