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  1. Thank you all! I can't add him to my mortgage without him being on the loan. I bank with a credit union they won't let him become a member without a Social Security number and I'm not going to open up a side account just to say to them "look at this look, look what we did so we could prove we are sharing assets." 😝 I did add him to the heating bill and the water bill but our appointment is on Wednesday, and we won't even get a bill in the mail before then. I'll call my credit card company and add him as a user.
  2. Hello, I have not been active in this part of the website much. My husband and I were married on December 10th, 2018. He came here with a K-1 Visa December 1st, 2018. We filed 765, 131 and 485 with a receipt date of February 1st, 2019. We were patiently waiting for SSN and Travel Authorization, when to our surprise we got our interview next week (huge, buggy eyed emoticon!!!!!) I tried to put him on my bank account a few months ago, but we were unable to do that without his SSN (we opted to receive it from USCIS). He has been studying for his driver's test while taking English classes at the community college so he is not driving yet, which means no State license or car insurance needed yet. My mortgage company says he cannot be put on my loan, of course, because we would have to re-finance in order to do that! I have a 2% fixed interest rate so no thank you! I'm nervous..... The Notice says "YOU MUST BRING THE FOLLOWING..... " *A completed Affidavit(s) of Support (Form I-864)..... for each of your sponsors (unless already submitted). My brother is co-sponsor and I filled out the I-864s in January when we were filing. I sent in all the documents needed. Do I need to do that all again? Or should I just supplement with updated pay stubs and newest tax returns? Thank you so much in advance, Tina and Mahmut @Naes (Hi, Naes!!!! :D) @TBoneTX (Hello, TBone )
  3. My husbands was ripped ALL the way along one side. We went through the hassle of contacting the embassy and sending the packet back for resealing 🙄Ugh it was a nightmare. The next package also came ripped! However, the rip was not too large and it was obvious that papers could not be taken out. We really did not want to send the package back AGAIN so I called the San Francisco Homeland Security Immigration dept at the airport (SFO) and told them my worries. They gave me the number to the department that deals with people on k-1 who have some sort of an issue with their packet papers. He said people are never sent to him because of a small(ish) rip. Even those people who are missing papers turn out fine after they look into everything. We went for it and were totally fine That rip does not look big enough to cause a problem. Good luck!
  4. I have been under the impression that it is QUITE a bit more difficult for U.S. citizen to prove she can meet the support/income guideline and to bring her spouse to U.S. if she ups and leaves her job to go live overseas.... (a co-workers son - living and working in Turkey with his wife - is going through this ATM).... wouldn't this cause some stress in the case? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. Turkey isn't not considered MENA. Some articles like to include a "T" at the end doe Turkey, but for all legality purposes it's not. Most quick searches will appear otherwise, you must dig a little deeper.
  6. Yes of course you must say you were arrested. This is your offense right here: failure to pay resulting in a warrant. This is what you will explain to them. Good luck!
  7. Thanks for the long post ... I get it but health insurance is all I was speaking to . it varies widely state to state. $1000 a month for one person Is insane. You didn't say $1000 for "expenses" I read it twice to make sure I didn't misunderstand you. in Washington state $1000/month is a ludicrously high amount to tell someone. Just saying
  8. I wouldn't use a secondary site when buying beneficiaries ticket. Find the cheap flight and then go directly to airline selling it. if you do search for reviews on any one of those sky scanner sites you can read hundreds of stories about people who went to take their flight and the ticket just "wasn't there for them" and no refund. it happens! Maybe not common but it does and could happen ;/
  9. I will agree with you there. I also researched as MUCH as I possibly could. I'm so thankful for VJ.... I don't think I would have made it through this grueling process without everyone's blunt opinions 🤣 But this one denial reason really gets me. I mean, come on! We are all getting married here! So they have a freakin'party! 🤬 I just feel so bad for people who don't happen to research every little detail. I know if it was my fiance who did all the paperwork we would be ... well... you know, lol.
  10. I think it is silly for all the "you should have researched this beforehand" comments. This is NOT something the average person would consider researching. Attorneys give the go-ahead a lot of the time and during most "normal" engagements there are often many parties, mock weddings... so-on and so-forth. OP, don't feel badly. It is unfortunate that you did not find VJ beforehand. There is nothing you can do now. I think it is the stupidest thing to deny a K-1 because they look too married. Really, it is just outlandish seeing as how all K-1s will be married within 90 days of arriving anyhow. But it is an easy way for USCIS to make another filing fee. I'm sure they make a pretty penny by denying couples for just this reason alone. Got to jump through their hoops. Sorry and good luck to you!
  11. $1000 per month for health insurance is absolutely not true! OP, you will always get the worst case scenario (which is not a bad thing) when you ask a question such as the one you did. listen, I am poor right now and my fiancé arrives this Saturday! I am poor because I graduated 2016 with a teachings degree and just have not been hired a school a permanent teacher yet. I try every season But we did not wait to file. Him working in 6-8 months will be far better (both of us working) than just me working. We will manage until my honey can work in 6 months. We are prepared to live a certain way and by certain means for a couple of years. As long as you are being extremely realistic with how your finances will effect you for a year probably two, and you make a genuinely and daily effort NOT to let this get to your relationship (pp is so correct , money problems is a major cause of divorce, but this is true for k-1 couples AND all others as well) then you can do this.
  12. Soooo... I had two "crimes" I had to divulge. I wrote a letter describing each account in detail. I stated "when/where/why/how/who" and I explained in detail the account. Then I included every single document the court had on record for both AND the police department had on both (took some digging for one). I ended my letter with a "mini table of contents" if you will: I have attached the following documentation for "Crime/Charge X": Document A: Ticket.. blah blah blah Document B: Disposition... blah blah blah (you get what I mean) Doc C Doc D I have attached the following documentation for "Crime/Charge X": Document E ...... Document F ...... etc Each document I attached had the corresponding name written at the very top of the page like this: Tina X Doe - Part X - Section X - Number X - Document A, etc. I did not get an RFE. I also made sure my fiance had copies of the all the court documents as well. The embassy likes to make sure that the beneficiary knows EVERYTHING about you, plus it is a good way to check to see if the relationship is deep enough.
  13. I am just asking for clarification here... you said "If they file AOS based on the K1 it may be possible to be denied since they violated the terms of the K1" ... I am curious as to what you mean by this. Having an engagement party AFTER coming to the U.S. and BEFORE the marriage (remember that engagement party is absolutely inside U.S. cultural norms) that is violating terms of the K1? Also "if" they file AOS based on the K1?.... I'm not really sure what you mean by "if". Sorry, just wanting clarification for my own curiosity and knowledge. Thanks!
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