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    Chrissie reacted to ricnally in Broken Hearted at the last possible moment   
    It's only been a couple of days. Any chance he might change his mind?
    Also, Holy Pro Life on this thread! Shame on everyone for trying to sway you on this very personal decision.
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    Chrissie reacted to aaydrian in my fiancee is being detained   
    How does the post quoted show success in art/science? What does this have to do with legally becoming a resident in the US? Do you think ICE only deports average Joes?
    Asylum from France due to fear from a few Semitic killings?
    Sir put down the kush and step away from the computer for a while. Then come again with a bit more rational thinking.
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    Chrissie reacted to Lynkali in Bringing my 16 year old fiancée   
    I know this is a huge can of worms to open, but I can't avoid it.
    You mention that you want to bring her here. Has anyone asked her what SHE wants? Your post is full of me, me, my family, me.
    Quite apart from any legal considerations of age, etc ... the K-1 visa requires declarations of intent from BOTH parties. She will be the one interviewed at the consulate (assuming you even get that far). Maybe she does want to marry you ... but maybe she would like to finish school, or even go to college, or make her own choices in the world. Have you asked her?
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    Chrissie reacted to rlogan in Bad situation..getting worse.   
    gotta love people who start by saying never listen to anyone here, then render legal opinions as advice themselves.
    Interesting to lump priests in with marriage counselors and unnamed state agencies. First of all immigration is federal, not state business. Priests aren't noted for competency in immigration matters, nor are marriage counsellors.
    So perhaps the advice should be not to follow the advice of people who demonstrate they have no idea what they are talking about.
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    Chrissie reacted to epsonderby in Filipina wife got greencard, child, education and divorced me   
    Sorry to read your story.
    'I'm wondering if I can get another one from the Philippines after I divorce'
    Interesting wording...like a commodity? I should imagine looking for 'another one' should be the furthest thing from your mind right now.
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    Chrissie reacted to TBoneTX in I find myself in AP, as a UK born, White male.   
    Keep the faith, si man. It could simply be that they're checking all combinations of your names.
    Your elegant British English is a pleasure to read, and you know how to turn a phrase. I'm especially struck by "launched into the swirling purgatory of AP." Such expressive literacy is refreshing to encounter on VJ, and if you're not an author, you should be, si man.
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    Chrissie reacted to LIFE'SJOURNEY in dragging feet to come to the US   
    Your Indin sisters here in the US, who have married tradional Indian husbands have told me to part these words of wisdom to you. HE is not going to change what you see is what you will have; here in the US or back in India. If you wish for him to be someone different, that's not going to happen.
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    Chrissie reacted to SweetDelish in May 2012 Filers   
    I would, but I don't know who I would pray to. The only religions or deities I recognize is Rugby, and Santa Clause. I don't think either of those accept prayer.
    how about I wish you luck instead. Good luck!
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    Chrissie reacted to Andrea&Henry in A bit of a dilemma and looking for answers   
    Maybe thisis out of topic but I think you are such a great future husband. You are quitting everything you know to give her a chance to spend more time with her family, that is sosweet. Some people in this topic FORGETS that we ( the foreign fiances and spouse) have to quit everything we know to be with our loveone(US citizen). Nobody seems to care everything we have to deal with in order to be here. Maybe some our countries are mot perfect, compare to the US, but still that's our home. I truly love this country but I cant help missing my family, my friends, my culture. I think that's a gesture of true love and can stop thinking that your lady is a very lucky girl. Wishing you the best and tons if blessings in your journey together
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    Chrissie reacted to JEC777 in A bit of a dilemma and looking for answers   
    "You were probably looking for immigration-related answers, but i think this is more important to think about. Just kind of though. Hope you get the answers you're looking for".
    Wow. I appreciate that there is a lot of good advice on the Immigration process given here at VJ and it is incredibly helpful..... but I have to say I am frequently surprised how often people take it as an opportunity to give un-solicitored advice on peoples relationships and how people should live their lives. Just my un-solicitored opinion.
