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  1. shouldiorno

    Should I or shouldn't I?

    It is already on the N400 application. Both marriages are listed and I submitted both the divorce decree and new marriage certificate. So at this point you're telling me it really isn't a problem, so I shall put it aside and hope for the best. Thanks!
  2. shouldiorno

    Should I or shouldn't I?

    I guess what makes me nervous is that when I attended the biometrics appointment, my marital status had, in fact, changed to married, and I didn't change it because it didn't occur to me to do so. Added to the fact that I got approved without interview, I never had the opportunity to correct it. Should I have? Part of me thinks that getting married again within a few months of divorce would have raised more questions you know?
  3. shouldiorno

    Should I or shouldn't I?

    So you don't believe that the fact that I got married between I751 submission and approval is in itself a problem?
  4. shouldiorno

    Should I or shouldn't I?

    I think there's some confusion here. My N400 is correct. The issue is this: between sending the I751 application, and it being approved, I got married to someone else. Does anyone think this is going to be an issue? I know they look back at the whole immigration history. To reiterate, when I sent the N400, it is 100% correct, including my marriage information.
  5. shouldiorno

    Should I or shouldn't I?

    Incorrect. As you'll see from my initial post, when I submitted the I751 I was not married, I was divorced. After the application I got married but before the bio metrics. It was a spur of the moment thing, and we are very happy 4+ years later.
  6. shouldiorno

    Should I or shouldn't I?

    The more I think about this the more it's beginning to worry me. I am awaiting an interview pretty much any day now, and the thing that concerns me is something that I hadn't even considered before until I saw a thread today. When I went for the bio metrics, did I not have to sign something to say my application was true and correct? At the time I filed it it was, but at the time I went for the bio I had already married my now spouse and hence my marital status was different. I'm beginning to think I should withdraw my application and let sleeping dogs lie. Thoughts?
  7. shouldiorno

    N-400 May-2018 Filers

    Im a May Atlanta filer. Hoping to hear something in the next few weeks based on 2 other timelines I have seen including the one above.
  8. shouldiorno

    N-400 June 2018 Filers

    Good luck to all filiers!
  9. Does everyone not think this guy has a serious chance of a long-ish AP? Not sure what Turkish Cits are being out through these days.
  10. I agree with the others that this, while being a messy situation, is not a disaster. I would consider consulting as many different immigration attorneys as I could in order to get a feel for one that seems to be going in the right direction.
  11. Current posted processing times are 10.5-18 months. So a year+ is nothing is write home about. I will be filing May 23rd, so will update as I go along.
  12. There is no issue with the marriage route that you suggested above, she is in status in the US, so she is free to marry and adjust.
  13. shouldiorno

    Should I or shouldn't I?

    Thanks all for your thoughts, I guess I'll give it a go and see what happens. I'll make sure to report back - just waiting for June 1 now!
  14. shouldiorno

    Should I or shouldn't I?

    So no one sees an issue, even though I was married again before the I751 was approved? Obviously the I751 was filed in the correct category, as a waiver rather than a joint petition - and it was approved without issue.
  15. shouldiorno

    Should I or shouldn't I?

    No, I have never broke any immigration rules. It was a bonafide marriage that just didn't work out - which happens. Aside from the marriage issue (which might just be in my head more than anything real) I have nothing in my history which would disqualify me in any way.