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  1. PD Date 12/18 RFE Date 7/12 RFE Rep'd 7/30 and now in Nebraska SC ------NOTHING------ Send out of processing time inquiry 10/1 Said I had to wait 60 days I sent inquiry to Senator (11/7) and just got a form to fill out today. Not sure if I should send it or wait until 11/30 - that will be the 60 day timeframe. I am feeling so disappointed in the amount of time they are taking to respond to my RFE.
  2. I am in the same boat. RFE returned and received 7/30.......nothing has been done since. I've contacted my Senator, but I am guessing with Election week, they are not responding......sigh
  3. Misread this, I am not K1, CR1....329 and still not in NVC
  4. KimberlyNMustpha

    AssalamAlikum from Delaware <3

    Thanks. I have tried to look at this as a blessing. I have a whole new family who has embraced me and my son, and who I am getting closer with each visit. Blessings to you.
  5. KimberlyNMustpha

    AssalamAlikum from Delaware <3

    You know as much as I do, as I openly shared everything I have. My husband, at that time fiancé, came to the US on his B1/B2 visitors visa to VISIT me. At the POE, they went through his belongings and discovered his folder with all of his paperwork. They pulled him in a room to question him and also called me to question me via telephone. The paperwork from his POE interview is all I have to go upon as well as what he told me and what was disclosed to our attorney. Whether it is wrong or suspicious, I am do not know. But I have shared all that I know. In the paperwork, he is questioned why he would come with all of his vitals if he was not planning to marry and stay. His answer was truthful, that he was here to visit, live with me, and to plan for a future wedding. The paperwork was so that we could put the application together. In the paperwork it clearly shows he entered the US on several other occasions - up to 6 months and never overstayed It says he had $5000 on him which they felt was not adequate for a 6 month "visit only." It states that he was very calm and cooperative and not a threat nor needing escort back There is in-depth inquiry into the purpose of his visit with me. It is all about this women (me) who he loves and trying to comply with (my) family expectations. When they called me, they asked me what his purpose for being here was, what we planned to do, if I had the means to support him during his stay, did he have a USC brother, what his business was back at home - and we will let you know if we have any further questions..... that is it I don't have a copy of his Visa on me, but the number that was written on the Visa was for "misrepresentation". ACCORDING TO THE LAWYER. There is no indication in the paperwork that my husband was offered the opportunity to voluntarily return There is no indication in the paperwork that there was any other issue except for the fact they didn't believe that he was here NOT to marry me and stay There is no indication that there was any hostility, argument, disagreement. Nothing The only thing my husband told me is that he asked for an interpreter because he didn't clearly understand their questions and that the woman assigned did not speak the same dialect of Arabic and there was still some struggle with communication. He said he was scared to death and did whatever they asked and answered what ever they asked. The day this happened I contacted the lawyer service referral on here to ask questions (At the time I had no idea why he was not admitted to the US and was told to get all the paperwork and hire an attorney) I also followed up with some very high profile attorneys (suggested through this website) who were faxed my information. I was told that if I had known to contact an attorney while he was still here they could have helped. Many of you say they couldn't do anything...maybe not. I am just sharing what I was told. The paperwork states 5 year ban Suspicious, not inclusive of details.....I have disclosed what I have available to me. I guess when we finally get to the stage of the interview we will get more details. The fact is, he was not offered to voluntarily return (if he was, it is not documented and he did not understand that question) The fact is, his visa has a big old RED x in it and cancelled The fact is he has paperwork clearly indicating a 5 year ban Whether what happened is not right or not we cannot go back and change it, only move forward. I have faith that the experienced immigration attorney that I have hired is doing what needs to be done. He is communicating with me, and together Mustapha and I have met with him via Skype.(me in person) I am struggling with keeping a smile on my face, focusing on our home, and missing my husband terribly. I have been back and forth to Morocco 6 times in the past 11 months and preparing to go again. Spending a week, even a month doesn't fulfill the craving of wanting your spouse with you. Our entire life is on hold while we wait. We see each other through video chat at least 3 times a day and text throughout the night, both of us our depressed, can't sleep and want to move on with our lives together. We rely on our faith to get us through and pray for patience. I am very lucky to have the financial capability and some time to do the traveling, but everytime I have to leave him and my in-laws it puts in motion depression. Neither of us started this relationship or decided to marry without our eyes wide open to the long haul and process. We have always wanted to do what is right. It's just getting harder between each visit. What keeps me going is the busy-ness I have surrounded myself with.
  6. KimberlyNMustpha

