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  1. I mean I am surprised that CBP officer did not see your pattern of coming on b2 and giving birth to a child three times ? No wonder why current administration is cracking down on this practice.
  2. I am confused. Dont you have to get i 601 waiver before going to the Interview. Whats the meaning to go to interview when you dont have waiver approved ? Did you not know that he overstayed before ?
  3. Did you appeal i 140 decision ? Looks like they sent it back to uscis and you will get an official letter.
  4. Not sure about L1 but for h1b i believe its 60 days grace period after losing job when you have to either find another job or leave country. Your i 140 is approved more that 180 days ago so your employer cant revoke it. It will remain valid. You need a lawyer to understand EB green card process, generally if there is no job, i dont believe you can continue EB process but EB1 could be different. you cant go to B2 from L1 visa.
  5. File form i 539 for extension of stay.
  6. You cant control background check. Its a wait game.
  7. Where are you stuck at ? LPRs are allowed to enter US. You just have to take a flight and yes planes are still flying but that depends which country you are stuck in ? You can also take repatriation flights operated by us government.
  8. Exactly so it has nothing to do with corona virus. That was the reason they were planning to increase fees for most of the forms but vox article blames this pandemic to be the reason.
  9. Well but any application that is submitted within US, fees goes to uscis. Visa fees for visas issued overseas goes to state department. Asylum applications are small numbers compare to numerous other categories.
  10. That would be very strange because thousands of applications are being filed to uscis, its just that they are not doing in person interviews. Major effect would be to overseas embassies who can not issue any visa right now. Btw uscis is still processing applications and cashing out fees with those applications, so i wonder if this article is reality or more political.
  11. Not sure but if you never been interviewed before they wont approve it without interview except k1 i believe.
  12. If the AoS interview hasnt happened, then she wont be able to adjust anyway bcoz you both have to be at the interview but as @geowrian said, pull i 864 by writing an letter to uscis.
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