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  1. Thanks everyone! Little update: The purse and also the card is back! The night manager of the Restaurant stole it, the police looked at the cameras and they have a warrant out for him now. The district manager went through the dumpster and found it after a week being in there. everyone thank you for the help!
  2. Thank y’all so much. You’ve been a great help. And I just got a notice that they started working on my RFE. Yes I know, I first had it at the house but recently started driving for Uber eats and thought I would have to carry it with me. But from now on I will rather pay a small fine than bringing it everywhere.. lesson learned I guess..
  3. Thank you so much!! That gives me hope it’ll work out. I just got the EAD in November. It expires in November 21 I assume. I have a picture of the front of it. I read into the I-9 verify thing employers fill out and I would have all the information. The idea with the renewal I’ll keep in mind!
  4. Thank you! I will look into that. I’m pretty sure it was stolen. I hope the GC gets here soon. They received the reply on the 18th this month. Didn’t think 2020 could get any worse.
  5. How do I know if the filing fee is required? I filed it with the greencard where no fee was required. Or would that be the fee waiver?
  6. Hey guys! I’m freaking out! I traveled across the state for the holidays and now I got back and I realized my whole purse is gone. (WITH THE WORK PERMIT IN). I have no idea where it is and I have barely cell service or internet due to the Nashville bomb. I’m mostly freaking out cause I applied at a Company and already had 2 interviews with them and I think a job offer is very possible next week. We need the money.. Now what do I do? Do they need the actual hard copy card or would a photo be ok for now? How can I get around ordering a new card? I’m scared they will pull back the job offer if they have to wait months to replace it. I recently had my greencard interview and sent in more proof. so I’m waiting for that card as well. But who knows when that’ll happen. Do I replace the ead card? How long does it take? I’m all over the place, I had a very rough weekend. On top of a young family member passing on Christmas Day I lost my work permit I can’t believe it. Please someone enlighten me. Any advice would be appreciated. I’m still hoping it shows up as soon as cell service is back on.
  7. My interview has been scheduled 🎉 now waiting for the letter to come in. Still haven’t gotten my EAD and I got another AP biometrics on Monday..
  8. Mine too and also the 485 changed to “ready to be scheduled for an interview”. Apparently since the 23rd! The 131 still hasn’t changed. Keeping my hopes high!
  9. Same for me and neither of my service requests has been answered, I even submitted a secondary one through the phone. Instead I got another appointment letter for 131 biometrics for 11/09 😡...
  10. @TandClaudia thank you very much! I hope this happens very soon.
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