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    10-04-2013 We met online
    11-21-2013 We met in person in Shanghai for 2 weeks
    12-13-2013 I-129F packet sent via express
    12-19-2013 USCIS NOA #1 (text and email) received
    12-24-2013 USCIS assigns Alien Registration Number
    12-31-2013 USCIS NOA #1 hard copy received
    06-02-2014 USCIS web site shows NOA #2 approval
    06-06-2014 USCIS web site shows case sent to NVC
    06-xx-2014 Fiancee acquired birth, marriage, and police certificates from local police station (wrong)
    06-16-2014 NVC creates case with GUZ### number
    06-19-2014 NVC sends case sent to Guangzhou, China
    06-24-2014 Received packet 3 express mail from embassy
    06-25-2014 Completed DS-160 and paid K1 visa fee
    06-26-2014 Mailed packet 3 response back to Embassy
    06-26-2014 Requested police certificate from Russian embassy
    07-08-2014 Received packet 4 email from Embassy
    07-17-2014 Picked up Russian police certificate
    07-25-2014 Fiancee medical exam (received MMR & Varicella, but they missed required TD shot)
    07-31-2014 Picked up medical exam reports
    08-01-2014 Request (correct) birth, marriage, and police certificates from Notarial Service (GongZhengChu)
    08-06-2014 Picked up birth, marriage, and police certificates from Notarial Service
    08-14-2014 Passed Interview Guangzhou embassy
    09-01-2014 Received passport, visa, & sealed envelope
    09-13-2014 POE
    09-17-2014 Went to CBP office to get (US entry) I-94 updated correctly
    09-18-2014 Applied for Social Security Card
    09-19-2014 Applied for Marriage License (via online)
    09-25-2014 Received Social Security Card
    09-30-2014 Picked up Marriage License
    10-09-2014 Marriage by Justice of Peace
    10-09-2014 Got Certified Marriage Certificate Copies
    10-17-2014 Received a letter from SS office that they need the marriage license
    10-09-2014 Applied to change the social security card name
    10-24-2014 Went back to SS office to provide the marriage certificate documents again!!!
    12-09-2014 Submitted AOS, EAD, and AP
    12-16-2014 Received 16 emails and 16 text NOA messages
    01-05-2015 Received Biometrics appointment letter for (01-12-2015)
    01-12-2015 Had Biometrics (fingerprint & picture) - Required Marriage Certificate!!!
    02-17-2015 EAD and AP is approved
    02-23-2015 Received AP is approval letter
    02-25-2015 Received EAD/AP combo card (expires 02/16/2016)
    02-27-2015 Applied for SS card name change (they took her SS card)
    02-27-2015 Driver's learner permit test was denied since the SS card was given to SS office for name change
    03-17-2015 Received SS card with married name
    03-17-2015 Started to change all her accounts to married name
    03-23-2015 Received potential interview waiver letter
    03-27-2015 DMV rejects learner's permit due to "legal status=pending" and vision test failure
    04-05-2015 Vision test for learner's permit
    04-06-2015 DPS sent us letter that DHS cleared my wife's status to acquire driver's license.
    04-10-2015 Passed Driver Learner's Permit
    04-22-2015 Received Driver Learner's Permit ID card (expires 02/16/2016)
    08-27-2015 Green Card approved
    08-31-2015 Received Green Card "Welcome Notice Was Mailed" letter
    09-05-2015 Received Green card
    10-26-2015 Passed Driver's License Road Test (on 3rd attempt)
    11-03-2015 Received Driver's License (expires 02/16/2012)
    11-06-2015 Applied to remove conditional work remark on SS card
    11-23-2015 Received updated Social Security Card.

    - - - - - - - - - - Pending Future Processing - - - - - - - - - -
    05-27-2017 File 10 Year Green Card
    08-27-2017 2 Year Green Card Expires
    05-27-2018 File USC

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  1. Just want to let you guys know that we filed on May/27/2017, and received both 10 year green card and approval letter yesterday (Sep/17/2018), Therefore, if you haven't received the approval yet, it's coming pretty soon.
  2. Just want to let you all know that we actually received the approval letter and green card yesterday. They came in two different envelopes. Initially, I thought the envelope that green card came in was a spam marketing letter and didn't open it until today. This process took 15 months and 3 weeks.
  3. We just received approval NOA letter, though the web site hasn't updated the status. For those that got approved, how long did it take to receive the GC? On the letter, it said, within 60 days.
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