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  1. FWIW, i like starkilla response. As long as there is a valid relationship there should not be any additional "" needed.
  2. Oops, I beg to differ with the, uh, "Global Mod.'' It will always be in the best of interest of the petitioner/beneficiary to always enlighten the receiving agency of any discrepancy. Perhaps, milemilo has has more experience regarding with what is acceptable...
  3. Just my educated opinion. Yes, you can travel anywhere within the USA, without - what is called a USA travel document, just be prepared to show proper documentation...,
  4. You could try and get an NBI report, or whatever the name of the report is, for the "annulled beneficiary" and see how the marital status is listed on the report and go from there.
  5. It is my understanding to adopt a foreign child, relative or not, the person(s) wanting to adopt the child must show at least 2 yrs residence/living with the child to meet USCIS requirements to migrate the child to the USA.
  6. carton025

    Question on Round Trip Flying with Infant almost 2

    Give CheapTickets a call or send them an email. You have absolutely nothing to lose to ask if your son can be "grandfathered" in since he was younger than two when your adventure[nightmare] began. And, let CheapTickets know that their decision would have a major influence regarding your choice of travel agent(s) for current and future needs.
  7. carton025

    K1 assistance for a Filipina in Spain

    Again, it is going to be my opinion that any records/documentation needed should be able to be initiated and accomplished at the embassy for each country involved. Are these records needed now or later? It would, again, be my opinion to know the answers to all of your questions before they are asked or needed assistance with.
  8. carton025

    I-130 petition for my mom and DFA

    It has been my experience with my gal that if your mom is willing to show up and wait in line there is a very good chance that she will be taken care of...
  9. Based on my education and experience the USCIS is going to require you to show that you have lived with child at least 2 years pror to adopting the child according to USA requirements. I may be wrong, but...
  10. It has been my experience that you can not schedule an interview without the interview letter. You might want to google the contact number for the person(s), embassy department, etc... that you are trying to contact.
  11. carton025

    K1 assistance for a Filipina in Spain

    Perhaps, wherever your gal needs clearances, etc... from she might want to visit the embassy for each country she needs documentation from. Just a thought. Best of luck!
  12. Just my opinion, no news is not bad news! The USCIS works in mysterious, but predictable was. You make several statements about being denied, denied... You have stated that you have done the interview..., from then on all you can do is wait! Best of luck!
  13. carton025

    N400 Case Status Updates

    My gal did her citizenship interview back in 2014. She was approved and did the naturalization ceremony the same day. I wore a suit and tie that day. You/Gal will have the answer to your question first...
  14. Welcome to the "USA" process...
  15. No. The only personal experience, via my gal and the I-134 , has been her experience at the USE Hong Kong. She was asked a lot of "unnecessary" questions regarding the validity of our relationship, but no financial questions because, in my opinion, the documentation included with whatever part of the visa process was sufficient. Please pardon my familiarity, or lack thereof, regarding the I-134.