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  1. Ok, my girlfriend will be entering the U.S. with the fiance' visa. Her ESTA expired though and she is wondering if she should renew it before entering on the fiance' visa. She just wants to have all her ducks in a row when entering the country. Thanks.
  2. Thank you for the information. Yes, of course I knew what a disaster U.S. health care was (if you watched the democratic debate the other night they all made that point). I just didn't know how complicated it is to insure myself for just one year or so until I could work. Originally I thought I could get on my partner's health insurance. But turns out that cost 1,200 bucks a month, which is more than our mortgage. This is the irony of U.S. healthcare, it can cost more than a mortgage! We scrapped that idea (since we are not rich) and tried for something else. I'm hoping to get travelers insurance until I can get the work approval, but this is contingent on how long I can maintain my residency in Italia, for you cannot get traveler's insurance if you lose residency of your home country. We have a friend who works at a hospital near Boston and he says the whole health care is a disaster. People are just uninsured and use the emergency room as a primary care doctor basically. I do not want to do this as I want to conform to the culture, but they do not make it easy. Really, health care should not be this complicated. It is the system that is broken, not me.
  3. Thanks, yes, I know there is no clear cut set time. It is unpredictable and I am thinking of doing travelers insurance until I can work. We will see.
  4. Thank you for your information. I think what is confusing me is every individual case is different, and it is so complicated. That is why I said it is inefficient. My spouse can add me to his health insurance, but it would cost about 1.200 dollars a month in insurance under the Blue Cross/Shield plan, which seems ludicrous since our mortgage is not that much (this is the irony of U.S. health care, for it can cost more than a mortgage....ridiculous). I do not want to go without insurance for a I want to be law abiding. I'm trying to get travelers insurance which is at a reasonable cost, but the thing is if when I get married I will lose residency in Italy and as a result will not qualify for this insurance. For what I read about Obamacare online I will not qualify for that either. It is crazy and I am not use to this (since Italian healthcare is so simple). Don't get me wrong, I do want to conform to U.S. culture, but it is difficult with this issue. I saw the democratic debate the other night and all of them made the point that U.S. healthcare is a disaster (and I agree). The only one that made sense was Bernie Sanders and he is a smart man. I have a friend that works at a hospital near us in Massachusetts and he said it so bad that people just go without insurance and use the emergency room as a primary health care doctor, since they can't afford other options. I know this drains the system but it is the reality of things. Anyway, I am searching and trying to come up with the best option and I do appreciate all the information from people.
  5. If it was an employer plan it would not be so bad. The fact is though you cannot legally work until you get a green card, which takes years (which is why you guys have such a problem with illegal immigration). I obey laws, so therefore have to pay out of pocket the full amount while not working. The system seems to reward those breaking the law, while those that do not get hit with with massive fees and bills. I do hope one of the smarter candidates that wants to overhaul the system gets elected.
  6. Not a complainer at all about any other thing except health care here. Everybody knows it sucks, including most Americans. I'm just repeating the obvious.
  7. I disagree. My money went much farther in Italia. Groceries are about 1/3 the cost and it's better food, no property tax, excise tax, rents and mortages are cheaper. That's why we plan to retire to Italia. My future wife said on her pension she can live like a mafia don there. Of course we live in Massachusetts, one of the most expensive states in the union (rents are nearly 3 grand a month in Boston, for the same place in Italia I would pay 400 a month, and enjoy a much better climate). Don't get me wrong I love America, but the costs in this region are insane. You gotta make 75 grand a year just to get by.
  8. Yes, I know, the whole thing sucks. This issue alone may cause us to move back to Italy.
  9. Yes, it's nuts here with health care. Sorry about the spider. Those are nasty things. One thing is for sure, and that is I am retiring to a country that has national health care.
  10. 2800 a month? Like I said in my previous post. U.S. health care is run by a bunch of gangsters.
  11. Yes, I know, it is crazy. I know the risks too of not having it. It's a tough situation because my budget is not that big.
  12. Good idea. No preexisting conditions, so that is good. I'm finding the health care system in the U.S. incredibly bulky and complicated. Really not that efficient.
  13. Thanks. I checked and you are right, however it is incredibly expensive on my plan. Hmmm, gotta find a cheaper option.
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