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  1. My stepdaughter's I130 was just approved, and we got the letter from USCIS saying "we're forwarding to the National Visa Center, wait 30 days before contacting us..." My question is: at what point does my stepdaughter need to be in contact with the Dept of State or other relevant govt department? She is 10 years old and doesn't have an email/phone number, and the mail system in her city is notoriously unreliable. I did provide my (petitioner) phone and email. In general, is it possible for me to do everything here in the US, have my wife forward her all the relevant info (via WhatsApp), and just have her take the medical & interview once the petition gets sent overseas? Or will there be intermediate steps that need her direct involvement? Thanks!
  2. Can you drive in the night before, stay overnight at a hotel close to the office, and then drive back?
  3. Here's a funny story from another forum of someone who had the intent to adjust on a B2 when he came into the US with his wife:
  4. I've heard of at least two interviews not being completed, but that was due to communications issues - either the petitioner or beneficiary didn't speak English well enough to communicate with the IO and they didn't bother to bring an interpreter. One ended up waiting something like 6 months for a re-schedule 😓 .
  5. I believe your AP needs to be approved before you can leave. I wouldn't leave until I had the card in hand to be safe.
  6. When will this ignorant misleading statement finally die a painful death? It gets spammed on every ESTA/B2 AOS thread and to date no one can demonstrate a verified case where someone was denied for "intent". At our interview it didn't come up at all except that the officer crossed out "B2" and wrote "Advanced Parole" under the "most recent entry status" or something like that. Literally nothing about it was mentioned. Having said that, the AOS process is excruciating nowadays, and I've heard the large TX offices are especially slow with interviews. So know what you're getting yourself into.
  7. Right around 13 months from when USCIS received the case to the interview. But our field office is one of the slower ones.
  8. When we had our interview, the first thing we showed was our daughter's birth certificate and when I reached to pull out more stuff the officer said "that's all I need to see" LOL.
  9. Honestly I've found the best thing is to simply go into the DMV and ask. They will not answer calls or respond to emails and information online is pretty contradictory. Just an FYI if she gets a license now, it'll only be valid until her EAD expires.
  10. Just got the notice that the green card is being produced. So we're finally done with USCIS for a while!
  11. My wife and I had our interview super early this morning after a lengthy wait. My wife adjusted from a B2 visa. Interviewer was super friendly. The interview was maybe 20 minutes, and about 15 minutes of that was spent going over the I130/I485 forms. We needed to make numerous changes to the forms since we moved, had a kid, my wife used AP so the had to update her "last entry" date, and so on etc. Then just a few questions about how we met, plans for future, and we spent a few minutes talking about kids since we all had infants. No questions whatsoever about "intent". He recommended us for approval, but said since he's new he needs a supervisor sign-off and said we should expect something this afternoon.
  12. We got a copy of the exam for our records as well as the sealed envelope.
  13. Wow, first time I've heard of this. I guess going by the book K1 overstayers are fair game. And OP's situation isn't that uncommon. A distant family member of mine overstayed her tourist visa by something like 15 years, married, and adjusted without any issues whatsoever.
  14. IMO the biggest downside to waiting so long to file was that she basically locked herself into staying in the US. If she had to leave anytime before she got advance parole, well, good luck LOL. Let's be realistic: ICE and USCIS have historically not hassled people like OP's wife, but there's no guarantee that cannot change overnight, especially with the current administration. That would make me extremely uneasy.
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