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  1. Sorry not sorry.. they so CAN blame the doctors for rude and demeaning behavior!!!! OP, I'm sorry this is happening. Put in a compaint wherever appropriate. You said there were 3 dr? (or someone did) can you try your luck at the third?
  2. I've heard this so many times. Yes they are secondary due to the ease of manipulation but at each interview, both abroad and in U.S., photographs were very much a large part of the interview process. I think having a dozen each time really helped solidify our case. Just saying that although they are seen as secondary, photographs are a universal concept of cherishing.
  3. My husband is Kurdish and from Eastern Turkey. He came on K-1 December 1st and we were married Dec 10th, 2018. We started talking either just before or during the Visa ban 2017 that went into January 2018. As soon as the ban lifted, I flew there to meet him! That is the part that would hang a person up in my opinion. We were worried that they would do it again and then how the heck could you get facetime together..... I often worried about the political ######## as well. You are already at the interview part and therefore you are safe. Should be smooth sailing if all things are in order and there is nothing unusual about your case. That's my opinion Everyone has one and most people feel free enough to tell you theirs no matter what, lol. Good luck!
  4. I agree. I visited three times between when i filed and his interview, then once after interview and before POE. We started talking early November. We met mid/late Februrary, then filed end of February. NOA1 was beginning of March.
  5. My now-husband and I knew we wanted to get married only months after beginning to speak. I met him four months after "meeting" in facebook and he officially proposed. We filed I-129 exactly four months after we started chatting. We were approved, no problems. He is from Turkey. Some of us just know Good luck!
  6. I just want to remind the OP that pregnancy can turn a docile, sweet, submissive wifey into a raging beast from the depths of.... okay, I took this too far, but having been pregnant three times myself I can tell you that the hormones are over-the-top. Many, many times I couldn't even stand to be me!! Maybe this really does have to do with her present "condition" (can I say it like that?). Also, your signature doesn't imply you are married. When did she arrive here? How long have you been married? Good luck
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