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    Many moons ago when we were both just kids...Me and my (now) husband both lived in England, in the same street. We were neighbors. Our brothers and sisters all hung out together, we all went to the same school. I had a HUGE almighty crush on him. I even had my very first kiss with him.....Aged 15, his mother met and married (my now father-in-law) who is in the American Military and they all moved to America. I never heard from my crush again.20 years later.... (and divorced for 4 years).... a FB friends request pops up... from you know who!!! He was also divorced with two children (I had no children from my first marriage).We fell in love immediately (yes... crazy to some), and we called each other a billion times a day. 9 months later I flew out to see him for the first time and we got engaged.I flew out another 2 times before finally tying the knot and the rest is history.We have now been together 6 years, and married for 4 year. Even now I wake up every day and it does not seem real at all. Both our first marriages were very unhappy, we feel thankful that we were both given a second chance. We are, without a doubt soul-mates. Maybe god had a plan for us all along. We talk about it all the time. We are best buddies, which I swear has to be the most important thing in a marriage (I most certainly did not have that in my first marriage).The most wonderful thing about the whole story is I got 3 for the price of 1, as I am step-momma to my gorgeous step-son who is 12 , and my equally gorgeous step-daughter who is 14. Its a real mind trip to think that the first person I ever kissed, is going to be the last person I ever kiss.

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  1. Thank you! Mum's came back with the same result which made me feel better. I always do their ESTAS's and pay for them. I think the whole process would confuse them TBH.
  2. My Mum and Dad are visiting next month and are Appling for their Esta's. My Dad's application says its pending and a result will be given within 72 hrs. We have never had this happen before. Is this normal? My mum and dad visit every 3 years for 2 weeks and this is a first.
  3. @Boiler how was he never on their radar though? can anyone lie on their esta and get in to the united states with a criminal background and not get stopped? I thought a more thorough background check would be done on anyone visiting the USA.
  4. Thank you - It is something we have discussed but did not know the right contacts to do this
  5. I live just a short distance from Graceland. Me and my husband recently got chatting to a tourist visiting here from the UK. I mentioned in conversation that my parents were visiting in July for 2 weeks and that I need to apply for the ESTA's soon. and the guy's response stunned us. He said that he had criminal convictions in the UK for cocaine charges and also assault charges, but lied on his ESTA about them, stating he had no criminal history. Im shocked that his ESTA was approved with one tap of a button and his criminal history was never tracked or picked up as he was entering the USA. Surly its not that easy to lie and get away with it? Also, who would you report such fraud to in an instance like this? Me and my husband are baffled that he got away with this.
  6. Memphis was my local office. If you do end up needing a Lawyer inbox me. I used one as did my husband. He certainly would not charge you the prices others have given you.
  7. I think you may have attached your reply to the wrong comment as the one you have responded to was of no offence at all, which was: 7 hours ago, Illiria said: "Maybe the fiancé visa isn’t the right path for you then if being able to travel as soon as you get to the US is that important. A spousal visa takes a little longer on average but is cheaper in the long run and will allow you to travel as soon as you enter the us on the visa." You may want to remove your original post or respond to the correct comment you were aiming at
  8. What is California law about cheating ? I was just responding to your question above. There is no law. Because it is not against the law. As I previously stated, divorce and move on.
  9. Its not against the law to cheat. Its hurtful, but not illegal. The ball is in your court with what you chose to do about his cheating. Stay and put up with it, or divorce and move on.
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