    AssalamAlikum from Delaware <3

    Yes my husband is 47, he was married previously, and for the past 8 years has helped his sister raise her children after the death of his brother-n-law. He is kind, loving, and extremely generous and comes from a family that supports our marriage and who have accepted me into their family with an open heart. He is one of 9, and he has two other brothers who are single, in their 40's and no one is scolding them for never being married and seemingly having no desire to. He has two siblings married to wives of another culture; Italian and USC. What is norm and expected by his family, is that he is happy. Though I agree that religion and culture play a huge part for many, it really is a dis-service to generalize everyone. I went into my relationship and marriage with my eyes wide open. My marriage was in Morocco. My wedding was celebrated with the entire family present. It wasn't an easy process and very time consuming and tedious. Mixed marriages are not easy and there are a lot of hoops and paperwork that must be done. We were told from the get go, it may take a weeks or up to a couple months. Luck was on my side though, our process went smoothly and we were married within 7 days of starting the process. It may help that I am also Muslim. As for the paperwork, you are right, it is vague. We were not privileged t the conversation so we don't really know if something else happened. But I have answered my questions based on what I do know. As we go through the process I am sure if there is something else to show up, it will. I appreciate your insight Sparkles.
  7. KimberlyNMustpha

    AssalamAlikum from Delaware <3

    No apologies necessary. I have been hesitant for many months to post to this forum because of the acronyms and jargon that is often used and many generalizations. I am in no way an expert to give advise and obviously have no idea about my own. In my depression of being separated I just saw today as an opportunity to say hello, and share a little bit about what's going on for me. I just was not prepared for what happened next. Ironically in my greetings I asked what others were doing to survive the wait.....I've received advise on everything but what I have come to this forum for. So I appreciate your sharing your finance's horrible experience (makes me feel not alone) and reinforcing the need for patience. Thank you for that. My case has been filed with the help of an experienced immigration attorney who deals with bans. The process has never been painted as rosy and fun, but all of the information and advice shared by the attorney and other attorney's I had consulted have been consistent. I can only share what was documented in the interview papers at POE. If something else occurred during this then it was not documented properly. Either way, we've put that episode behind us and are moving forward.
  8. KimberlyNMustpha

    AssalamAlikum from Delaware <3

    My husband is an entrepreneur and businessman with some rental properties and family business in Morocco. By US standards his salary would probably be considered poverty level. He is a single man who still lives with his family. I liken it to communal living. I would not consider him wealthy, but comfortable and financially frugal. Saving that money over 18-24 months is not questionable. But coming to the US with $5000 for 6 months is. For that purpose I was sponsoring him for room and board during his stay with me, so it made perfect sense. The idea of him staying 6 months was my idea. Take the summer to travel and to be here during the fall and winter holiday's to be fully immersed in my culture and to understand how life would be here. While I love Morocco I don't know that I could live there and due to some medical concerns as well as my home, 28 year tenure, son, and elderly family, not to mention community involvement, it would be extremely difficult to pick up and just move to Morocco. Though it has always and still is on the table. I feel extremely guilty. As a project manager by profession, I am one of these people who like doing things right the first time. Collect the data and requirements and ensure everything is checked multiple times. For this reason, I had advised him to carry those documents so we could have them translated and I could ensure we had everything we needed. My need for perfection and control, and request to stay with me raised concerns. And as you clearly stated.....CBP officers questioned why he was prepared to marry if he was not. Thanks so much for your inquiry and raising questions. It's interesting where many of these threads go. Patience has become my friend and lots of prayer. It is very hard being apart from the one you love. I trust that our process is unfolding the way it should and int he meantime I enjoy every moment of my time spent in Morocco and here in the US preparing for my husbands arrival.
  9. KimberlyNMustpha

    AssalamAlikum from Delaware <3

    I apologize for not knowing how to attach the conversation I am replying to. I am 52, my husband is 47.......not a big difference in our ages. I have all the paperwork from the interview. I have disclosed everything I have read and explained to me by the lawyer, there is nothing to hide, my husband is the type of guy that drives 59 in a 60mph zone because he is afraid of getting into trouble. There was obviously communication breakdown before and after an interpreter was assigned to him I agree on enforcing immigration laws. I am thankful that we have them and am not playing a victim to what has happened to my husband (then fiancé) but I do believe that we have CBP Officers that fly by the seat of their pants and make decisions based on the current flavor of the day. I came here not to argue or defend my case. It is what it is and I have accepted that. I came to this forum to introduce myself and in support of how people manage their waiting time. Every one of the cases I have read are unique in and of itself and nothing seems to be normal, just a guideline to help. Perhaps I am using the wrong lingo.....this is new to me. On July 12, 2017 I was contacted by CBP and told that my husband would not be entering the USA Today. When I was faxed over the paperwork and had the several consults with the lawyer before choosing one, I was told he was banned for 5 years. Might sound suspicious to you, but I can only go off of the paperwork/interview/ and stamp in his passport. If there is something more to it, I am not aware of it and it was not documented int he interview. I am just trying to survive the waiting game.
  10. KimberlyNMustpha

