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  1. I just never understood the reasoning for sending money back home every month to support grown people that could work. At that point it just feels like your paying to be married to somebody’s daughter. You feeling a lot of pain but you probably just saved yourself headache and money. What’s love if it depends on how much money you can send home to the family
  2. Just tell the guy to tell his sister in law and apply and see what happens! And leave it at that. That’s the only way we would know it she gets it or not
  3. She is clearly asking for help in committing fraud
  4. I highly doubt it. Being a godparent is solely for religious reasons and nothing else unless a legal guardian is not around when the parents pass away and then the court will appoint them as the caretaker. And finally being a godparent is not a legal title
  5. I never seen someone so butthurt about a word that is not even offensive or dehumanizing. It’s like they caught an attitude because nobody wants to sign their stupid petition.
  6. If this is the most important thing you find in life to complain about when it’s come to the immigration process, then you my friend have been living a good life 😂
  7. It was face to face in his office with the door open and of course with mask on. He had a shield between us though and an IPad to write and read from. It’s really a nice relax atmosphere for the most part
  8. Hey, yes not much members from CT in VisaJourney. Yes I had my interview in November of last year and was approved and had same day oath ceremony and I applied for my passport the day after which should be coming this week.
  9. How is everyone? Who is still waiting for interviews?
  10. Had my interview this morning and I passed all my tested and was approved for naturalization. Had my oath ceremony this morning also just had to wait like 2 hours for it cause it was still early before scheduled time. It was like 19 of us and only took like 10 mins. Finally glad the journey is over with. Thank you to everyone that give me advice in this group.
  11. So I I’m finished gathering all the information I think I will need for my interview and I guess it’s now time to start studying
  12. So today I finally got my letter in the mail for my interview. So the next step for me is to start collecting documents to carry to my interview
  13. Update on my case!!! Randomly check my app yesterday and saw that they scheduled my interview!! It’s November 5th at 8AM. I’m a Hartford, CT filer.
  14. Hey Im a November filer also and still waiting for my interview in Connecticut
  15. Damn! Seems like every state is catching back up except for Connecticut!
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