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    I am a Midwife working on my Masters in Public Health. I love medicine, natural remedies, birth, bellies, and babies. I enjoy being with my family and spending quality time just enjoying them. Once I get my Fiance and children here under the same roof my world will be perfect!

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    K-1 Visa
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    Vermont Service Center
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    Dominican Republic
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    I was in Dominican Republic on an externship at a local hospital. On a break from delivering so many babies that day, I decided to walk to the local market to buy some sugarcane and coconut water, hmmm yummy. My fiance saw me walking along the street with a few friends/Midwives who was also there with me on the externship and he knew that he wanted to get my attention. As attentive as he is, he noticed I was having difficulty speaking to the man who was selling me the sugarcane. Difficulty was an understatement, I spoke NO SPANISH at all. Needless to say, my honey purchased the sugarcane for me and when our eyes met I was INSTANTLY in love. He spoke no English & I spoke no Spanish. We simply spoke the same language which was LOVE. The only word that we both were able to speak was "WOW". We said it simul'taneously! We were both shocked that we said "WOW" at the same time and we understood each other. We laughed & just stared into each others eyes in the middle of the street. It was as if time had stopped & I saw my future with this strange man who made my heart flutter.
    I can not describe the instant connection we had. While my friends yelled my name several times to get my attention his heart and his eyes held me like a magnet. As we exchanged contact information I knew he was my husband and he knew I was his wife. I told him in English "Oh, you are my husband and we are having lots of babies"! LOL I had no idea how we would understand each other without an interpreter but he kept saying "No Espanol, no problemo mami. Dios es grande mami, Dios will interpret for us!" LOL I thought to myself this guy is incredible. I didn't know how, when, or where this would work but i simply knew it would. Out of nowhere, this gentle begins to laugh. He speaks to me in English and he says "Do you know that you are both saying the same thing to each other"? My fiance was speaking to me as I was speaking to him. Neither one of us understood each other. My fiance was saying that I was his wife. All we could do was laugh in amazement and stare into each others eyes.

    I was scheduled to fly back to Florida within 48 hours of meeting him. He understood that. So, as I walked away heading back to the hospital I didn't want to leave his side but I had to, it was weird but I knew that wouldn't be the last time I saw him. I have never met a man in my entire life that I wanted to kiss immediately. My spirit leaped with excitement when our souls met. I had never had those feelings before and I still have them now. :-)
    I asked him did he have a Facebook account. Of course he didn't understand me, nor did he have a Facebook account. He kept saying "Que fay-buk? fay-buk? LOL. But by the next day he had a Facebook account. His niece who is a college student created his page! (Thanks mi sobrina) I was still confused on how we would understand each other, but it didn't bother me.

    That evening I learned that he came to the hospital looking for me. He searched the entire hospital but I was gone. He thought to himself that maybe I was staying at a local hotel so he hopped on his motor & searched 7 local hotels looking for me but I wasn't staying in the city where the hospital was located. Finally he called my cell phone. I was happy he called but sad that I couldn't understand him. Finally I was able to have his calls interpreted by my friend who lives in DR & we were able to converse back & forth. He asked by friend to please bring me to him before I left the country. He said he just had to see me before I left. As nervous as I was I agreed & the next day on my way to the airport we returned to the hospital to meet him there.

    Again the long staring & big smiles was all we could do. My heart cried out so much, I wanted to say so much to him but all I could do was bubble over with excitement and think to myself, I wish we could understand each other without an interpreter. He stole a kiss, it was magic, then he stole 2 more. I was surprised but my body just melted in his arms, I felt safe and it felt right! Sigh....flash backs...lol. I wanted to leave him with something that belonged to me, I thought what do I have that I can give him? Oh, I can give him my brand new empty suitcase that was a match to the one I had all my belongings in. I presented him with the suitcase, I said when you come to America, I want you to pack your things in this suitcase. My friend translated & my fiance looked at me in a way that I will never forget, I said it again letting him know I wanted forever with him.

    The moment I landed in Florida my cell rang. I noticed it was him so I frantically ran up to the next person I could find that I thought spoke Spanish & had them translate the call. (Everyone in Orlando speaks Spanish except for me I guess) lol My friends thought that I was crazy & the man in the airport who translated my call did too, lol well they were right, we were "CRAZY IN LOVE" :-) From that moment on we talked for hours & we taught each other our language & now our communication is PERFECT.

    I returned to DR 3 months later for 2 weeks. It was the best 2 weeks of my life we learned so much more about each other and his family & children are amazing! We all had an instant connection, his Parents instantly became my parents & I their daughter-in love (NO IN LAW, IN LOVE says his mom) too sweet!. His children call me mami & they are OUR babies, so we already have a little Brady Bunch & I love it! His siblings said they have never seen their brother so happy. They welcomed me with open arms & rolled the red carpet out for me. I felt safe, welcomed, and loved, his family is amazing. I will be back every few months until he is here with me.

    Our language is so good that now we finish each others sentences lol. We never became boyfriend & girlfriend & we often laugh about that because from day 1 he was my husband & I was his wife. Marriage begins with a commitment to GOD & in your mind, heart, ,& soul. We simply understood that God permitted us to meet because HE placed us together. We KNEW our love was right. We KNEW our love was real. From the moment we met, we have continued to fall deeper in love everyday.

    I am so grateful to GOD that HE answered our prayers!
    I am marrying my soulmate, my bestfriend, my present from GOD. Together Forever mi papi chulo te amo!

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