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  1. Ceac is now working and status is Issued after 2 working days from interview.🙆 April filer here that's giving you the update.😁
  2. Ceac is now working and now status is Issued after 2 working days from interview🙇🙆
  3. Thank you and yes, hoping all of us will get to finish the process of getting the visa to POE sooner than later.
  4. Thank you so much! The interview was great because I had a cheerful CO. You will never feel nervous at all when talking to an officer who is friendly. The questions were the usual ones: how we've met, when and where? When we've last seen each other and for how long? What my fiancé do for a living and where he lives. Maybe 6-7 questions only.
  5. After our long, long wait...finally Visa Approved! Thank You, Lord!🙇
  6. Now our case changed to Ready status!😀🙆
  7. My case is In transit now🙏😀 finally! They also told us on the 19th when they received it that we are in AP. But now, we have the great news! Hope it will arrive to the embassy quickly.
  8. Me and my fiancé are beyond happy! our case was received when he called today. Hope it will be faster now. @Lilly2302 thank you and to everyone. Will keep you posted.
  9. Lol. I'm happy for you. You're almost there. All the best!
  10. I definitely will. And oh, it was mailed on the 9th. Praying for the best!👍
  11. My fiancé will call later today and ask if NVC received our approved petition. I also sent an email to NVC research 2days ago. Probably will receive a reply early next week. Hope they'll receive and scan it soon. Thanks for your reply.
  12. Hello everyone! Would just like to ask how long it might take for the NVC to receive the approved petition from the USCIS. My fiancé called the USCIS yesterday and told him that our file was sent to NVC last Jan 09 and called NVC and said they don't have it yet. Thank you! -April-
  13. Hi,

    Me and my wife is in Baltimore Maryland too. Email me at RLTS75@aol.com if you want to chat with a Pinay here.

    Also I have a Facebook group that is for FIL/AM couples. I have a group for life during and after visa journey and your Pinay is here is USA. I will make it easier if you go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/134596346743176/ you can request membership

  14. Yes, very hard. we got our case # last Oct 2nd. Until now it's still there. I hope we will have good news next week. Happy for you