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  1. good luck my daughters fiancee did his in Naples in early September (he was approved and is here now) if its any consolation he said they were super nice, and super fast! (got his visa in 3 days)
  2. Yes! you remembered! I took a bit of flack for joining this site on her behalf, but its all good. We are all so happy!!!!
  3. We just got approved on the old website however the new website has not updated yet. Still too giddy to process this!😂😂
  4. ugh I tried all the different tricks mentioned on here and still no luck. I am trying "get human" now where supposedly they wait on hold for you and call you back. Did you ask to speak to a "tier 2" person or was it just the first person you spoke to that gave you the good news? BTW congratulations!!
  5. I keep trying, but I can't get thru to a human! 😠😨
  6. Wow, so you never got mail and the site was never updated? What was the number you called..I'm about to go for it
  7. Did you receive 3 separate RFE's or just one asking for 3 different things? The wait is maddening, and I can imagine more so with a child involved. I am so sorry and hope that you can find answers soon as well as peace of heart and mind as you wait for a hopefully positive outcome!
  8. omg, thats awful, I thought it was very rare for this to happen, so sorry, did you ever find out what the second one was for if you don't mind my asking?
  9. ok got this sent to email today, good, bad, indifferent?😕 We are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time We will notify you when your case status changes. We last took action on your case on May 30, 2019.
  10. ok my next (and hopefully last) question may be frivolous or frivious😅lol BUT once these questions are answered, and the fact that they didn't ask for any other information, does that mean we'll probably be approved? 😵 I mean, if they wanted any other info, wouldn't they have asked all at once?
  11. Omg its like a kick to the stomach. Did it take a month for them to get back to you? After that how quickly did it progress....
  12. We didn't answer a couple questions in the "have you committed crimes" section which had to have been an honest mistake. No crimes committed btw. Just got the RFE today. Did you ever get your answer and how long did it take? Did you just send back the page they sent you?
  13. Nope, no crimes, a simple case of not checking the boxes although at the time we thought we were thorough.
  14. NOA1 Feb 15, 2019, today the RFE came saying we failed to answer questions on the form, specifically Part 3, questions 2b, 2c, and 4. Which pertain to arrests. I don't know how this was looked over, however I assume they are talking about the US citizen petitioner? Its just one page asking us to check yes or no, then sign. has anyone ever had this happen and if so, how long does it usually take for it to be resolved? (no crimes committed btw)
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