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  1. Whanlin

    Vaccines after medical

  2. Whanlin

    Vaccines after medical

    This forum has been hand down the best resource I have found for this process. We were thinking that we would have to shell out a small fortune for Hep A and B here in the states. I thank you for your answer
  3. Whanlin

    Vaccines after medical

    Wuozopoo am I correct in thinking my 35 year old fiance wont need to get Hep A or B at a civil surgeon before AOS? I was thinking before this was a MUST vac but now I'm not so sure. This was the only thing he couldn't hunt down in the UK before Knightsbridge.
  4. Whanlin

    Requesting passport back

    I just wanted to say (Even though I don't have an answer for your question) That I have been following all your postings and my heart is so broken for you. None of this sounds fair.
  5. Whanlin

    Knightsbridge medical review - mental health history

    Tnanks so much for taking the time to answer me. Honestly, this has been so stressful that we both have just stopped even discussing it and it has really taken the wind out of our sails. Well to start with Im thinking the GP is getting annoyed with him always asking for more stuff. When his doctor started stonewalling my fiance even went investigating into his actual NHS records and nothing. It is so very strange that someone can be treated for a year and there isn't a scrape of evidence about it, except the scars. If he didn't have the scars I would think "No record" might even work in his favor but having the scars will I'm positive make them want to know more. The depression is not listed as an active medical condition. It was just part of some notes in his summery from back during one of his office visits he attended during his treatment. this was 16 years ago. He has no fresh scars at all and nothing at present that is indicative of a current mental health issue. He has paid the GP 40 pounds for the little bit he has gotten and when he pushed last time the GP set up a phone consultation in which the GP basically said there wasn't much more he could actually do and that what the US government needs is not his concern. I can't actually blame the doctor because since there is no notes to go on at all he is sort of feeling his way in the dark. My fiance has been pretty firm with his requests but knowing him, probably not that pushy. I feel he should set up his own psych eval and present that to Knightsbridge, but the fear is they will want him seen by their Psychologist and then we have double the expense. It is what it is and as the very wise Wuozopo has said worrying wont get us no where. I fly in the day after his medical and I'm really hoping for good
  6. Whanlin

    Knightsbridge medical review - mental health history

    My fiance has his medical Jan 17th. No one has any records of his treatment for depression. The only note in anything is a tiny little blurb about "was depressed". He saw a therapist and took medicine for under a year, he too has self harm scars. His GP doctor refused to write a letter for him. He did write a little snip-it on his actual summery that says he doesn't feel my fiance is a threat to himself or others, but added he wrote this at the request of my fiance who wants to immigrate. The clinic where he attended has went out of business and after contacting others (going down the chain) its clear his records have just vanished. We know this would be his biggest obstacle so we have been actively trying to get his stuff together since September. Now a month before the interview we have very very little to give Knightsbridge. We are heart sick. We are looking at an out right refusal at worst or a very expensive Psych Eval at best. Any advice?
  7. has everyone started planning their weddings yet? We have soft plans at this point but we need to get it in gear on exactly what we want. @Kyle&Ana I'm on Keto with IF but after the England trip Im planning on throwing the gym in too for the wedding
  8. I got the hard copy yesterday. Funny thing is tho it doesn't have the fancy blue header I see pictured sometimes. But we are NOA1 now official.
  9. 49.5 hours!! Good Lord...I'd be crazy by the end of it. I'm logistically challenged so even smaller airports like Memphis or Charlotte, NC kinda get me confused but Atlanta was just insane! I'm looking for a navigational app right now that can maybe use GPS to route me where I'm suppose to go because it's that bad. I got a tiny bit lost in Amsterdam and nobody gets lost there. He lives in Cannock which is about 30 minutes from Birmingham.
  10. Yup now that I have our NOA1 I can now focus on other things, like if I will have to play 20 questions with British immigration officers at BHX. I fly out in 14 days. So now my focus is on what will I do if I get lost in the Atlanta airport again and what will I do if any of my flights are delayed and the lovely people at BHX. I need a hobby, Have you considered making Atlanta your POE? I mean it's kind of the 7th layer of hell but my fiance comes through there everytime and they never ask him anything.
  11. It was delivered only on Friday. I'm just impatient
  12. we are nervous too. History of depression with self harm scars. He's not there anymore and actually a better person i think because of what he went through...but we are still a bit scared this will be an issue at interview. Oh and still no NOA1.
  13. I know I know I'm being impatient but I want my NOA1 now I get visions of it just sitting there having agents just walking by it ignoring it. It just sits there pining away to be touched and nobody pays it any attention. I am totally blowing this out of proportion because it was only delivered to USCIS Friday afternoon..but still. I'm so not cut out for the waiting game we are going to be going through.
  14. We meet playing Destiny 1 on ps4