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  1. i got a notice in the mail notifying me it will be a combo interview. KCMO is ridiculous i have had my interview since Jan 14 and was approved on the spot and placed in line for Oath ceremony and i am still waiting for Oath ceremony notice.
  2. did you file online or by mail? because most time uscis officers don't know the rules
  3. Just got my 10years GC. Now the wait for oath ceremony begins hopefully it won’t be too long before I get notified for the ceremony.
  4. yes it was a combined interview with i751 and n400 together, i got a noticed like a week before my interview notifying me it will be a combo interview. The interview was pretty easy and the interviewer went through my paperwork and all that fun stuff and approved my i751 before telling my wife to leave for me to take the N400 test. Q1 if the president and vice president can longer serve who become the president? Q2 how many justices do we have in the supreme court? Q3 name one branch of government? Q4 when is the last day we send our federal income tax? Q5 name one state that border canada? Q6 the political party of the president? After that we went to written test where he told me to write "We Pay Taxes" lastly reading test and i passed everything. I was seating in his office when i got text message alert that my both cases has been approved.
  5. no problem, i will keep y'all posted Thanks! Thanks!
  6. just got a text message that my n400 interview is schedule while my i751 is still pending.