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  1. wow, lucky you. Do you have a job here? I wish I can travel that much
  2. He was denied. We are filling the spouse visa
  3. amy1411

    Police report

    Lagos and Lagos only
  4. Not to scare you , you seems to be too married for a K1 visa, hope you didnt turn in the wedding pics with your application. The CO might takes those lovely picture to mean you are married

    1. Michael McQuay

      Michael McQuay

      Nope...we did not get legally married only the ceremony for the family :) thanks. I would never show those photos to the CO lol 

    2. amy1411


      ok cool

  5. amy1411

    Document drop off

    My fiance drop the required documents at DHL VI since January 14th and our case is still in AP since then. Email them several times and they said all we have to do is to wait
  6. Now you are talking. God has the upper most hand in this journey
  7. wow, everyone case is different. I know someone who went from AP to issue in less than 2 weeks when I heard of his story I thought he would be denied or be in AP for months, But I guess his GOD was very much vigilant he is in the US now
  8. U DID? Yea he tells me you always call him Do you think your wife email to the consulate helped because have heard in the past if you kept sending emails they will rush and make a decision most times have heard is not favorable
  9. My case is so different I was even praying for AP status.lol I was on READY since from NVC so one after we turned in the required documents I sent them an email because I was concerned why it was still saying READY for interview
  10. Not yet o. for almost a month it was on READY. Just got updated last Friday and today to AP but thank God atleast someone is looking at it
  11. Have heard it goes from AP- READY- AP- ISSUED. No one knows for sure i think it depends on the CO handling your case. Have been on Ready since before my interview which took place Dec 27th 2018 and then my fiace was given 221g for extra documents which we submitted on the 14th of January and it remained READY till Feb 15th when it changed to AP and again my case was also updated today and still remains in AP. Until you are called to bring in your passport at the collection drop off for them to stamp your visa on your passport thats the only way its guaranteed
  12. Thanks for the reply. Yea I know that just not sure why after we submitted the required documents it took one month to change from READY to AP
  13. Hey thanks they didnt keep his passport