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  1. @Richard Purves Any update on your sscard?
  2. Here I found something. Hope it will all help us.
  3. @Richard Purves thank you. OMG we are on the same boat. What happened the time you inquire in SSA office? What did they told you?
  4. @SusieQQQ I will try this Monday.. Thank you.
  5. I keep calling the SSA but they keep saying to just wait...
  6. That is what we did. Thru ds260 form but until now we did not received. Arrived @chicago on Dec. 29
  7. @rj29 Thank you. Appreciate much. How did you apply for your SS card?
  8. I tried, but yet our record is not available.Anybody here who requested Sscard on DS260, and already here in the U. S. How is your Sscard arrive and in how many days does it arrive? Pls I need to know. We are more than a month here and still waiting for Sscard.
  9. Oh sorry I assume you are from the Philippines... It's a police certificate, birth certificate
  10. Any idea here, social security card delivery timeline this 2020. We arrived Dec. 30, 2019. F3 category. We are waiting for our social security card delivery. Any experience pls..
  11. Just makes sure you bring all originals documents uploaded... Check the remarks on your nbi clearance. It is very important.. If the remarks is (no record on file or no deragatory record) you are Okey... But if your remarks is (no criminal record) expect a 221g..your birth certificates... Makes sure you corrected all the mistakes PSO, and get a Certificate of no merriage in PSO if you are 18 years old and above. to avoid delay..
  12. Before your interview @ the consul.. Your ds260 will be check by the embassy employee @ the counter... So list all your mistakes in DS260 so that you will not forgot it.
  13. VJ family @Hank_ salamat...😍 Issued 12.4.2019 Lesson learned: Check all the documents to be correct as always...specially to the entries of the birth certificate VS merriage contract. Correct NBI clearance note prior to interview.
  14. Hi everyone, after 81 days in AP after the interview CEAC status changes to READY.. but look at the content of the CEAC. Are we going to schedule for another interview?.. we are already confused of this.. Anybody here have experience this?..
  15. Hello VJ, We are under F3 visa category.. We had an interview last Sept 9, 2019... After 81 days in AP... status changes to READY... but look the datas... Should we go for another interview? 😲😐 Pls help us understand this..
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