    AssalamAlikum from Delaware <3

    Misrepresentation: He was here on Visitors visa, but had in his possession, paperwork that would allow us to get married. The CBP officer did not believe him that he was only coming for a visit to get to know my family. He felt if that was the case, he would not be carrying paperwork like that. (i.e. divorce papers, birth certificate...all the stuff needed for the correct I-129F) He told the officer he planned to marry me one day in the future (not during his stay). In the interview (documented) he is asked what if it doesn't work out, and he said he would stay with his USC brother for the remainder of the visit. Bottom line, the interviewing CBP officer did not believe him that he was only here temporarily, based on the paperwork he had on him.
  11. KimberlyNMustpha

    AssalamAlikum from Delaware <3

    He was not given the opportunity to withdrawal. I have read that from many people. Additionally he was assigned an Arabic translator, who did not speak Moroccan Arabic. You can see from the interview papers there was definitely a break down in communication. No opportunity to withdrawal was given and/or recorded.
  12. KimberlyNMustpha

    AssalamAlikum from Delaware <3

    Good Afternoon. Yes, that is the only reason. I have a copy of his paperwork. When they went through his belongings they found his birth certificate, divorce papers, and other documents that we needed for the I-129F. Said he shouldn't have come to the US on a B1/B2 visa, knowing he was planning to get engaged/married. They did not believe that after his 6 month stay he would be returning to Morocco. Additionally, they said the $5000 was not enough for the 6 month stay. In his paperwork he also had confirmation from me about sponsoring him financially and housing him. I spoke directly to the CBP agent, they called me to confirm his story and that he was coming to my home. 6 hours later they called me to tell me he was not entering the US. No other reason. 4 days later when he returned home and faxed me his paperwork, I hired an immigration lawyer (after consulting several from here). Had we called a lawyer while he was still retained in Philadelphia he may not have been sent back. I didn't know to do that, and they told me they sent him back that evening. (They actually detained him in Philadelphia for 2 days). Lawyer said that his religion and region of the world he comes from could have played into this. I hope that is not the case, either way, we are dealing with misguided administrative policies these days. By the way, my husband never overstayed previous visits. He has a USC brother in Dallas, who has been here for 28 years. It's a catch 22. He is given up to 6 months to visa on B1/B2, but they questioned his 6 month visit.....(which he had done previously) - Yet they later will want us to prove our relationship legit, but don't want to afford couples the opportunity to immerse into the family. I am looking at the many blessings that surround me, I am just getting impatient. I pray for patience.
  13. KimberlyNMustpha

    AssalamAlikum from Delaware <3

    Hello from Delaware. My name is Kimberly and up until this point I have just been learning and reading and taking all this in. My husband, Mustapha and I were married in September 2018 and now we wait..... In July, on his way here to visit and meet my family, he was denied entry to the US under suspicion that he was not planning on leaving, though we had planned for him to only be here until January to get through the holidays. He was banned for 5 years. Knowing our plans were to marry anyway and that marrying in Morocco may not be easy, we started the marriage petition in Casablanca in September. Unlike many others, our paperwork took less than a week and we celebrated our marriage with a traditional Moroccan celebration and my moroccan In-Laws. Due to the ban I began the paperwork for 'hardship,' and for the spousal visa. The spousal visa was filed mid December and I received confirmation of receipt soon after. The 601 has not been filed yet, as the lawyer is telling because he is now an immediate relative and the reason for his bar (misrepresentation), we may not need to do this for the I-130 approval. Either way, supporting documentation and argument has been included with the original I-130 petition. Like all of you, we are in waiting. Up until now, the waiting was okay. I kept myself busy. Since September, I've been back to Morocco twice. A month Dec/Jan, 10 days (with my son) April, and I have my ticket in hand to return in June for 3 weeks. The traveling is getting expensive (on top of lawyer fees) but the good side is that I am really getting to know my in-laws, the culture and spending time traveling in Morocco. Up until now, I have been in good spirits and stayed positive. I do not know what happened but in the past two weeks, I have felt depressed and hopeless. It is not how I want to feel, but the not hearing anything is difficult. I look at the timelines and they all vary and I worry about the I601 not being filed, though if it is not needed, it certainly saves a lot of money. I am blessed to have time to travel and a great family and husband to have married into. I have a lot of responsibility with my work here in the US, but am trying to find a way to go to Morocco on an extended time without jeopardizing the 29 year career and salary. This waiting is getting increasingly difficult. What are all of you doing to help with the passing of time???