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  1. Sorry to hear your husband is having health issues. If you are only interviewing for N-400, you don’t need to bring him with you. If you also have a pending I-751, you should bring your husband (even if you didn’t get a notice of a combo interview, as it’s possible that you could get a combo interview on the spot).
  2. USCIS website’s estimate is back. Mine changed from June 2021 to 10 months. 😩
  3. Looks like there has been many Portland transfers. Any sign of transferring people from the east side to Yakima?
  4. Yes. Hopefully when it comes back, the personalized time estimate will be working.
  5. Congrats! I saw you have I-751 pending also. Is it a combo interview? I heard a pending I-751 usually delays the N-400 by a lot, but it doesn’t look like it in your case. Maybe it has changed?
  6. Today, I went to the USCIS Seattle Office for an appointment. If you have recently been to an USCIS office, you probably know that the security guards will check the appointment letters before allowing you into the building. I arrived there 10 minutes earlier. When I walked in, the security guard said to me: "We are closed!". I said: "But... I have an appointment in 10 minutes". "You came for the biometrics appointment, right?" He asked. "No, it's an info pass appointment." "Too late, it's closed, too." He said. I took out my appointment letter and showed him that my appointment is at 2 pm, which is in 10 minutes. He looked at it and said: "Your appointment is 2pm, but it's already 4pm". I was confused. I thought I was there on time, but he was very seriously, that I started to think I got the time wrong, and did in fact miss my appointment. I started to get nervous. And asked him: "Is it 4pm already?" "Yes, look at your watch." He said. "I don't have one. I didn't bring in my phone either, because I wasn't sure if it was allowed in the building. Can I see your watch?" He took out his phone, and put in in front of my face. It was showing: 1:50pm. "It is 1:50pm!" I said. He started to laugh and said: "I was just messing with you. Preparing you for the interview." Then he allowed me in to proceeded security check… I didn’t know what to say after that. I didn't find his prank funny at all. I admit that I usually don’t have a sense of humor when it comes to dealing with USCIS. Their casual decisions could make me wait months longer for an interview, or not being able to work or stay, or not being able to see my family… I started to wonder if he plays his little prank on those folks who has been waiting for years for the interview, or those whose interviews would decide whether they could stay in this country. Would they feel devastated thinking they have missed their interview. Perhaps he and his coworkers found it funny. I'm interested to hear what y'all thinking. Funny for cruel?
  7. Interesting! Let us know when you get it please.
  8. Thanks for the tip! It looks like USCIS sends out interview letters about 30 days before the interview date. That should be plenty of time for name change, right? One of the reason I didn’t want to do it too early is because supposedly I have to apply for a new green card once I change my name, and that costs like $500. My idea is change my name close to the interview date, so I won’t need to use the green card in the time between.
  9. Congratulation on the name change! Please share your experience. How many days did you wait to get an appoint at the court, and how long did the process take? I’m thinking about changing my name once I receive the N-400 appointment letter, so I can bring my name change certificate to the interview. Love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks!
  10. I just saw my estimated case completion time on the USCIS website jumped from November 2021 (11 months) to June 2021 (6 months), 5 months early than the original estimate. Should I be excited or it is just a system glitch? I filed in Aug 2020. Still haven’t received the biometrics letter yet.
  11. It seems like the politicians in WA spend most of their time getting illegal immigrants, but don’t have time for legal immigrants.
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