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  1. How can I close off this account? can't deal with the rudeness of some ppl.
  2. Wow, personal. You know what I'm not even going to respond to this. You all have a great night.
  3. Thanks, friend. Have a blessed night and please be safe.
  4. And I'm not going there to married him and stay. I don't want to mess up my visa or get ban or go to prison. That's not my intention. We will follow the rule of immigration.
  5. Thanks. We started saving the message and calls. And I have saved the picture from before. When I was there. Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks. And yes we do. We already know each other better now. And it was just a little misunderstanding with us. Communications were his biggest problem. And his family told him about himself. And I also did some soul searching to better myself and my family. So yes yes I do want to marry him.
  7. Look here I only mention the details because you all started being very unkind. Right now I regret I came on here. It's nothing about GC. He is the one who mentions it to me. And he didn't know how to go about it. So he told me to get some information for him. I don't care about GC.
  8. People married the same person every day. The stars do it. So what makes them different than us. Plus my family knows his family.
  9. Why you keep saying for a GC, if I wanted a GC I wouldn't of divorce him. Really guys. I have a visa so I can go and come.
  10. Thanks hon, finally someone who understands me. The reason why they said cuba is I put down cuba. I didn't want to put my whereabouts online. Sorry for that.
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