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  1. Good Evening LA filers, I had my Oath Ceremony yesterday in DTLA. It is held outside in the courtyard behind the building. It is quick and I guess other people can come with you because it is open to the public. There are 2 desks: - one to check you in, punch a hole in the green card, staple it with your appointment letter and give you an envelop (with inside: the little flag, what to do next and a passport application), you are then directed to stand in front of an officer who will read the pledge of allegiance in front of a small group, and once done, you go into another line to go to the second desk. - the second desk is where you give your punched green card and you are remitted the certificate of naturalization. there are flags in the courtyard where you can take pictures with your love ones if you want. Good luck to all the applicants still waiting for this moment. I wish you all the best 🇺🇸
  2. Hello LA Filers, I just got the interview today in DTLA and it all went well. The LA office is no longer holding same day Oath Ceremony, it seems that they hold them on Wednesdays and Fridays. I got approved right away and received my ceremony date and time on a paper (N-445) along with the form N-652 at the end of the interview. My Oath is scheduled for next Wednesday, so in a week and someone I talked to from the Facebook group N-400 got her interview on Monday and her Oath is this coming Friday. Good Luck 🍀 everyone!
  3. Hello L.A. filers, LA filer here as well, I applied on February 19th 2020, biometrics done on 03/10/2020. I received my interview notification on December 24th for an interview on February 3rd (DTLA office). I filed based on 5 years rule, GC obtained through employment. In case you want to check others’ timelines for a specific location, you can go here: https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/citlist.php?op6=All&op7=Los+Angeles+CA&op1=6&op2=&op4=1&op5=5%2C10%2C11&cfl= This timeline tool really helped me evaluate when to expect an interview but it works better if everyone participates and updates their timeline. Once I am done with the interview I will update my timeline in here and add a comment if I have any info that seem relevant for others. Good luck and courage to everyone who is still waiting, I feel you. When I was seeing people from Nashville, TN or North Carolina getting their interview within less than 5 months.... it was so frustrating. Again good luck and have a nice Sunday! 😊
  4. Same as Bzbee, the interview notice became available this morning with an interview date for February 3rd. My estimated completion date which was originally October 2020 (that disappeared at the end of September 2020 for “we are taking longer...blabla) came back showing September 2021. Not sure it is relevant as I think LA is holding interview + oath the same day (if no issue with the case), and unless it has changed.... we will see!
  5. Good day Everyone, It looks like Santa has come for me this year big time, as I just received this morning the notification that my interview has been scheduled. The PDF document is not available yet so I do not know the date but will update my timeline accordingly once I have it. Merry Christmas to all! 🤗🎅🏼 FO: Los Angeles Filing date: 02/19/2020 Biometrics: 03/10/2020 Interview notice: 12/23/2020
  6. Hello Aa1979, I completely hear you, hence my comment about updating the timeline. However, for now, that is all we have. I also often check the Facebook group N-400 Citizenship through Naturalization. People are sharing their timeline on there too. By cross checking both, you can get a rough idea of the timeline, which is honestly pretty consistent with what USCIS website announced (at least for LA 13.5 to 19 months). Let’s just hope that we wont see anything coming our way that could shut down or delay USCIS temporary and aggravate the delay we are all suffering. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 😉
  7. Hello Alonso and everyone, Los Angeles filer here. I have not seen any movement for LA field office for February or even January 2020 filers. However I think USCIS in LA is currently working on November 2019 filers. I recently discovered this timeline tool on visajourney, it is truly helpful when people update their timeline on their profile. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/citlist.php?op6=All&op7=Los+Angeles+CA&op1=6&op2=&op4=1&op5=5%2C10%2C11&cfl= So for LA February filers, I hope we will hear something in February or early March for an interview in April or May at the latest. Hard to predict any timeline nowadays but it is what I hope 😊. Take care everyone!
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