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  1. Will parrot the sentiment here. My fiance was asked for nothing at his London interview.
  2. lol thats pretty much what old site did for me until the card shipped. I wish USCIS would pick a lane.
  3. Day after interview it changed. Every day after there was another lil update. Green card came today. Interview was Monday. It only really constantly updated from new site tho. When it shipped it updated on new, old and app
  4. I sent in tax transcript, return and w2 with my packet and was not asked for any of this at our interview
  5. Got the notice that card was shipped Oct 31st. This came from new site and the app . Old site isnt loading for me. Sometimes mail from Memphis takes about 24 hours and sometimes 48 depending on when it was picked up. Feeling very grateful right now. The light at the end of the tunnel is blinding He will be working in a few weeks. Lord knows we need it lol Edit* Old site is now working and reflecting the same update*
  6. Everyone is just using Memphis field office to post Nashville Reviews. Nashville needs their own review thread please
  7. He was kinda asked questions off the I-485 and was asked how we meet, where the engagement happened and how it went down and then she asked me if I had been to the UK to meet his family. That was about it. Interview was Monday, new website says card is being processed
  8. no thats not enough proof and it seems everyone is pretty much still waiting for these things. We had his bio in July and still no EAD or AP. In fact we had the green card interview yesterday so it looks like he will get his greencard before his combo card. Its just the way it seems to be now.
  9. We had his interview yesterday and the lady said approved. She said we could expect his green card to come in about two weeks. She asked hardly any questions, didn't ask for much evidence and seemed to have already made her mind up about us before we even got in there. In case anyone was wondering about the public charge thing that the courts intervened on (but i know people were still worried about it since public charge is broad and they technically can ask anything they want regardless of the courts etc) we do not have health insurance and she never asked for it. She never even asked for my tax stuff or employment stuff. Im a good amount over poverty level for my area that may be why.
  10. Crazy how the other half has to live huh. Maybe in the next life I'll get the luxury of options.
  11. Yes, the current state of the health care crisis is very much something to joke about. Thanks. I have looked at options until my eyes have crossed. Between the bills and trying to eat somewhat healthy affording health insurance is very very difficult but please make jokes. Its not like the love of my life may have to leave after he gets rejected for his green card. Isnt it funny? I was asking to see if that sort of awful coverage would help us because its about all I can afford until he can work.
  12. My employer does not offer insurance and the marketplace for me is close to 400 a month. I can't pay that. So I go without and self treat. Im young and pretty healthy. We have my husbands interview Oct 28th for his green card. When he gets his green card he will get insurance quickly (soft job offer) so while we knew we needed insurance we have just been waiting until he can go to work. Now Im scared that he will be denied his green card. So Im looking at plans. We could just get him a plan right? I mean the US doesn't give a flip whether I have health care or not right? So we could get a plan that covers accident/hospitalization only?
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