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  1. Our RFE is really confusing My fiancee got arrested for shoplifting but then she get a police clearance (because she was 14)so when she went to the court she found her record EMPTY Now the USCIS wants another criminal records documents that says how this arresting went...! Ps: they won't accept the police clearance Any suggestions?
  2. Exactly what I was trying to say ... kinda sad but can u tell us what happened during the interview? Did the they tell you why the visa was denied?
  3. The relationship is absolutely real It just the us government usually takes financial stuff seriously
  4. I understand that some people only care about the green card yes and I don't blame the USCIS or the us embassies even tho it effects other 'innocent' couples as well .. We've been officially in a relationship since January 2017... We met twice She met my family here and we got engaged (November 2018) We're the same age (she's only few months older) Same religion (she converted here) She has two lovely kids It just I'm worried about the financial situation...my fiance doesn't work she's disabled and gets her SSI ... 😕 we finally found a co sponsor but still afraid of the denial because a Lot of people told me our case is hard
  5. There are few "high fraud nations" to get any kind of a us visa and sadly they put Algeria as one of them so it's different of course .... Some embassies are really hard
  6. No I didn't even get the noa2 yet but I'm just trying to see different experiences here maybe one of them matchs mine also so I won't do the same mistakes that those denied cases did ...not only for me but in general
  7. Anyone here from algeria got denied on the k1 visa? Tell us your experiences please?
  8. let me tell you something Even I DON'T CARE what will happen to me during these 6/8 months (obviously because I'll be there for her.. i LOVE her and willing to do whatever it takes to be with her) so obviously I can be miserable for those months just to be with the woman I love BUT....I have few friends that will actually help me financially or whatever.. I'm an electronic engineer here been working (edited) for years now so supporting myself there during at least This period is the last thing I'm worried about. Cheers
  9. (Sorry for texting you just like that) My fiancee (the petitioner) has two kids and she gets government help to one of them (because of Austim) and she's on SSI (she also disable with fibromyalgia) 700$ a month So we found a co sponsor (her cousin) who makes 26k (PS she's single lives on her own) Do u think we have a chance? Thank you
  10. So if my co sponsor meet the requirements our case should be fine?
  11. Anyone here got approved even his fiance is on SSI ? (Using sponsor of course)
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