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  1. We actually just received the work permit in today's mail. We had a strange course We had gotten an RFIE for our i-485 response on march 20, on April 10 we were "ready to be scheduled for an interview" and today, less then a week later, we got our work permit in the mail. I think that if there was no rhyme or reason as to how they did things before, there is even less now (but I'm not complaining lol) Good luck!
  2. Hi! If you scroll up you'll see that I answered my own question. Of course we will know for sure tomarrow when "it's" delivered, but after checking the USCIS website we determined its our work permit. We are well aware of the uncertainty of a face to face interview but we'll take any little bit of good news at this point! Stay well 😀
  3. Hi Jersey Friend! Yeh silly me, I was so obsessed with the status of the AOS I never thought to check the status of the EAD hence my original question! While this is all wonderful news for us, and we feel so blessed, we're just praying that we can all come safely out of our homes😷 soon and go back to some sort of normal life where we can actually utilize it! Stay well!
  4. Sorry if this is common knowledge but its new to us! We got the "case is ready to be scheduled for an interview" notice not even a week ago, and today in my usps informed delivery, I see we have a package from USCIS- Lees Summit Production Facility due to arrive on Friday. What could this be?
  5. Hi! I didn't expect to see it on a Saturday (it IS Saturday isn't it lol) but today we were updated to "ready to be scheduled for an interview" 3 weeks and 1 day after they received our response to RFIE. We are so grateful and feel beyond blessed in this dark time, to receive this news. What an Easter gift. Praise God!
  6. Congratulations you guys! We are just happy and grateful that today we received "your case is ready to be scheduled for an interview" 3 weeks after they received our reply to an RFIE. 😂
  7. We got the bc from e-devlet, and had it translated by rush.translate. However we sent it with only two weeks left of validity. Since with the cornona virus thing we had limits to a printer and scanner, we did our best, ordered another bc and had it printed at local walgreens. problem is it came out on glossy "photo" paper. I did write "time sensitive" on our cover letter in regards to the bc. Do you know if they are strict with the barcode? (we sent both)
  8. We sent our RFIE in Wednesday 3/18 express mail, they received it next day, and Friday we got the notice that online Request for Evidence was received. Now hoping they work on them quickly. Good luck!
  9. Hey back Jersey! Right now we're so stressed hoping we even get that far! If you don't mind, can I pm you to discuss the whole i-864, social security and AGI thing? Thanks! 😂
  10. Wow you are the first person I have found after scouring thru these threads that has a similar situation. We got an RFIE asking for i-864 amungst other things (it was already included and there was no explanation as to what was wrong either in the letter or speaking to a tier 2 person) The joint sponsor is on social security retirement benefits and putting the AGI in line 24a in pt 6 does not look good! In fact I wasnt even sure that I was correctly understanding what this line needed! We are about to send it back, but nobody has given us a straight up answer as to WHAT to put in that line, and if by putting what "appears" to be insufficient income will hurt us even though actual income meets the poverty guidelines. You give us hope! PS - shout out to a fellow Jersey person, we are in Manchester, and Mt.Laurel will be our field office too, hopefully sooner then later!
  11. I realize this thread is old, ancient in fact, but it documents an issue I am currently having, which is what to put in the line 24a of part 6 on the i864. AGI for social security if looked at that would not make the cut however the actual income received is well above guidelines. Including all proof including a years worth of bank statements but curious to see how others in this situation made out.
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