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  1. cd37

    Green card purgatory

    I am curious too but I am sure it has nothing to do with current administration. EB 1 needs a solid case and Rfes are common.
  2. File i 90 form. Since it is USCIS mistake, card replacement will be free. Once you get the receipt, go to infopass and get your passport stamped and then file n400 when eligible. Are you conditional resident or do you have 10 yr gc ?
  3. Nothing to worry. I travelled on stamp and entered US without issue. Its considered as GC.
  4. Wow is your lawyer really a “lawyer” or a paralegal. An immigration lawyer shouldnt give this kind of advise.
  5. Ofcourse naturalized citizens did have A numbers but after getting citizenship, USCIS do not ask A numbers since they r no longer aliens. Part 4 of i 751 is for someone who has GC spouse and not for US citizen spouse.
  6. US citizens do not have A numbers, thats for if your spouse is GC holder.
  7. US CBP does not track exits, so I am not sure how USCIS know that he left US in sept.
  8. What was the denial reason ? Was it first time or renewal ?
  9. Its just matter of hours, why is it a question here ? Would not change much if you file on Monday.
  10. cd37

    Home visit

    I agree that officers will get more doubtful that your friend who is living in your place doesnt know when you r coming back. That would be really strange to anybody.
  11. He can still issue executive orders for some immigration issues, that has nothing to do with who has control over house or senate.
  12. cd37


    You can work on h1b receipt until it gets approved and then when you get EAD you can update i 9 again.
  13. Michael, good to see your post here. I remember we had a similar priority date. Although this topic is not applicable to me but following: