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  1. Woohoo - congratulations!! My guess isn’t it interview will be about 5 weeks from now.
  2. So I have to send them the original of both my certificate of naturalization and the original of photo I’d... meaning drivers license? So I’ll have no original copies of ID until they return? Man, if this is the case, they need to figure out a better way to do it.
  3. So dumb question.... but then I can’t travel outside the country until I get it back 🙄. Maybe I’ll pay for expedited if it’s a huge backlog.
  4. Yay for the both of you! Heartfelt congratulations!!!!
  5. Hello VJers! I became a citizen one week ago, and am about to apply for a US passport. Per the guidelines, it says send in a certified copy AND photocopy of your proof of citizenship. Does certified mean notarized photocopy? thanks!
  6. @GreatDane I am soooooo happy for you! Congratulations! Did the oath get offered to you or did you ask? Congratulations again!!!
  7. Good luck to you both, @GreatDane & @nit407! Can’t wait to hear about your experiences - and I hope you get same day oath!! Since were close to each other it would be fun to meet up some time 😉.
  8. No way, that's insane! So you had the interview and then they wouldn't book the oath? I presume you've made an infopass inquiry? I am so sorry you're going through this!
  9. Whoops I thought today was the day. You’ll be great. Definitely ask for same day oath- I had mine last Thursday. Good luck - hope you both get some sleep!!
  10. Good luck today, @GreatDane. Please fill us in on how it goes!! 🇺🇸
  11. @GreatDane good luck tomorrow! I’ll be thinking of you and hope you can get same day oath! @nit407 is your interview tomorrow or Thursday? Also hoping everything goes amazingly well for you and same day oath! Maybe ask if they dont offer - you never know!!
  12. I bet, if they have it, that you’d be offered the 230pm ceremony. Fingers crossed!!
  13. Thanks for the update! And congrats! I’m sure proud!
  14. What time is your interview at? If it’s as early as mine (715am), is venture a guess to say you would also likely get same day oath... that is unless they only do them certain days. I didn’t ask that question.
  15. Oath update - You gather on the 2nd floor for the oath, same area as where you wait for your interview (but actually opposite side of the floor, closest to the American flag). The sign in process doesn’t start until two officers show up - so the 1030 oath time isn’t at all accurate. Oath ceremony didn’t start until about 1130. Quite honestly it felt like they hadn’t done them before. The ceremony was held on the auditorium on the main floor and had a power point presentation set up. The lady running it couldn’t get to the correct slide for the “Faces of America” video (it’s slide 22 for the record 😊). Then we were seated and an officer spoke a few words followed by a keynote speaker (a supervisor). I forget in which order we sang the anthem and took the oath. We also watched a bigly special message From President Trump on being an upstanding citizen, and then watched a music video “God Bless the USA”. The end of the ceremony had all the names called and walk across a stage, shake hands with the supervisor, and then back to your seat. All in all it took about 45 minutes once the ball started rolling. Also, to the left of the stage, after the ceremony, you may register to vote. I believe deadline is end of this month - which means I get to vote in the midterms next month, woohoo! good luck to everyone. It was a comfortable experience and nothing to fear. If you’ve been honest up until now, you have nothing to worry about. Bring what’s listed on your letter - you probably won’t even need it all!
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