    Just to add, I'm sure he is just as happy and prepared to leave his country as she is to leave hers.... don't quite get the point you are trying to make in your post
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    Chrissie reacted to JohnR! in husband not adjusting well..   
    I think it is all a matter of perspective and attitude. I have lived both in England and Australia and I have lived through all the experiences you mention. First and foremost, I have met many Australians that could not find Kansas on a US map, others could find Steamboat Springs with their eyes closed, equally to many Americans who could tell you the difference between a Perth accent to that of Sydney. I found out that for many Britons, putting America down is a past-time, but I have seen the same level of white-trashness and lack of education in the MIdlands and other regions as one sees here in the boondocks. I also saw similar behavior in rural Australia. I have found out they criticize in America those things that are also present in their countries. Somehow they found solace in finding objectionable behavior in a country other than their own. Perhaps the bottom line is they are unaware there is more to the US, GB and AU other than N.York, LA, London, Glasgow, Sydney, Cairns or Perth. There are entire populations in between, made up of all kinds of people from all socioeconomic layers.
    In both countries, almost everyone I met remarked on my accent and commented on certain choices of words I made, as an indication of my provenance. My interest in foreign languages only made it all the more exciting to me to learn the differences in lexicon and speech in three countries that began with the same kind of population and lexicon. I found it fascinating and never stopped creating parallel sets of vocabulary which to use when I go back and visit these countries. If I have any intention of enjoying my experiences there, the least I can do is communicate in a manner they can understand. It would be exceedingly presumptuous for me to expect them to accommodate to me, always. Knowledge occupies no space, so there is no reason to resist acquiring new intelligence for reasons that are jingoist at best.
    As each country is different, so must be the frame of mind of any immigrant. For me, I had the option to stay in America and have it my way, all the way. In choosing to live in the UK and AU it was my job to fit in or get out. Neither government begged me to come, or to stay when I decided to leave and the only reason i returned to the US was because the purpose of my project had been accomplished and I chose to get back home. Each time it was great to return home, but heartbreaking to leave my friends behind, or as I put it, according to my personal philosophy, leaving friends ahead, for when we meet again.
    All in all there are things I love and dislike about the UK and AU but deep down, it is nobody's fault. It is just the way things are and they are not going to change, nor is it my job to change them. For each thing I disliked in both countries, there were thousand others I loved and still miss.
    I am proud of America for being the world's melting pot. I recognize AU and CA are also melting pots. I don't think it makes any of these countries better or worse than the other, so much as it makes them different. It is always an exercise in futility to gauge one country against the others, although it is almost impossible to resist the temptation, so if you do it, do so as an exercise in futility and nothing else.
    I think that the real point is that an entire country will not change to accommodate your personal taste or preference. Do your part and fit in. Being multicultural means you can operate effectively in different circles and it does not predicate you must abdicate that which you consider your core cultural values. To be sure, the bigger effort always falls on the immigrant, but you should have known that to be the case when you made the option to live in another country and frankly, in my case, I am much better for it today. You can wallow in self pity and live in a regime of self flagellation for all those things your new country isn't or you can expand your mind and become a citizen of the world by embracing, with abandon, all the new good things your new home has to offer. You have and control that option.
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    Chrissie got a reaction from Michel and Kim in How long have you been apart from your bf/gf?   
    The longest we've been apart is 6 months; even though our relationship was only five weeks old when I left to go back home, we made it through. It definitely wasn't easy, but I'm glad I stuck my teeth in him and didn't want to let go . Now, we see each other about every three months. Being young without a serious job has it's benefits!
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    Chrissie got a reaction from del-2-5-2014 in How long have you been apart from your bf/gf?   
    The longest we've been apart is 6 months; even though our relationship was only five weeks old when I left to go back home, we made it through. It definitely wasn't easy, but I'm glad I stuck my teeth in him and didn't want to let go . Now, we see each other about every three months. Being young without a serious job has it's benefits!
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