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  1. It’s been some long while since I last opened my vj account. Anyway, my citizenship application was approved. I was under 3 years marriage. I had my ceremony last May 17. Very smooth process. Wishing everyone the same and may God bless your journeys too! 

    1. Cyberfx1024


      Congratulations po. I keep telling my asawa that we should file for her citizenship as well. We were alittle earlier than you but still 2012 and I am happy that you made it.

  2. Hi, VJ friends! My questions are not mine but my sister’s. They are processing k1 and k2, I helped answer some of her questions but I’m not sure about the others because I was only basing everything from my own experience and that was 5 years ago. I’m sure some things have changed. my questions: 1.) Is the Manila Case Number still necessary? If so, what website she can use track it? 2.) How much is the k1 and k2 visa cost recently? 3.) Can she pay the visas at BPI? 4.) Does she need to make medical appointment or can she just walk in? 5.) What’s the latest website to use when making interview appointment? Thank you.
  3. SteveKarlaMayer

    All About K2's Father

    No, it isn't that. Her concern sounds silly to me. She worried that if she put the name of the father, the USCIS would think that she's still somehow in a relationship with the father which isn't true. In any case, it is shown in the child's BC so I told her to write everything true.
  4. SteveKarlaMayer

    All About K2's Father

    I'm not sure about this. I saw a discussion here month ago and one applicant got RFE for not including K2's g325a. So I told my sister to just make one for her child. Won't hurt to have extra documents anyway. Thanks!
  5. Hello, everyone. I have a question for my sister. His fiance is going to file K1 and K2 petition for her and her little daughter but she's not so sure if she should put the child's biological father's name on G325A? She thought about putting 'none' but that would complicate, wouldn't it? Because the name of the biological father is on her birth certificate?
  6. Thanks, everyone for the response. I emailed her and sent the link of this forum. I believe we just saved her loads of troubles.
  7. Yes, she married the USC within 90 days period. I'm sure it's recorded on their marriage certificate. Should she file for AOS, I hope it would help her case backed up with whatever valid reasons they have.
  8. That's what I thought but I wasn't sure at that time. So even though she's only been here in US through her 5 years stay and is still married to her US citizen husband, she will still face an issue?
  9. Hi, guys! My question is about the situation of my friend. She came here under K1 visa since 2012 and now working on her n400 application based on 5 years of living in USA. But the thing is, she had never apply for green card or green card removal. Can she still continue the n400 without any GC record? She said she purposely did it to save tons of money. Just wait 5 years to be legal for us citizenship and then apply n400 and only pay $725. It was shocking to my part and I told her I've never heard a case like her. I mean how convenient it would be to save $2000 for the whole process.