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    04/13/2012 Moved to the US with TN Status to work as an RN
    08/24/2012 Engaged to US Citizen
    08/10/2013 Married US Citizen
    05/19/2014 Mailed AOS Package
    11/04/2014 AOS Approved on the Spot at the Interview

    09/13/2016 ROC Package Sent to CSC
    09/16/2016 Package Received
    09/20/2016 Check Cashed
    02/05/2018 Approval

    7/31/2020 - Submitted N400 online under 5 year rule
    8/1/2020 - Estimated Processing Time 14mo (Oct 2021)

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  1. Forgot to come and update my certificate took for weeks exactly but did get back to me. Whew!
  2. Ugh. And I found The form to request a replacement naturalization certificate with USCIS. $555 That would hurt. Trying not to worry until March.
  3. Found the new thread! I’m stressing because I still don’t have my naturalization certificate back after getting my first US passport. It’s been 3 weeks, though the passport site says it can take up to 4. Thank goodness I scanned it before going to get my passport so at least I have a record of it. I’m a little worried. There’s a passport number but that didn’t help. Once it’s officially “4 weeks” from when I got my passport in the mail… 🤷🏼‍♀️
  4. Thanks! I changed my name before I first applied for my GC so I’m good. I spoke with SSN they will only do it by mail so I’ll wait until I have my certificate back from my passport. The office I spoke with heard my situation and I don’t have to hurry on the SSN updates.
  5. Well my interview is done and I now have my 🇺🇸 Citizenship. The officer was friendly and nice - she suggested trying to get an enhanced drivers license to allow me to cross the border by car while I await my US passport, and while waiting we chit chatted about sewing. Otherwise the parking is currently doing cards as well as cash, and they don’t necessarily call the numbers in order (that made me nervous), and it was otherwise less stressful than other stages. I did laugh at my 6” thick stack of papers in my file. It’s nice that this journey is over, though now to deal with getting a passport and an updated social security card.
  6. Yeah I called and left the jury coordinator a voicemail and she said the qualification is date if service not summons so she said to reschedule online to the spring and then if I’m not a citizen at that time to just call and let them know by 7 days prior. which is good because my service date currently is 2 days before my birthday and during my Christmas vacation. 😣
  7. The amusing irony. I just got home from work and waiting for me 12hrs after my file was updated and interview scheduled I got home… to a summons for Jury Duty. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Technically as of NOW I’m not eligible but my date is after my interview. When I I’ll be if successful.
  8. Thanks! Also amusingly - my “estimated completion time” bumped up to 14 months. 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄
  9. I may be the last July 2020 filer to get an interview (good ol’ slow Seattle) but I finally have an interview date!
  10. July 31, 2020 filer. My account updated and I had an email to login - my interview is set!
  11. Mine too. Mine said 2months then I updated my documents as they were no longer current (5 years of taxes). And it switched. 🙇🏼‍♀️ If I don’t have a date by the end of November I’m going to call in, since that was the ETA when I submitted everything. That’s not a bad idea. This slow is nuts. Pandemic or not.
  12. July 31, 2020 (evening so I follow both groups). Still no word since my feb 21 bio reuse. Seattle office.
  13. That gives me hope. I’m a July (31) 2020 filer too… 🤞🏻
  14. July 2020 filer. I added my 2020 tax transcript end of August - as it wasn’t available when I submitted last year. it switched my completion date from 2 months to 9 then 8. no change to my account.
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