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    Many moons ago when we were both just kids...Me and my (now) husband both lived in England, in the same street. We were neighbors. Our brothers and sisters all hung out together, we all went to the same school. I had a HUGE almighty crush on him. I even had my very first kiss with him.....Aged 15, his mother met and married (my now father-in-law) who is in the American Military and they all moved to America. I never heard from my crush again.20 years later.... (and divorced for 4 years).... a FB friends request pops up... from you know who!!! He was also divorced with two children (I had no children from my first marriage).We fell in love immediately (yes... crazy to some), and we called each other a billion times a day. 9 months later I flew out to see him for the first time and we got engaged.I flew out another 2 times before finally tying the knot and the rest is history.We have now been together 6 years, and married for 4 year. Even now I wake up every day and it does not seem real at all. Both our first marriages were very unhappy, we feel thankful that we were both given a second chance. We are, without a doubt soul-mates. Maybe god had a plan for us all along. We talk about it all the time. We are best buddies, which I swear has to be the most important thing in a marriage (I most certainly did not have that in my first marriage).The most wonderful thing about the whole story is I got 3 for the price of 1, as I am step-momma to my gorgeous step-son who is 12 , and my equally gorgeous step-daughter who is 14. Its a real mind trip to think that the first person I ever kissed, is going to be the last person I ever kiss.

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  1. I don't know if these issues with your husband are due to him having corona virus cabin fever or if this was happening prior to the pandemic. I am lucky that both myself and my husband are essential workers, but I have a 17 year old daughter who is a living hell right now due to the corona virus. We are on lock down in Mississippi starting tomorrow for 2 weeks and she just about lost her darn mind. I would liken it to something from the exorcist, only 100 times worse. If this is an ongoing issue prior to recent events, marriage therapy may be an option, but ultimately if this is something you can not foresee yourself having to deal with any longer than of course divorce is another option. Only you can decide how you would like to proceed.
  2. I don't know if it varying state to state, but here in Mississippi Walmart, Kroger and other store chains are begging for temp workers during the pandemic. They are hiring on the spot more or less. Just something to consider OP.
  3. Buy her 2 new suitcases when you arrive
  4. I come from a country where health care if FREE so moving here and seeing how much healthcare cost was a complete shock for me!!! For my husband to add me to his insurance would cost him an additional $400 a month - He only pays $50 a month for himself - Its crazy. I have a Humana plan luckily through my work now. I pay $200 a month towards it and my employer pays the other $200. I also have teledoc, but a ridiculously high deductible. A recluse spider bite cost me and ER visit and even with insurance I had to pay close to $5000. Im still paying off the darn bill. But without insurance I would of been in a financial mess. I have hated spiders ever since.
  5. 20 years ago I was married to an Albanian, and moved there. The toilet was a hole in the floor, cold water to bathe - if there was any water, and barley no electric, not to mention women were treated appallingly. I understand the huge struggle to give up things we take for granted every day and chose, out of love, to move and to live surrounded by terrible poverty. It was many moons ago, and despite the terrible living conditions Albania itself is a beautiful county. And it certainly was an experience.
  6. Not easy at all. I still had to leave my loved ones and life behind just like many others. The fact remains there is a child involved where bio mom will not give consent to let said child move to America. If OP wants to be with her fiancé I stand by what I say. Kids come first. OP already owns a property in DR with her spouse. If she wants to have her step-daughter with her permanently, then right now a move to the DR seems the only option available.
  7. You sound like you are a wonderful step-mommy to this little girl, and moving is hella scary, but I see this as an only option. I have been step-momma for over 8 years now and I don't regret the move for a single second. Those kids are the reason I live and breathe. If you ever need another step-mom to chat to please inbox me.
  8. When it comes to immigration, deciding who makes the move is clear cut to me where children are concerned. You move to where the child is. I never dreamt of leaving the UK. I grew up in the same town all my life surrounded by all my family and life long friends. My husband had 2 children when I met him.. No brainer. I gave up my home, a great job in Human Resources, and moved to America. You said yourself you have brought a home together in DR, Mom wont let your step-daughter live in America. You will have her grandmother with you for help and support. The child's only real life long stability has been her grandmother. There is only one solution in my eyes, kids come first. You need to move to DR.
  9. No such thing as a 5 year green card. After his two year conditional green card expires it is renewed with his permanent 10 year green card.
  10. Thank you! Mum's came back with the same result which made me feel better. I always do their ESTAS's and pay for them. I think the whole process would confuse them TBH.
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