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  1. Yes print all the pages. Uscis dont just want to see both spouses names on statements but they want to see that you both comingled finances and those transactions are proof of it.
  2. This 👆... is it possible to pin/tag this responses on the front page of VJ, this question was asked so many times in last two weeks, it qualifies for FAQ 😀
  3. As far as I know if your moms 10 years visa is still valid, you can file for stay extension via from i 539 which could extend her stay upto 6 more months. Good luck.
  4. I 864 is a basic requirement for aos application. They could have thought that it was an attempt to get into line by filling incomplete application package. Refile again asap.
  5. Ofcourse it did not, why would I expecting that it will make any sense to you lol. You were educated to only complain about everything that doesnt go your way.
  6. My friend I never disagreed about companies buying back stocks with profit but I directly work with airplane manufacturer and airlines thats why I am telling you that the business is not easy to maintain. Airlines do have cash reserves. All majoe US airlines has 100s of aircraft which now needs storage. It costs money, nobody owns space to store that many aircraft. Addtionally they have to maintain aircraft to meet regulatory storage requirements and still need to do required maintenance during storage time. Now this costs millions and millions. So forget about few months, they will run out of money in matter of weeks. Also they have lot of planes on order, they have to pay for that too and store them. Let me not get onto paying airport fees including takeoff and landing slots. You have been already educated now. So if you keep crying and repeating same thing on this forum over and over doesnt make you correct.
  7. Are you kidding ? You r comparing apple to all the airlines ? Do you realize that how much an airbus or boeing plane costs ? Everyone runs business to make profits and when airlines make profit, they buy new planes which provides more employment. Airlines business is way more complicated than apple. So if you dont have knowledge how it works then dont comment.
  8. I understand that they are essential workers. I m just saying that governor and mayor can do much more to control this spread and then they wonder why its not stopping. Its not fair to blame federal government all the time.
  9. Then you have an answer why spread is not stopping. Governor himself criticized people for not following stay at home orders.
  10. You have to put both sides here. How about governor and mayor. Main reson for this situation in NY is mass transportation and people not followin stay at home orders. Why subway is still running ? You have to contain the virus and treat people similtaneously. A subway worker covid positive was working cleaning the trains. So dont blame one side. If you dont like your president, its your choice but be fair and discuss both sides.
  11. We expect the same thing from the poster to provide “valid” refrence or proof. Not referring to websites or news channels. I would totally support it. Dont pay them until they come up with something that make sense.
  12. Funny how people try to push their own agenda everytime. I am not taking any sides, I am just making sure the other side is also put in front of people. If you dont like it, its your choice but have to put both sides of the topic.
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