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  1. If you live in Nigeria and want information on getting your Police Character Certificate done, send me a message. I'll direct you to someone to meet at the police station at Alagbon Close and it'll only cost N3 000
  2. Medical tests at QLife N78 125 Police Character certificate N3 000
  3. Received interview letter today. Priority date June 2nd 2011. F1 Visa.
  4. Can you explain what F2B retention means? I have no idea what that is.
  5. Yes, I'm also in the same situation as you are. I've been waiting for over seven years, now. The wait has been frustrating with every release of the monthly bulletin. I've got a June 02 2011 Priority Date, and I honestly can't make a guess on when it'll be current.
  6. I think you can only move back to F2B if that was the category you were in when you started the process, but then moved to F1. If you started out as F1, then it's a long wait for you I'm afraid.
  7. I don't know them personally. I have only read about people being on administrative processing for several weeks and then finally picking up their visas. I'm sure if you search well enough you will find them on the site. Try to contact any one of them when you do.
  8. Ok, then don't worry too much. So far, everything is still normal.
  9. AP, as some people in these forums have said, can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. There's nothing out of the ordinary with how your processing is going at the moment. Just keep checking your email everyday. Before your interview, you are supposed to fill out an online form for your local US embassy. The form requests certain information from you including a contact email address. I think the embassy uses the information you provide there to contact you when your passport's ready. Did you fill out such a form? I think you'll be ok, brother.
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