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  1. Try checking by using only “West” as the last/family name.
  2. Yes she can use the “other travel documents” for her kids in order to submit the DS260 forms pending when she gets her kids’ passports. Then she’ll need to contact KCC to unlock the forms and update the passport info once she gets them. Alternatively she can wait until she gets their passports before submitting the forms. There’s no award for super early submission, interviews will not start until October. Interview is scheduled based on the CN being current - how high or low is her CN?
  3. You think the OP has a decent chance of approval for a H4 EAD simply based on their qualifications and experience, without the spouse having an approved I-140??
  4. You'll need to find an employer that can sponsor you if you wish to work in the US, which will give you your own distinct status. I do not believe you can simply apply for a H4 EAD, you do not currently qualify for it based on what you’ve written here. To qualify for a H4 EAD, your wife has to have an approved I-140 (Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers) or has extended her H1B status beyond the initial 6 year period under rule AC-21. And must still be in a valid H1B status when you apply for EAD.
  5. AOS petition is deemed abandoned with travel without an approved AP card.
  6. You can guesstimate the date, you wouldn’t get penalized for not having an exact move-in/move-out day/date. Don’t list N/A in the name section, otherwise that would be assumed as part of your name. Even though the form sales to list N/A and not leave any section blank, you’re still expected to use your discretion in doing so. Don’t list N/A where it doesn’t make sense to do so.
  7. That question isn’t asked on the DS-160 so there’s no reason to state you applied for DV lottery and weren’t selected.
  8. Yes stick to your gun, you’re making a smart decision, IMO, on your child’s behalf. That certificate is worth it.
  9. Life happens, people unintentionally loose sight of renewal period especially for a document that has a 10 year life span which one doesn’t use, not borderline recklessness IMO. One of the people in the scenario I wrote of above was a minor when the parents decided to move out of the US and didn’t see any point in renewing their US passports since they were not being used and had no immediate plan of returning. Fast forward several years after, parents passed away - their naturalization certificates cannot be located, no valid US passport. The child (upon becoming an adult) would have easily gotten a new passport when they decided to return to the US if they had their own naturalization certificate.
  10. OP, If you can afford the fee, it is never a bad idea for your minor child to have their own Naturalization Certificate IMO. I’ve come across people (on another forum I’m quite active on) who derived citizenship from their parents’ naturalization and of course got their US passports as minors back then. For whatever reasons, the passports got misplaced after they expired, they never bothered to renew for a long period. Parents subsequently passed away, and they no longer have access to parents naturalization certificates, passport agency of course is refusing to issue new passports now without naturalization certificates. USCIS on the other hand hasn’t been helpful in establishing these adults became USC as minors since they never applied for their own naturalization certificates with form N-600. These people are wishing they (or their parents) applied for their own naturalization certificates back then, which would have saved them from the pillar to post experience they’re having with USCIS and passport agencies. Worth the peace of mind and safeguarding a minor’s future. Totally worth the price IMO!
  11. An INFOPASS appointment is typically required to visit the FO. However, if you have a compelling reason to visit without a previously scheduled INFOPASS appointment, the guards at the entrance my be lenient enough to let you in.
  12. What you need to do, IMO, is to file the I-90 now which will require you to send in the GC. Upon receipt of the NOA for the replacement filing, take the acceptance notice to your FO and get an I-551 stamp (temporary GC) on your passport which you can then use for your return trip. You jump start the replacement process clock this way, rather than waiting until your return before starting what will be a long process. And yes, make sure you use the GC to get an updated SSN card before mailing it back for replacement, assuming you currently have a SSN card which has the DHS restrictions written on it.
  13. Nope, you will not be instructed to skip the I-90 - you will have to file an I-90 in order to get a replacement card, which currently takes several months like someone else already responded about. The only thing you will not be required to do is make the $540 replacement fee since the error on your GC appears to be a USCIS caused error.
  14. Again, you can use the NIV on your passport to enter the US from any State, your LPR status gets activated immediately upon admission into the US - stop overthinking this.
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