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    We met playing on a Facebook game back in Nov. 2010. Saw his profile pic and was intrigued. He posted a (Fix You) Coldplay music video on his wall and that started a dialogue between us.. Apparently he was intrigued too because we kept up our friendship and he invited me to see him during my Winter break. I took a chance and followed my heart and arrived on Dec. 25 2011 & spent 12 wonderful days. He proposed to me and it was the 2nd happiest day of my life. When I went back during my summer & went through the marriage requirements, we married on July 17, 2012. UPDATE: Hubby has been here for almost 2 years & we are in the process of Removing Conditions for his Greencard! Here we go again!:)

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  1. UGH...my FEDEX didn't arrive today! I cross my fingers that it will come tomorrow (Weds.) tick, tick, tick!

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    2. Hana&Reda


      Did you get it yet?

    3. Ismael&Blair


      NO! I am not too happy with the mailing situation! Yes, Morocco is KNOWN for such unreliable mailing. When I sent my husband his Valentine's, St. Patrick's Day & Easter cards, they ALL NEVER SHOWED UP! I am trying not to think too much about this. I will remain positive because the last two times my husband sent me the paperwork. It did arrive. So I am HOPING it will come tomorrow (Friday)! INSHALLAH

    4. Hana&Reda


      Absolutely ridiculous! I understand how you feel because I am still waiting on one more paperwork, which is the same one that you forgot to give to NVC. Just one piece of paper is taking away time from your husband is crazy. I hope it comes today Inshallah!

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