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  1. If he has a debit or credit card with at least J$30,000 available for use on it he can use it. Much safer than walking around with lots of cash. It should cost a little less than that.
  2. You can apply for citizenship if you have been a legal permanent resident for 3 years and still married
  3. Congratulations. All you have left to do is go to the social security office with your certificate to update your status and they will send you a new social security card
  4. Interview date October 30. Received email this morning. Have to make appointment for medical. Will have to try and change travel date for her ticket.
  5. With a priority date of May 2011 and case completed in January my daughter is still awaiting interview date. Decided to let her come on her visitors Visa next week and spend some time and help out with her younger sibling while she waits for date.
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