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  1. Any suggestions on where I can find good tax agents?
  2. Hi All, I recently got approval of my IR1 visa and if I land around December 20th. Would I have to file taxes in USA for the year 2022? I am a Canadian citizen moving to the US.
  3. Oh wow that wouldn't have been a fun transaction at all. It is impossible to close my primary house before my upcoming trip in 4 weeks that involves a US transit. I think best option would be just to ask the US border agents to grant me entry as a visitor and not as a landed immigrant. Hopefully they approve that. Thank you. Will def hire a cross border accountant. Any recommendations?
  4. Intent is to move to the US ofcourse. As I mentioned just need a couple of months to wrap things up. Seems like US PR does not have the benefits as dual citizens do. Thanks for clarifying. What about taxes? Once I land as a US PR, and my property gets sold after, do I need to pay any taxes to the US? Since here in Canada there are no taxes if you sell your primary residence.
  5. Yes, but in this case, I am not living in the US. I intend to do immigrant landing and come back to Canada while still continuing to do my job, pay taxes, mortgage (until I sell the house) and bills. People living in border cities live in Canada and work in the US. Though there US employers might provide them with insurance, but you are saying they are not covered in Canada even though they live and pay taxes in Canada too? Since their primary residence is Canada. (check commuter status)
  6. I don't think clinic/hospitals would know tbh. But I have heard the issue comes up when you are doing your taxes later. I am still confused though. Dual citizenship is allowed in these two countries and alot of people commute back/forth with their US green card who live in border cities and use Canadian healthcare.
  7. Yikes thats not good. I just dont want to lose healthcare benefits until I am permanently moving which will be a couple of more months. I know there has been alot of discussion on it in the past and I know a few people personally who got their immigration visa stamped and continued to live in Canada for a few more months while accessing the residential benefits since they technically did "not move". So confusing lol!
  8. Hey everyone, My immigrant visa is with me and I am yet to do landing to complete the process. My visa is valid until end of April. I am still wrapping up things in Canada so want to delay landing to March/April. However, I have a trip coming up next month and I will be transitting through US. Since I will only be transitting through the airport for a couple of hours, can I request border agents to grant me entry as a visitor so I can continue my journey and then do my immigrant landing at a later date? Has anyone done this before? I do not mind landing as an immigrant but I do not want to lose healthcare benefits as I have heard you lose it as soon as you land as a LPR in the US. Still have my job here and properites to sell which will take a couple of months to wrap up.
  9. Update. Received my passport today via Puralotor. I paid the extra delivery fee to get it delivered to my home. Visa approved and stamped: Nov 14th Passport pick up: Nov 15th Passport Delivered: Nov 18th @Hawk Riders can you please update the tracking sheet.
  10. Staying 2-3 months is not a reason. There cna be different reasons for DS-5535. Name hits, education background, countries visited etc. I stayed for around 2 months in total with my wife in the US this year as well but faced no issues.
  11. Hey VJ team, I had my interview this morning at 8:30 am and was approved on spot! I carried all the documents that I had uploaded for NVC: Sponsor's i864 and taxes docs, Joint sponsor's i864 and taxes docs, all my civil documents. They only asked for the original police certificate ( I had 2 original and 1 copy but they accepted that), my birth certificate and marriage certificate. I showed up at the consulate around 8:20 and was let in immediately. There were no line ups fortunately (when I was leaving around 10 am, there was a line outside of about 12-15 people). Inside the building, first thing was security. That took a good 10-15 minutes. There were 3 families in front of me. Mine was done in less than a minute. Deposited my cell phone and apple watch in the locker and up I went. It took about 50ish minutes for my number to be called and I submitted all the documents at the first counter. This is where the first set of fingerprints were taken. As mentioned, only my civil documents were asked and nothing else. Then I returned to my seat. As soon as I sat, my number showed up again, this time at a different counter. I thought it was for the interview and was surprised it only took a min. Lol turns out it was an error on their side and the lady at the counter asked me for my passport and civil docs, to which I told that I am already done with the process. She said sorry, that was an error on their side and told me she will forward me to the interview. I went back to sitting and then in about 10 minutes, my number was called again. This is where the interview took place. The interviewer was a very nice lady. Asked the general questions. How did me and my spouse met. What is my job. And my travel history. She took my left hand fingerprints and said she is approving my visa. I was done with the entire process in about 90 minutes and was out of the building around 10 am. TBH I was stressed about being put into admin processing, since I have lived in the middle east and have visited certain countries that US treats as high risk. But I am glad it was a smooth process. I stayed at the Marriot hotel which is about a 6 min walk to the consulate. Since my interview was on Monday morning, we made a trip out of it and stayed the entire weekend. Status was change to issued around 12:30 pm today so that was pretty fast!! All in all a good and a smooth interview experience. Thanks VJ fam!
  12. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Pakistan.html 1. Urdu Nikkah Nama 2. English Translation 3. Nadra Certificate You need to upload all 3. It is mentioned on the website.
  13. Hello 


    Seem to have a similar case (, I have a joint sponsor who alone meets the income requirement but files as married filing jointly) I was confused if I needed an I 864a. I thought their W2 would be enough 


    Let us know if they asked for the I-864a in Montreal.


    All the best.



    1. waterlooengineer



      I did not submitted joint sponsor's spouse i864A. I only submitted joint sponsor's i864m 3 year taxes, pay stubs and W2 for 2021 showing their individual income. I was DQ'd

  14. This is what I have booked for my interview appointment next month. https://goo.gl/maps/oL1fqAcKcdWrN1V46 It is a 3 min walk to the US consulate. Since you are booking kinda last min, prices might be high. But prices are around $200-225 on average per night.
  15. which option to choose? since we already have an appointment scheduled.
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